4 Facebook Video Ranking Signals Meta has listed

Many factors influence how, when, and where videos appear on Facebook, and the signals Meta uses to determine distribution are constantly changing as they learn more about what people want to watch. With that in mind, we wanted to explain the Facebook Video Ranking Signals that have the most influence on video distribution at the moment. When it comes to how Meta interacts with Their favorite brands online, video is changing the game. To help your videos succeed, today we’ll look at the four top signals Meta uses to determine which videos get the most attention on Facebook.

  1. Engagement
  2. Originality
  3. Retention of the audience
  4. Audience devotion


Naturally, Facebook prioritizes content that generates user engagement through conversations and interactions this is one of the biggest Facebook Video Ranking Signals. Person-to-person interaction helps achieve this step a lot, such as when a user shares a video with their friends. However, while comments and reactions are valid Facebook video ranking signals, you should avoid using tactics that are perceived as engagement bait. This is one of Facebook’s negative ranking signals, but we’ll get into it more later.

Videos that perform well in this category will:

  • Encourage meaningful, back-and-forth, respectful discussion in the comments. This must be done in a non-spammy and gratuitous manner.
  • Be genuine in your sharing. Shares remain one of Facebook’s most effective organic distribution tools.

Facebook also considers likes and reactions to help prioritize content for distribution. These interactions should occur naturally rather than as a result of engagement bait.

Videos’ distribution may be restricted if they:

  • Use fabricated sharing behaviors. This is when the content of a Page is artificially distributed through re-shares or group sharing, usually in exchange for payment. Examples include when a Page shares content from another Page with which it has no direct connection and the content is unrelated to their Page’s theme.
  • Make use of engagement bait. This is when a page employs vote baiting, tag baiting, share baiting, comment baiting, and react baiting tactics. These tactics are not negative Facebook video ranking signals. Engagement baiting content is content that asks people to engage in order to win a prize or vote on a topic, and it will receive less distribution on our platform.
  • Pages that exhibit these behaviors repeatedly may eventually lose their ability to generate revenue through in-stream ads or other monetization tools. Use the Monetization tab in Creator Studio to see if your Page is (still) eligible for in-stream ads.
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Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes videos created by the same person who publishes them, similar to SEO practices. They will also prioritize those with a meaningful message in the source material, even if they aren’t completely original – this is known as semi-original content. This could include a creator adding unique commentary to someone else’s video. The most important thing here is to not publish content in which you did not play a significant role.

You can help your Page’s Facebook video ranking signals by doing the following:

Sharing videos that you created, shot, edited, and published on your own or with the assistance of a production partner. Making sure that your Page participates as much as possible in the creation of the videos that it posts is the best way to create the type of original content that our distribution system supports.

The following factors may harm your originality signal and limit distribution and monetization of your videos:

  • Duplicate content has been posted. Posting content that already exists on Facebook or that was previously posted somewhere else and in which you had no meaningful role. (However, reposting your own content is acceptable.)
  • Posting clips that were mass-produced or repurposed. The footage posted by others has not been significantly altered and appears to have been stitched together with little enhancement.

Your Page should serve as your platform, allowing you to show the world who you are and how you think and create. On Facebook, content that reflects that authenticity should have strong originality signals.

Retention of Audience

Keeping viewers engaged in the video until the end is a strong algorithm signal for Facebook content. According to Meta, A slow and gradual decline in the audience retention graph may indicate that the video’s topic and structure are in line with what your audience wants to see, whereas an abrupt drop-off may indicate that the content isn’t what the viewer expected

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This signal can be demonstrated in healthy, authentic ways in your videos by:

Make longer videos that engage viewers and inspire them to keep watching until the end. Longer videos have proven to be one of the most effective Facebook video ranking signals. According to research, people on Facebook value longer videos with a storyline. Facebook prioritizes longer videos (three minutes or more) that entice viewers to keep watching. So, make sure you plan your video’s opening, build-up, tension, pacing, and payoff in ways that will capture and hold the viewer’s attention until the end.

Pages with low distribution in this area typically:

People should be lured. Nobody, including us, enjoys clickbait. We have methods for detecting and demoting attempts to increase watch times by exaggerating details and omitting critical information.

It feels more like a slideshow. Videos that are successful on Facebook are dynamic and fully utilize the format’s capabilities. Videos that are overly reliant on static images may have their distribution reduced.

Loyalty of the Audience

Audience loyalty, in addition to audience retention, is one of four Facebook video ranking signals. In a nutshell, this refers to how frequently viewers return to watch a person’s or brand’s content. When a user searches for a creator’s videos or visits their profile to watch their content, the loyalty signal is also enhanced. Meta recommends publishing “extra” content in between studio-worthy uploads to increase audience loyalty and engagement. Use quick and easy reels, for example, while working on your next long-form and high-production video. Finally, you should write clear titles and descriptions, as well as relevant hashtags, to ensure you rank high in Facebook search results.

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You can encourage these behaviors in your videos by doing the following:

  • Getting your content ready for Facebook search. This includes giving your posts clear titles and descriptions, as well as including a few relevant tags. This can increase the number of people who see your content, both through search results and through the recommended videos that we show to people in News Feed and Facebook Watch.
  • In between longer videos, publish bonus content (e.g., live videos, photos, or text posts) to stay connected with your fans and deepen engagement.

Facebook Video Ranking Signals: Negative Practice

To ensure that your video distribution does not suffer, avoid the following tactics:

  • Engagement bait: I mentioned it briefly before, but avoid urging people to interact with your content, whether in your visual or by writing a caption like “heart this post if you agree.”
  • Clickbait: To entice viewers into your content by omitting information from the video itself.
  • Watch bait: Withholding information until the end of a video in order for viewers to watch it in its entirety. Along with lowering the level of distribution, the aforementioned factors may render a video ineligible for monetization. Moving forward, if you publish video content on the platform, keep all of the above factors in mind to ensure great business growth and engagement.


Facebook and the larger Meta brand aren’t particularly open about their algorithms, but by revealing the four above markers for content distribution, they’ve enabled creators to treat videos similarly to SEO, which bodes well for social media marketing

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