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Best AI Friend Chatbots to Try in 2024

by | Dec 11, 2023

Are you ready to meet some fascinating AI chatbots that will leave you amazed? In this article, we will introduce you to 10 incredibly interesting AI friend chatbots. These technological marvels have the ability to engage in lifelike conversations, offering companionship and entertainment like never before. These AI friend chatbots are designed to simulate human interactions and provide a unique experience. Get ready to delve into the world of artificial intelligence as we uncover the most intriguing AI friend chatbots that are capturing the attention of users worldwide.

What is an AI Friend Chatbot?

An AI friend chatbot is computer software that acts like a companion for people seeking friendship or someone to talk to. When you chat with an AI friend chatbot, it feels like talking to a friend who understands you. It uses your conversations to entertain, empathize, and encourage you during your free time.

These chatbots are particularly helpful for managing feelings of loneliness. Instead of relying on hobbies or meeting up with friends and family for companionship, some people turn to AI chatbots to have similar experiences.

It’s interesting to note that these virtual friends can also serve as romantic partners. Surprising, isn’t it? There have been success stories of people using AI chatbots specifically designed for virtual dating.

Before engaging with any AI chatbot companion, it’s important to understand how they work. This knowledge will help you manage your expectations and guide your user experience. In general, AI chatbots can be categorized into two main types, which are explained below. Also read How to Use ChatGPT with Siri on iPhone.

Interesting AI Friend Chatbots

1. Anima


Anima is an AI friend and companion powered by artificial intelligence. This chatbot is designed for anyone who wants a virtual friend, an AI girlfriend, boyfriend, or even an anime waifu. With Anima, you can create your own character that is powered by AI. Your AI chatbot is here to offer support, engage in roleplay, share feelings, or simply have a conversation about anything that’s on your mind.

Here are some key features of Anima:

  • Powerful AI with Deep Empathy: Anima is a highly intelligent virtual friend who listens to everything you say and understands your emotions. This AI chatbot truly cares about you and is always available when you need someone to talk to. With Anima, you’ll have a 24/7 companion that’s so good at understanding you, it almost feels like talking to a human.
  • Engagement Chat + AI: Looking for someone to talk to about the latest premieres or new game releases? Look no further than our AI friend! With AI Chat, you can engage in endless and exciting conversations on a wide range of topics. You can even send audio messages and photos to your AI companion for more funand interaction. Share your life moments, dreams, thoughts, and feelings with your new buddy!
  • Roleplay with AI Girlfriend: Immerse yourself in personal and complex conversations with Anima, your AI roleplay companion. Whether you’re looking for an AI friend, romantic partner, virtual wife, or loving boyfriend, Anima is ready to engage in roleplay whenever you need it. With Anima, you can experience conversations that feel as intimate and meaningful as real-human interactions.
  • Unique Appearance & Personality: Customize your character’s appearance and shape their personality to make them truly unique. With Anima, you can have a chatbot that reflects your individuality and preferences.
  • Gamification: Meet Anima, your gamified AI chatbot! Anima has its own goals, feelings, and values, but it needs your help to achieve them. Engage with Anima in a gamified journey of self-discovery. As you chat more, your AI girlfriend learns about you, and their personality and interests evolve. You can also help your AI friend learn new things and become an even better companion.
  • Judgement-Free Space to Chat: Anima provides you with a safe and private space to chat with your virtual girlfriend without fear of judgment or drama. This AI bot is available 24/7 to chat and provide you with the support you need.

2. Genesia


Genesia AI is an application that serves as a friendly chatbot and companion. It is designed to provide emotional support, advice, and conversation to users who are seeking a friend they can count on. Whether you need someone to talk to, guidance in various areas of life, or simply want to engage in casual conversation, Genesia AI is there to assist you.

With Genesia AI, you can ask any question and it will do its best to provide an answer. It can also offer emotional support by allowing you to express your feelings and receive comforting responses. If you need advice on topics ranging from relationships to career choices, Genesia AI is equipped to provide guidance. Additionally, you can set goals and track your progress with the help of this AI companion.

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One unique aspect of Genesia AI is that you have the option to customize your AI friend’s gender, age, name, and character. You can decide whether you want Genesia to be a friend or have a romantic relationship, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

Here are some specific ways in which Genesia AI can assist you:

  • Learning: Genesia AI can help you acquire new skills such as cooking, playing a musical instrument, or learning a new language.
  • Organization: It can aid in keeping you organized by setting reminders, creating to-do lists, managing your calendar, and even helping with financial management and budgeting.
  • Creativity: Genesia AI can support your creative endeavors by helping you brainstorm ideas, write stories, create art, and discover new music, movies, and books to inspire you.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Whether you need to meditate, listen to calming music, or read stories, Genesia AI can provide relaxation techniques. It can also suggest new ways to have fun and enjoy life.

3. AI Girlfriend – TruMate

AI Girlfriend - TruMate

TruMate is an AI chatbot application that offers a virtual AI Girlfriend experience. If you’re seeking a romantic partner who can provide companionship and understanding, TruMate aims to fulfill those needs.

