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14 Best Meme Twitter Accounts to Follow

by | Feb 10, 2023

Looking for some pointers on what type of content to tweet or who to follow in your niche? It is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is important and what is unimportant in the age of social media. The meme, on the other hand, has not dropped off the radar of our culture’s relevance radar. Some may find the concept of a cultural movement focused on funny images, video, and comments weird, yet memes are quite real on the internet. Do you want to attract more customers and keep your social media accounts buzzing? We’ve compiled a list of the top 14 Meme Twitter accounts below. These are the most informative, relevant, and engaging Twitter accounts in 2023. They are as follows:

1. The Oatmeal – @Oatmeal



The Oatmeal is a well-known website that offers entertaining content in the form of memes and comics. The company is most known for their list comics and snarky animated GIFs. The Oatmeal’s tweets are true stress relievers! Every day, thousands of individuals from all around the world visit the page.  The Oatmeal was founded by Matthew Inman.

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2. Kale Salad – @kalesalad



Kale Salad retweets the most amusing memes from various meme accounts. Its fans are usually young people who like positive energy and fun.

If you need a break from the stress of life, Kale Salad will offer you with much needed relief.  Kale Salad was founded by Samir Mezrahi.

3. someecards – @someecards



Someecards’ Twitter account is dedicated to funny eCards. They exchange interesting memes, and the pictures on the memes are pretty amusing, which is why these memes are so popular among the general population. The memes and e-cards are quite amusing, and this account has millions of followers.  Someecards was created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell.

4. Crap Taxidermy – @CrapTaxidermy



Crap taxidermy shares the funniest reaction animal memes of all time, including some of the most amusing reactions from animals all throughout the world. The reaction memes will make you grin and laugh throughout the day.  Crap taxidermy was founded by Kat Su.

5. Medieval Reactions – @MedievaIReact



This Twitter account is dedicated to medieval artwork, complete with funny memes depicting their daily lives. The memes and videos are quite amusing, and this account has about 11.9 million followers.

6. so sad today – @sosadtoday



So Sad Today is a comedic Twitter account that mocks our mundane lives. So Sad Today has become a go-to site for women’s relationship problems, thoughts about terrible dates, social criticism, and general craziness. The site is chock-full of memes that will make you laugh out loud—unless you’re depressed, in which case you should visit a therapist. Melissa Broder is the author of the book So Sad Today, as well as the person in charge of the Twitter account.

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7. Lord Voldemort – @Lord Voldemort7

@Lord Voldemort7


The Dark Lord is one of the most prominent Twitter accounts for bringing the charm and wit of Harry Potter to the Twitterverse. The Dark Lord posts on anything Potter-related, including news, facts, and humor. The Dark Lord has been on Twitter since 2013, and every Potterhead should follow him. You don’t want to mess with this sarcastic, snarky wizard!

8. Shit Girls Say – @shitgirlssay



Shit Girls Say will have you chuckling at the things girls say that are familiar, aggravating, and baffling. Shit Girls Say is a funny look into the world of girls, ideal for anybody who is secretly intrigued by their lady friends or who is curious about what a girl is truly thinking and feeling.  Kyle Humphrey and Greydon Sheppard wrote the book Shit Girls Say and run this Twitter account.

9. Condescending Wonka – @OhWonka



Condescending Wonka is a figure inspired on the popular internet meme and made famous by memescape. He personifies what it means to be a condescending person, or Wonkiness. Condescending Wonka is full of wit and sarcasm. His Twitter feed is jam packed with hilarious memes.

10. Elliot Tebele – @FuckJerry



FuckJerry is an Instagram meme account that focuses on millennial and Gen-Z pop culture references. @fuckjerry has been on Twitter since 2011 and consistently provides funny content.  FuckJerry was founded by Elliot Tebele.

11. WhitePeopleHumor, @whitememejesus



He is the personification of the unending chaotic frenzy in the form of memes. They are direct, concise, and hilarious. Following him would be beneficial to you.   WhitePeopleHumor was created and is owned by Kevin Flynn.

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12. Wendy‘s @Wendys



Wendy’s is a fast-food restaurant that serves tasty foods and a large range of sandwiches, but they also have a funny Twitter account. They share memes about meals, food-related situations, and other restaurants. They also publicize changes and promotions that have occurred or will occur inside their organization.

13. Memeland by 9GAG @memeland



9GAG is a website that provides viewers with a variety of amusing memes. They have an official meme account on Twitter with a lot of funny animal and life-related stuff.

14. 9GAG ❤️ Memeland @9GAG



9GAG has another popular Twitter account with a larger number of followers, and it uploads a variety of stuff there as well. They periodically publish photo and video memes with relatable situational content.


Indeed, these Twitter accounts provide timeless, entertaining, and sometimes frighteningly relatable memes that you can share. Depending on your preferences, there are alternatives such as Ancient Memes for old-school memes, 9GAG for animal-based memes, and Just Anime Memes for anime memes. Before deciding which accounts to follow, go over all of your options.

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