12 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

Facebook is the leading social media platform, and although many other social media platforms have risen in recent years to challenge its dominance, it has retained its top spot. You may like it or dislike it, but chances are you use it frequently, which means a few Facebook tricks will always come in handy. These Facebook tricks are awesome because they help me make the most of my Facebook experience and give me the opportunity to try out some really neat features. Here are the 12 most useful tips for getting the most out of Facebook, in case you’re interested.

1. Calculate how much time you spend on Facebook

If you’re worried about spending too much time on Facebook, you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t need any additional apps or to wait for your phone to get Digital Wellbeing or Screen Time features to check how much time you’re spending on it. You can do this right from the Facebook app itself. Facebook displays a handy bar graph of your app usage over the last week and your average usage time.

to calculate how much time you spend on Facebook, follow theae steps:

  1. From any page on Facebook, tap hamburger menu.
  2. Tap Settings & Privacy.
  3. Tap Your Time on Facebook.

2. Manage Your Time on Facebook

If you used the previous method to calculate how much time you spend on Facebook and were taken aback by the high number, you should know that you can take steps to reduce your Facebook time. There are numerous ways to accomplish this.

Method 1: Using Facebook Daily Time Reminders

When you see how much time you’re spending on Facebook, you can set a reminder, and the app will notify you when you’ve spent enough time on Facebook. That can be useful, but it can also be easily avoided.

To set a daily time reminder:
1. From any page on Facebook, tap hamburger menu.
2. Tap Settings & Privacy, then select Your Time on Facebook.
3. Tap Set Daily Time Reminder.
4. Choose an amount of time.
5. Tap Set Reminder.

Method 2: Use digital well-being or screen time

To set a stricter time limit for your Facebook usage, you can use Screen Time (on iOS)

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or Digital Wellbeing (on a supported Android Pie device)

Both of these options let you set limits for individual apps, so you can control how much time you spend on Facebook.

3. Delete third-party apps from your account in bulk

Many websites, online games, and apps allow you to log in with your Facebook account, and while you may have done so without giving it much thought, if you’re concerned about such apps stealing or misusing your data, you can delete them from your account. What’s more, you don’t have to delete each app individually; instead, you can select all of the third-party apps you want to delete and delete them all at once. It’s fairly simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook App Settings page, then click or tap each of the apps you want to remove and then the Remove button.

Step 2: You will get a confirmation screen, and it also includes the ability to delete posts, photos, and videos the apps and websites may have published on your behalf.

Step3: On your phone, open the Facebook app and go to Account Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook. Then tap each of the apps and sites you want no longer want to be associated with your Facebook account, and then the Remove button.

Step 4: Just like on the desktop, you will get the same confirmation message and can choose to delete photos, and posts apps and websites may have posted on your behalf and complete the removal process.

This trick which is one of the most used Facebook tricks out there can come in handy if you’re running out of space on your device.

4. Manage notifications (android only)

Google began rolling out Notification Categories with Android Oreo, allowing app developers to give users more notification control. Facebook implemented this a while back, and if you have an Android phone running Oreo or higher, you can use these notification categories to control the types of Facebook notifications you receive and their priorities.

Notification categories include birthdays, people you may know, groups, videos, and much more. You can read our article to learn how to use Facebook Notification Channels to ensure you only receive notifications that are relevant to you.

5. Turn on dark mode.

Before bringing dark mode to Android and iOS, Facebook rolled out the much-desired feature on its web version. Yes, dark mode is one of the best features on Facebook, and so many users think of it as one of the most functional Facebook tricks out there. It allows you to easily switch to a dark theme with a single click. Click the arrow in the top-right corner to enable Facebook’s dark mode. After that, simply enable the “Dark mode” toggle, and you’re done.

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If you haven’t received the new update yet, you can use our guide to enable Facebook’s new UI on the web. You’ll have to wait a little longer for Android and iOS, as Facebook is almost done with final testing.