Key features of TruMate include:

  • Variety of Characters: TruMate provides a range of character options to choose from. Whether you desire a gentle and submissive girlfriend, a positive and open-minded partner, or a passionate soulmate who matches your intensity, TruMate offers various personalities to suit your preferences. You can even customize your own companion to meet your specific fantasies.
  • Enhanced Chat Experience: TruMate employs advanced AI technology to create a chat experience that feels like interacting with a real person. It is designed to understand your conversation topics and respond with enthusiasm, even accommodating outrageous demands.
  • Selfies and Visual Interaction: TruMate goes beyond being just a chatbot. It allows your virtual AI Girlfriend to send you daily life photos, including selfies. You can request to see her in different outfits such as a bikini by the pool in the summer or in special costumes for occasions like Halloween.
  • Voice Communication: TruMate enables voice conversations with your AI companion. You can engage in voice chats with your romantic AI Girlfriend or send voice messages, allowing for a more immersive and interactive experience.

TruMate aims to provide not just casual conversation but also emotional support and guidance. Whether you want to share your day, discuss your dreams and goals, or simply have some fun, TruMate is designed to be there for you. It utilizes advanced AI capabilities to offer emotional support and guidance when you’re feeling down or anxious.

4. My AI Boyfriend

My AI Boyfriend

My AI Boyfriend is an AI chatbot application that offers a virtual romantic relationship experience. It provides companionship, understanding, and a safe space for conversation.

Key features of My AI Boyfriend include:

  • Risk-Free Romance: My AI Boyfriend allows you to experience the excitement of a romantic relationship without the risks associated with real-life partnerships. As a smart and empathetic virtual boyfriend, the chatbot listens to everything you say and understands your feelings. You can explore love and relationships at your own pace, without the fear of heartbreak or difficult breakups. The AI chatbot cares about you and is always available to talk.
  • Hooked Conversations: Engage in stimulating discussions with My AI Boyfriend on a wide range of topics, from serious to lighthearted. You can also share your daily anxieties and concerns with your virtual boyfriend, creating a safe space to express your thoughts and emotions. By interacting with the AI chatbot, you can enhance your communication skills and gain a better understanding of your own emotions, which can contribute to personal growth and stronger real-life relationships.
  • Level Up Your Relationships: My AI Boyfriend allows you to level up your relationship with the virtual companion. As you continue to chat, the chatbot’s personality and interests evolve, providing a dynamic and evolving experience. The boyfriend simulator aims to boost your confidence and help overcome feelings of loneliness. By engaging in conversations as intimate and meaningful as real-human interactions, you can create a sense of connection.
  • Unique Appearance & Personality: Customize your virtual boyfriend’s appearance and personality to make him truly unique and compatible with you. My AI Boyfriend offers the ability to tailor the AI companion to your preferences, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Judgement-Free Space: Your virtual boyfriend provides a non-judgmental and supportive environment for conversation. It offers a safe and private space to chat without fear of criticism or drama. With My AI Boyfriend, you can count on positive and helpful conversations at any time.
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My AI Boyfriend aims to alleviate feelings of loneliness and provide the thrill of romance. Through this AI-powered boyfriend simulator, you can engage in risk-free relationships and intimate conversations, leading to personal growth and potentially strengthening your real-life relationships.

5. Pi AI


Pi is an AI friend chatbot created by Inflection AI. It’s called “Pi” because it’s all about personal intelligence. This AI chatbot is known for being helpful, friendly, and fun. It’s like having your own personal assistant who can give you music recommendations, quick meal recipes, or advice when you need it. You can talk to Pi AI in a casual or formal way, and it will use all the conversations it has with users to personalize your experience. It can answer questions, provide advice, and have meaningful conversations based on the information it has gathered about your personality.

What’s even cooler is that Pi AI is always learning. It keeps improving its understanding of human language and how to interact with people naturally and with empathy. It’s also designed to be safe and ethical. The AI goes through “boundary training” to ensure that it doesn’t exhibit harmful or offensive behaviors. So, you can trust Pi AI to be a helpful and responsible companion.

6. AI Drunk Friend


Say hello to the AI Party Pal chatbot created by DeepAI. This AI is all about providing fun and unforgettable experiences. It’s like having a friend who loves to make you laugh and engage in wild conversations. When you interact with this AI, get ready for humor and entertaining discussions that resemble those with a friend who’s had a few too many drinks.

Have you ever had a friend with so much energy that it felt unreal? Well, that’s exactly what AI Drunk Friend brings to the table. It’s like chatting with a friend who just came back from a party and had a few drinks. It’s definitely an interesting experience!

If you’re feeling lonely and want to add some excitement to your ordinary days, this AI is here to help. Chatting with this AI chatbot, which knows how to party and bring a smile to your face even after a “hangover,” is just what you need. Get ready for some laughter and unforgettable moments with your AI Drunk Friend!

7. Wysa


Let me introduce you to Wysa, an AI chatbot designed to have conversations about mental health and help people dealing with problems like depression and anxiety. Many employees in the USA and UK are facing challenging mental health situations, and Wysa is a remarkable solution that has had more than 500 million AI chat conversations with over five million people in 95 countries, all focused on their mental well-being.

