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5 Instagram Birthday Story Ideas You Can Try

by | Apr 4, 2023

A person’s birthday is a highly special day! It’s that day when everyone’s phone fills up with pleasant text messages and positivity, whether it’s a small kid or an old person. It doesn’t end with text messaging in today’s environment. Our social media feeds are also filled with positivity and good sentiments. If you have a friend or loved one who uses Instagram, wishing them a happy birthday on Instagram would make their day. Instagram Birthday Story is unquestionably the greatest and most intimate since it allows you to tag your loved one in that specific story. This allows them to instantly repost your pictures or videos on their own story, showing the love they have received. I get what you’re thinking! You are not a designer, and you do not want to go through a lengthy creative process simply to wish someone on Instagram. Well. Don’t be concerned! We’ve got your back! We understand that you don’t have time to come up with a fresh idea or master a complicated design tool simply to wish a loved one a happy birthday. That is why we did all of the heavy liftings. In this post, we will share five simple Instagram birthday story ideas with you that you can try.

1. Birthday Notification

Instagram does not inform people about their birthday, so why not do it instead? A birthday notification not only tells your friend or loved one that you remember their birthday, but it also tells your common friends and followers that it is time to celebrate. In a few simple steps, you can make an Instagram story with a birthday notification:

  1. Create a new Instagram story by opening the Instagram app.
  2. Choose “Create” on the left side of the page to create a simple text notification, and then select the background color for your story.
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Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

2. To go to the next screen, click Next.

3. Create a notification box with the birthday message on the following screen by using the Text and Brush tools. Don’t forget to include the person’s Instagram username (beginning with @) so that they receive a notification that you mentioned them in a story.

    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    You can customize your birthday notification story by changing the fonts used in the birthday caption, as well as adding emojis, stickers, gifs, and other elements. Instead of a colored background, use a photo (or photos) of the birthday person or a photo of you with them. It’s always wonderful to get a social media notification that someone remembered your birthday.

    2. Birthday Countdown

    A birthday countdown is one of the most creative Instagram story features. This is a wonderful way to ask your followers to join you in celebrating your bestie’s birthday, as well as to inform them about your own birthday party in advance. Here’s how to use the birthday countdown to remind your followers to wish you or one of your dearest friends a happy birthday.

    1. Open a new Instagram story.
    2. To use as a background for the birthday countdown, select a colorful background, shoot a live photo or a short video, or select a picture from your gallery.
    3. To access the sticker menu, click the square happy face in the upper-right corner.
    4. Scroll down to the countdown sticker.
    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    5. Edit the name of the countdown to the birthday message.

    6. Specify the time and date of the birthday celebration.

    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    7. To change the color of your birthday countdown, click the colored circle symbol at the top of the screen.

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    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    8. To confirm, press the Done button.

    After that, you can resize and shift your countdown to make more room for photos, stickers, locations, gifs, and other Instagram remarks. Instagram will keep your countdown and allow you to reuse it when you upload it.

    3. Birthday Collage

    If you are close to the person celebrating the birthday and have many wonderful experiences together, the birthday collage is the ideal way to share them. You can make a photo collage using the Instagram story collage tool or a third-party program like Canva, or you can use your imagination and creativity. You’ll discover thousands of Instagram story designs for every style and occasion on Canva. To view the list of templates, visit Canva, create an account (or login), and then navigate to Templates > Social Media > Instagram Story.

    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    Instead, you can put Happy Birthday into the Search bar at the top of the screen. This will provide you with a collection of related templates to use while creating your birthday photo collage on Instagram.

    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    4. Birthday Memes

    Do you want to make the birthday person laugh on their special day? Then, in their birthday Instagram story, include a birthday meme. You can even make your own meme with an inside joke using one of the free meme-making tools.

    Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    Meme Generator is the most user-friendly tool. Their collection contains the most popular memes and can help you automatically place the text on any template.

    5. Birthday Surprise

    Can’t make it to the birthday person’s surprise party? You can still use Instagram stories to surprise them with a gift or a special moment. Create a sequence of stories with the caption Tap for a birthday surprise on the first slide. Post a surprise story at the end of the series. It might be a photo of your first memory of the birthday person, an embarrassing photo of the two of you together, or just a photo or screenshot of your gift to them.

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    Instagram is an excellent platform for sending virtual birthday wishes. If you don’t want to use any of the previous Instagram birthday story ideas, you can simply Google birthday quotes to add to an Instagram story or post. If you want your birthday post to display in your followers’ Instagram feeds, choose the latter option.

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