6 Best Facebook Remarketing Strategies to Try

Facebook Remarketing Strategies

Facebook provides several opportunities to reach prospects in new and cost-effective methods, not the least of which is remarketing! The amazing thing about Facebook remarketing strategies is how adaptable it is. Even if Facebook isn’t their persona’ preferred watering hole, almost every business can find a method to re-engage them through remarketing. There are some excellent methods for narrowing focus, and the inventory is often cheap. Not to add, Facebook’s bidding algorithms are arguably on par with the finest in the PPC world. That is, even if you do not use Facebook remarketing strategies for prospecting campaigns, there is likely low-hanging fruit for you in remarketing . Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Facebook to reach out to your target demographic.

1.      Remarketing Page Visitors

Creating remarketing lists from page visitors is the simplest and most apparent remarketing method. When you have a small audience, it is sometimes best to begin by remarketing to all visitors. This is due to the fact that extra segmentation might make the lists too small to exit the learning phase. If your audience is large enough, it’s best to build audiences based on visits to sites that demonstrate intent, such as those who visited a page to get their hands on a free trial or request a demo but did not fulfill the request.

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Creating Audiences Out of URL Parameters

You can create audiences based on parts of the URL, even if it isn’t part of the page, to take page visitor remarketing a step further. Simply put, audiences can be created with URL parameters as well as subfolders. This is useful if you want to remarket to visitors from a specific source in addition to your existing audiences. For example, if you were running a LinkedIn campaign that targeted certain LinkedIn groups or skills, you might choose to use Facebook as an extra remarketing source because it is often more cost-effective. After that you can use your UTM tags to build an audience of only people who participated in that particular campaign. This way, you can be certain that the people in that audience had a given set of skills or were members of specific groups. It would allow you to address their interests directly in your ads.

Visitors by Time Spent

You can further segment your URL-driven viewers by selecting a time-spent segment. You could, for example, target people based on their top 25%, 10%, or 5% of time spent. This might be a good technique to try to find those who are the most engaged.

2.      Remarketing Conversion Events

If remarketing page views do not allow you to build the audience you need, Facebook also allows you to build audiences based on the events you’ve created for conversion tracking. This can be useful for both targeting your audience and moving them to the next level of the funnel. It’s also useful for exclusions since it ensures you’re not targeting those who have already taken specific action – even if Facebook wasn’t the source of the action.

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3.      People Who Engaged in Your Events

You have a lot of remarketing options if you organize events on Facebook. You can remarket to people who have:

  • Said that they intend to travel.
  • Expressed an interest in attending.
  • Visited or participated in the event (even if they did not RSVP).
  • Purchased tickets but did not complete the transaction.
  • Completed the ticket purchasing process.

For instance, if you decide to conduct another event in the future, you may want to market just those who RSVP’d or only those who purchased tickets. You may also create such lists and use them as a starting point for lookalikes!

4.      Facebook Shop Remarketing Instant Experiences

I’m putting several choices together here, but if you’re an eCommerce site, you have a plethora of in-platform remarketing options. If you have a Facebook store, for example, you can remarket to customers who:

  • Went through your store.
  • Viewed products (or you could qualify by targeting people that surfed through to your website).
  • Saved products 
  • Added to cart.
  • And even more.

You can also remarket interaction with your instant experiences by targeting individuals who opened the instant experience or by targeting people who clicked links in the instant experience.

5.      Test Layering Qualifiers If You Have a Niche Audience And/Or Remarketing Isn’t Working

If you have a very specific target and remarketing isn’t working, you can try adding other interests and demographics to further qualify your list. This might be necessary for a variety of reasons. For example, if you recently introduced a new high funnel traffic source to your website that isn’t performing well, it might clog up your audiences since you’ll be retargeting that low-quality traffic (sigh). Including interest or demographic qualifiers might help you clean up your audience list and refocus it on the right people. Keep in mind that doing so will significantly decrease the size of your audience. You must carefully examine if it is appropriate for you. 

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6.      Track Your Buyer’s Journey

Remarketing is an excellent approach to supplement your funnel. You know precisely what actions people have taken and what sites they’ve viewed, so you can monitor those activities and remarket to them with the next step to keep them going ahead. Your customer journey can consist of several phases with various remarketing audiences driving things ahead (always removing lower-funnel audiences from higher-funnel ad sets to keep things going in the correct direction) or it may consist of only a few steps. Even if your customer journey isn’t that extensive, you can examine it to discover where people are leaving and then utilize remarketing to bring them back. For example, retargeting people who add-to-cart but do not finish their purchase, sign up for a demo but do not attend, and so on.


Sometimes seeing a few instances of your potential advertising in action and using every option that the Facebook Ad Manager allows is all that stands between you and success in the social media sphere. Hopefully, these Facebook remarketing strategies will help you on your way to increasing sales and revenue!

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