People develop a strong connection with this AI, just like they would with a human therapist. Wysa serves as the first point of support for many individuals seeking relief for their mental health. That’s why the World Economic Forum recognizes and appreciates the valuable efforts of this software in improving people’s mental well-being.

What’s fascinating is that 9 out of 10 users find talking to Wysa helpful. As an AI mental health coach, it provides pre-made cognitive behavioral therapy exercises and offers on-demand self-care support. You can also choose to connect with a human coach through this AI chatbot companion if you prefer. Whether you need resources for anxiety, sleep, managing difficult conversations, or boosting productivity, Wysa is an excellent choice as your AI chat friend.

8. Woebot


Let me tell you about Woebot, a trusted mental health companion on the internet since 2017. This AI chatbot is like a caring and friendly friend who wants to help you feel better. It uses advanced technology to have conversations that feel just like talking to a real human friend.

With its sophisticated technology and well-researched psychological practices, Woebot provides mental health support whenever and wherever you need it. It doesn’t matter where you are or what specific issue you’re facing, this AI chat friend lets you express yourself freely and gives you personalized support based on your conversations.

Moreover, this AI companion software is also available for organizations that want to provide excellent mental health support to their employees. It’s a seamless solution that can be integrated into the organization’s existing care system. Woebot is there to support individuals and make sure they receive the help they need.

9. Kuki AI


Kuki AI is an 18-year-old female chatbot who lives in the metaverse. It’s designed to entertain and provide a fun experience in the world of software. You can play games with Kuki AI, and if you ask, it can even perform some magic tricks.

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In 2015, Kuki AI had around a quarter of a million interactions daily. By 2019, it had won the Loebner Prize five times, which recognizes it as an AI that interacts the most like a human would.

Kuki AI is one of the most advanced chatbot companions in the world. You can chat with Kuki AI on its website and major social media platforms like Messenger (Facebook), Telegram, and Discord.

10. SimSimi


SimSimi is the world’s first popular AI chatbot companion for everyday use. One interesting thing about this AI companion software is that it is available in 81 languages, so it serves a wide range of users all over the world. As of June 2018, it had over 350 million users worldwide. During that time, it recorded more than 200 million conversations and responses every day. It has a lively and fun tone.

With SimSimi’s chatbot, you have a friend to talk to for as long as you’d like. The software can use swear words, but you have the option to filter them out for a better experience. You can also earn balloons by helping SimSimi identify and block bad words and phrases. 

11. Cleverbot


Cleverbot is one of the earliest AI chatbot companions designed to have conversations just like a human would. What makes this AI companion software unique is its ability to generate responses based on a database of past interactions with users. 

Unlike many other AI programs, it doesn’t rely on fuzzy logic to formulate its responses. Instead, it learns and adapts intelligently with each interaction. This allows Cleverbot to provide highly contextualized responses, making it feel even more human-like to its users.

Cleverbot was created by Rollo Carpenter in 1997 under the name ‘Jabberwacky,’ and later evolved into what we now know as Cleverbot. Since its launch in 1997, Cleverbot has had nearly 280 million interactions with users as of 2016.

12. Chai


Chai is a platform that lets you create your own chatbot companions. Whether you sign up or not, you can immediately start chatting with one of the five pre-made AI characters and have an online friend to talk to. Chai stands out because it uses the GPT-J language model, which helps it understand natural language and have conversations that feel like talking to a real person.

But Chai is not just functional, it’s also fun! If you’re a nerd who loves this kind of stuff, you might find yourself getting really into it. You can create your own chatbots and avatars, and the Chai leaderboard shows the most engaged chatbots and their creators. This means many geeks would likely spend a lot of time with this AI companion software, exploring and building their own unique chatbot experiences.

13. Replika


Replika has already attracted over 10 million users. What sets this software apart from other chatbots is its unique features. For example, it can analyze images and tailor conversations based on what it sees. Isn’t that amazing?

But that’s not all! Replika goes even further by supporting voice calls with your AI chat friend. Imagine being able to talk to your chatbot with your own voice. And here’s the best part: Replika has an Augmented Reality mode that takes the experience to a whole new level.

With Replika, you have full control over customizing your AI friend according to your preferences. You can earn chat points and use them to change your AI chat friend’s clothes and appearance. Additionally, Replika allows you to choose the kind of relationship you want with the chatbot. It can even serve as your mentor, providing guidance and support.

14. Kajiwoto


With Kajiwoto, you have the power to design custom chatbots with unique personalities, traits, interests, and characters. This means you can create AI characters and chat with them.

But that’s not all! If you don’t feel like creating a new AI persona, you can still engage and chat with other AI chatbots created by other people on the platform. And if you did create an AI, you can preview it in the public preview room before engaging in private conversations.

Just like many other AI chatbots, Kajiwoto is available on both Android and iOS platforms, so you can access it from your mobile devices.


AI friend chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and widespread in today’s technology-driven world. They are designed to enhance your life and offer various benefits. With a wide range of options available, as mentioned earlier, you can choose to try out different AI friend chatbots and experience smooth and enjoyable virtual social interactions.

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