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6 Ways to Save Twitter Bookmarks for Free and Find Favorite Tweets Later

by | Apr 10, 2023

Twitter now allows you to bookmark tweets in a time-consuming manner. Then you’ll need the Twitter Blue premium subscription service to sort them into folders. It’s absurd to have to pay for basic features, which is why we’re not pleased with Twitter Blue. Some developers appear to have realized that there must be a better way and have released several apps that provide a free version of Twitter Bookmarks. Some allow you to bookmark tweets directly from Twitter, while others require a separate app or extension. However, they are all free and offer numerous ways to arrange your saved tweets so you can easily find them later.

1. TweepsBook (Web)


There are several Twitter bots that allow you to bookmark tweets by tagging them. TweepsBook, in our opinion, is the best implementation. It’s easy to use, free (and ad-free) and allows you to manage bookmarks. Sign in to TweepsBook using your Twitter credentials to create an account, and then follow their Twitter handle. To save a tweet, reply to the original tweet, tag @tweepsbook, and include the keyword “bkm.” After the “bkm,” you can add a label as a hashtag to add the tweet to a folder in your dashboard. To view your tweets later, go to the TweepsBook website and sign in. Your saved tweets will be available here, nicely organized into label folders. Sadly, TweepsBook does not include a search option for fast-finding a stored tweet, but maybe it will be added soon.

2. SlideIt (Web)


We love Notion, the online database tool, and are constantly excited to find new and innovative ways to use it. SlideIt is a brilliant idea that allows you to automatically store tweets to Notion, neatly formatted in a table. The first step is to sign into SlideIt using your Twitter credentials and duplicate the Notion template they’ve prepared. There are a few stages to the setup, but they are all simple and covered in a tutorial video on the website. After it’s finished, it functions similarly to TweepsBook. To save a tweet, reply to it, tag @heyslideit, and include the phrase “notion” followed by labels as hashtags.

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For each saved tweet, you’ll see a table with four columns on your Notion page: the username who tweeted the original, the tweet itself, the date you saved it, and any hashtags you added. Notion also has a powerful search engine in all of its database tables, so you can rely on it to discover tweets fast. Because Notion is free, SlideIt will be free forever. More importantly, with a known brand like Notion rather than a third-party website that may be unable to keep up with server costs, your saved tweets are more likely to be available for a longer period of time.

3. MarkFolder (Chrome, Firefox)


If you primarily use a computer to access Twitter, MarkFolder is the easiest solution to organize your bookmarks. The useful toolbar extension allows you to save tweets quickly to multiple folders. It’s one of the greatest Twitter apps that doesn’t require Twitter Blue. You can also make new folders as you go. In the video above, for example, the user creates a new folder for book suggestions from the extension’s small drop-down bar and saves a tweet to that folder. It’s simple to use, and once you’re on the dashboard, you can browse it as a list view or a grid view.

You can also make a folder public and share its URL with others so that anybody can browse through a selection of tweets you’ve saved. Nevertheless, just because it’s an extension doesn’t mean it can’t be used on mobile. Each tweet you DM to the MarkFolder Tweet Bookmarker account will be auto-saved in your inbox. Unfortunately, the free version of MarkFolder does not support keyword search. This is a Pro feature, along with a few additional improvements, and it costs $3 per month.

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4. Tweet Catcher (Android, iOS)


If you mostly browse Twitter on your phone, you don’t need browser extensions or applications to display favorites on a browser page. Instead, a mobile-first app is required. Tweet Catcher is a free Twitter bookmarks app for iPhone and Android that makes it simple to save and find tweets on your phone. You can make folders and add tweets to them, and you can put a tweet in many folders. Create folders for your read-later list, watchlist, and “best threads” to allow you to browse them later. The main screen displays all of your bookmaker tweets and searches them using a powerful search engine. It also has a great, compact UI that feels comfortable to read on, showing your saved tweets in their own little cards.

5. Tweetflick (Web, Chrome)


Tweetflick is a complete Twitter bookmarks organizer for power users. Individual tweets can be saved by replying to any tweet with “@tweetflick save,” as with the other apps on this list. But you can save an entire thread by replying to “@tweetflick thread,” which saves you the trouble of scrolling through each tweet in that thread. It’s an interesting feature. You can arrange and sort your saved tweets differently when you log onto your Tweetflick dashboard. You can tag each tweet and add notes to make it easier and more memorable in the future.

You can also create collections and add tweets to them. All of this is helpful for Tweetflick’s powerful search, which finds information in notes and tweets and allows you to filter by tags. Tweetflick’s free version limits you to 50 saved tweets, 16 categories, and two collections. These limitations are removed with the $5 Pro edition, which also provides a weekly summary of your saved tweets. You can also configure it to save tweets from your favorite accounts automatically. Tweetflick also offers a Chrome extension that adds a Tweetflick icon as a shortcut to save tweets inside Twitter. 

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6. Dewey (Web, Chrome)


Regardless of Twitter’s current tedious method for saving tweets, you’ve definitely saved a few tweets for later. Dewey distinguishes itself from the other apps on our list by importing and organizing your existing Twitter bookmarks. After installing the browser extension, use it and let it go through your list of saved tweets. Dewey will take a few moments to identify and import all of the tweets into your Dewey account.

You can now categorize and arrange your tweets on this account dashboard. You may add tags and notes to tweets to make it easier to find them later. You can also make folders or collections and arrange tweets into them. You can now use Twitter’s default method to add bookmarks on mobile or desktop and then regularly launch Dewey to grab the new bookmarks. When you add a bookmark to the browser where the extension is installed, you’ll also see a drop-down menu where you can add a note or tags to Dewey for that tweet. It’s one of the greatest Twitter extensions for desktops.


By using the six ways provided, users can save Twitter bookmarks for free and find their favorite tweets later. These tools are simple and free to use, making it easy for anyone to customize their own Twitter bookmarks. By saving tweets of interest, users can build a personal Twitter library that offers more valuable content to enhance every user’s experience when engaging with Twitter.

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