11 Instagram Beauty Accounts You Should Follow

Beauty companies are rapidly using Instagram to promote their products and services. Because Instagram is a major social media network, this might be an excellent way to reach out to potential clients. However, you must have a strategy and know what works effectively on Instagram. One thing to remember while using Instagram for your beauty business is that it is mostly a visual medium. Follow your favorite Instagram beauty account for inspiration:

Desi Perkins


Desi Perkins is a multi-talented entrepreneur who is also a makeup artist and has one of the best Instagram beauty accounts you can find online. She provides extensive tips on achieving any desired look, from smoky eyes to a natural glow that lasts!

She posts tutorials on her Instagram account on how to get that immaculate makeup look. You will also learn about new makeup brands/items through her account, and she will honestly assess the quality and effectiveness of those goods.

Followers: Desi Perkins has 4.2 million Instagram followers.

Amy Serrano


Amy Serrano is anything but vanilla, and her vibrant makeup looks represent a southern California native’s cutting-edge aesthetic. She is much more than a nice face. She also has the expertise to back up her daring cosmetics and fashion style! Amy knows exactly what works when it comes to looking your best! She shares excellent posts on social media with others.

Followers: Amy Serrano has 48.7K Instagram followers.

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Katie Jane Hughes


Katie Jane Hughes is an award-winning makeup artist who showcases her artistic abilities with one-of-a-kind and intriguing looks. She is making it easier than ever for individuals to learn how to achieve everything from glowing skin to watercolor tie-dye eyes. Follow her on Instagram if you want to see what the future of beauty looks like.

Followers: Katie Jane Hughes has 747K Instagram followers.

Jade Kendle-Godbolt


Kendle-Godbolt understands the value of honesty as an entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas. She encourages women to discover and accept themselves for who they are. She delivers upbeat content about self-discovery and tips and tactics for getting the perfect curl. Follow this certified beauty blogger on Instagram to acquire those ideal locks without worrying about your hair falling out or burning yourself with chemicals.

Followers: Jade Kendle-Godbolt has 286K Instagram followers.

Susan Yara


Susan Yara co-founded Naturium, a new skincare line with clinically effective and biocompatible products. She presents her practical approach to beauty while assisting us in strengthening our regimen to have healthier-looking skin! Check out this account to learn how to achieve that dewy, high-fashion appearance.

Followers: Susan Yara has 387K Instagram followers.

Hyram Yarbro


Hyram Yarbro is a skincare expert with a unique perspective, providing honest assessments that are instructive and detailed enough for any level of user to comprehend. His informative skincare ingredient videos are amusing and provide honest and precise recommendations to help you find your perfect routine for flawless skin. Follow his Instagram Beauty account for more advice from his lively personality.

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Followers: Hyram Yarbo has 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Marcela Alcala


Marcela Alcala is an Instagram star and beauty influencer who loves to share the latest makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty products. Her Instagram posts are always about the current makeup trends, but she also includes skincare suggestions! This popular beauty influencer also shares personal anecdotes from her time working and hosts live streams on Instagram once a week.

Followers: Marcela Alcala has 46K Instagram followers.

Alba Ramos


Alba Ramos founded toxic-free living after learning that her oldest kid had autism. She discusses how being green boosts our confidence in our future prospects while protecting us from any potential health issues caused by chemicals in our environment today. She demonstrates how enthusiastic people may be about this way of life while pushing a different message on social media platforms like Instagram.

Followers: Alba Ramos has 327K Instagram followers.

Christa B. Allen


Christa Allen is an Instagram influencer who posts beauty lessons and reviews of high-end items. Her postings are jam-packed with carefully picked photographs that speak for themselves and extensive descriptions of how she achieves each look. Thanks to her Instagram beauty, fashion, and luxury makeup tutorials. Her Instagram page combines high-tech equipment with classic beauty techniques that are both relaxing and beautiful.

Followers: Christa B. Allen has 576K Instagram followers.

Charlotte Palermino


Charlotte Palermino, the inventor of Dieux Skin and a skincare fairy godmother, has a long history in the beauty industry. She discusses subjects such as slugging with Vaseline and letting go of any stigma associated with aging in order to provide you with truly useful suggestions on how to care for your skin throughout time. If you’re looking for genuinely useful information about your favorite products, look no further than this expert’s manual.

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Followers: Charlotte Palermino has 200K Instagram followers.

Alyssa Marie


Alyssa is a digital creator from the Caribbean who uses her platform to share her natural hair journey while encouraging others, including you and me! Her creative video instructions make it simple for people of all ability levels from all over the world. She instills in us the importance of caring for our kinks and coils. Every day, Alyssa’s Instagram feed has something special to offer: new content brightens our days.

Followers: Alyssa Marie has 132K Instagram followers.


Using Instagram to advertise your beauty business is a fantastic idea. Following these Instagram accounts will give you ideas for improving your own account and making it more successful. We hope this selection has sparked your interest in following your favorite Instagram beauty account. To learn more about makeup or the beauty industry, you should look into some of these accounts. You can also check out our list of the top 20 Instagram black models as well.

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