Activists Gather Outside Twitter’s Headquarters In Favor Of Laid-Off Employees

by | Feb 13, 2023

Protesters gathered outside Twitter’s offices in favor of employees laid off by CEO Elon Musk. According to NBC Bay Area, the event occurred outside Twitter’s offices at 1355 Market Street over the weekend. According to Steve Zeltzer, who led the protests alongside fellow labor activist Andrew Kong Knight, the gathering was held in favor of both the laid-off workers and those who remain at the corporation. “We believe that (Musk) should follow labor laws. He has a track record of flagrantly violating labor laws. He fired 700 Tesla employees who were attempting to form a union “explained Zeltzer. The protest included groups from the Angry Tired Teachers band, which is a pro-labor group.

Class-action lawsuit

Some of the laid-off workers filed a class-action complaint against Twitter and Musk, alleging that their dismissal violated state and federal labor laws. A US judge ordered a group of fired Twitter employees to dismiss their class-action lawsuit against Musk last month.

Severance pay failure

According to a ruling issued by US District Judge James Donato, the workers must present their case in private arbitration rather than in court, citing “the employment contract they signed with Twitter.” The lawsuit accused Twitter of failing to fulfill its commitment to severance pay.

Musk initially promised three months of severance pay, but numerous employees who were let go said they only received one month’s salary on top of the two months of non-working pay required by the US WARN Act.


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