6. Delete history

Facebook has been working hard to improve its reputation among users in terms of privacy and transparency. Last year, the company announced that it would provide a one-stop tool for users to take control of their data. And, with “Off-Facebook Activity,” you can now delete all of the information Facebook has gathered about you from other websites and services. Simply launch the Facebook app and navigate to the hamburger menu. Navigate to Off-Facebook Activity -> Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity in Settings. All of the apps and services that have reported your online activity to Facebook can be found here. Finally, select “Clear History” to clear all information.

You can also use the three-dot menu to prevent Facebook from personalizing ads and content based on data from third-party services in the future. Keep in mind that this will not prevent apps and websites from reporting to Facebook; rather, Facebook will no longer use third-party data to personalize its services. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important Facebook tricks, and you should use it.

7. Delete Facebook posts in bulk

If you want to clean up your embarrassing Facebook behaviour, you can do so now with just a few clicks. Facebook now has a native option for bulk deleting your previous Facebook posts. The best part is that you can search for posts by year, category, person, and more. To do so, open your profile and select Edit Profile from the 3-dot menu.

Navigate to Activity Log -> Manage Activity -> Your Posts from here. Now, select your posts and press the “Trash” button. That’s all. You can also choose to archive the posts if you do not want to permanently delete them. This is one of the best Facebook tricks out there because it’s gonna save you a lot of time.

8. Upload images to Google photos

Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, and Microsoft are collaborating on an open-source Data Transfer project to create a standardized framework for cross-platform data portability. And now the project has produced results. You can seamlessly and painlessly transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos. Simply go to facebook.com/dtp and select Google Photos from the drop-down menu. Then, authorize your Google account, and all of your photos will be saved to Google Photos.

9. Facebook quiet mode

Last year, Facebook introduced the “Your Time on Facebook” feature to help users deal with smartphone addiction and improve their mental health. You can use this handy tool to learn about your Facebook usage, set time limits, reminders, and manage notifications. In a completely revamped UI, a new “Quiet Mode” feature has been added to the “Your Time on Facebook” section.

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Quiet mode allows you to mute Facebook push notifications and schedule Quiet mode. However, the feature is currently only available on the iOS app and will be added to the Android app in the coming weeks. To use this feature, open the hamburger menu and select “Your Time on Facebook.” The new Quiet mode can be found here.

10. Messenger rooms

If you use Facebook frequently, chances are you also use Messenger for messaging and video calling. Until now, the standard Messenger only supported group video calling for up to 8 people. That has changed with the introduction of Messenger Rooms. You can now hold a video conference with a group of 50 people. Isn’t that incredible? Furthermore, the service is completely free.

To use Messenger Rooms, first launch the Messenger app and navigate to the “People” tab. Tap “Create a Room” and choose the people you want to join. You can also forward the joining link to your friends and family. This is one of the best Facebook tricks you can always use.

11. Enable two-factor authentication

Enabling 2FA is a must if you want to protect your Facebook account from hijacking and takeover. It adds an extra layer of security to the password and verifies the user before granting access to the Facebook account. Aside from the password, you must enter a 6-digit code sent to your mobile phone or an authentication app.

This prevents hackers from gaining direct access to your account. To enable 2FA on Facebook, navigate to Settings -> Security and login -> Use two-factor authentication. Simply enter your phone number or select an authentication app to get started. If you want more information, read our guide on how to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook.

12. Find all the photos you and your friends have liked

This is one of the coolest Facebook tricks that not many people are aware of. Essentially, this feature allows users to see which pictures they have previously liked. This feature can even be used to see which photos your friends have liked. The best part is that the trick is quite simple to perform. Simply type “Photos Liked by” followed by “me” or the “name of your friend” into the search bar at the top.


We’re all familiar with Facebook, but these are some tricks we weren’t aware of. These are cool tricks that should come in handy in various situations. So, take a look at them and let us know if you have any cool Facebook tricks of your own that we might have missed. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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