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Best Engagement Hashtags for Newly Engaged Couples

by | Jan 9, 2023

After much anticipation, he proposed, and now it is time to announce your engagement to the rest of the world. Including a hashtag that encourages involvement in your posts on social media is a fun way to make your post stand out from the crowd, and it will help your post receive more attention. Because your engagement hashtag can be used from the beginning of the wedding planning phase all the way through the big day itself, using it can be an effective way to collect all of your wedding photos in one place. Because using Engagement hashtags is a common habit, you should get started as soon as possible and select hashtags that are either funny, original, or sweet to spread the news of your big day.

An engagement hashtag can help your post gain more visibility, regardless of whether you are posting a picture of your engagement ring, a candid from the moment he proposed, or professionally taken engagement photos. Searching hashtags with the word “engagement” in them might provide future brides with ideas for their own posts on social media and photoshoots. Future grooms might hunt for ideas on how they want to pop the question and search for inspiration for their proposal plan by doing any of these things. Whatever the case may be, using a hashtag designed for interaction is a fantastic approach to share your article in a fashionable manner.

Classic Engagement Announcement Hashtags

These best engagement hashtags are tried and true, and they continue to remain popular because they are so effective. Any one of these hashtags would be an excellent complement to the post you share on Instagram announcing your engagement, as well as posts on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These classic options are also wonderful for looking for motivation in other people’s posts or for sharing with the community of people who plan weddings online. You can share your post and show off your engagement photos (and your engagement ring!) by adding one or more of these hashtags that are related to the topic.

  • #SheSaidYes
  • #ISaidYes
  • #Engaged
  • #HeProposed
  • #Proposal
  • #BrideToBe
  • #FutureMrs
  • #Fiance
  • #MissToMrs
  • #AboutTime
  • #IDo
  • #PutARingOnIt
  • #EngagementPhoto
  • #MarryMe
  • #HowHeAsked
  • #EngagementRing
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Funny Engagement Hashtags

There is no shortage of comedic or clever and funny hashtags that couples can use during their engagements. Lots of couples use funny wedding hashtags for their big day. A clever play on words or a reference to a song, movie, or other elements of popular culture might serve as the basis for a funny engagement hashtag to celebrate the start of the wedding planning process with your fiancé. You can use the following list of hashtags, or you can come up with your own puns!

  • #AboutTime
  • #PutARingOnIt
  • #Feyonce
  • #TwoLessFishInTheSea
  • #Bling
  • #DiamondsAreAGirlsBestFriend
  • #SayYesToTheRing
  • #WifedUp
  • #PlanningStartsNow
  • #EngagedHasANiceRingToIt

Put in your last name to get a one-of-a-kind hashtag for your engagement

You can create a one-of-a-kind hashtag for your engagement that hasn’t been used by any other couples by using the name that the bride will be taking or making a pun out of both of your names together. You can make a hashtag that is unique to your engagement, or you can think of a hashtag that you can add to posts at any point throughout the engagement. Many engaged couples come up with original and imaginative wedding hashtags.

You can come up with a memorable and smart engagement hashtag by playing with alliteration. For instance, if the bride-to-be’s maiden name is Gideon, you could use the hashtag #GoodbyeGideon. You could also try to come up with a phrase that rhymes or is a play on words by using both of your names; this would be similar to a traditional wedding hashtag, but it would be for a couple that is engaged. Use your imagination!

  • #FutureMrs[Married Name]
  • #Goodbye[Maiden Name]
  • Hello[Married Name]
  • #Finally[Married Name]
  • #SoonToBe[Married Name]
  • #[Maiden Name]To[Married Name]
  • #MrAndMrs[Married Name]
  • #[Married Name] HasANiceRingToIt
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Why Should You Use Hashtags for Engagement?

When you post photos to social media, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the pictures that are connected to one another. On Instagram, for instance, if a user creates a one-of-a-kind hashtag, it is equivalent to creating a folder in which all photos bearing that tag would be saved. Hashtags that are already popular are also helpful since they might draw more attention to the posts you create using them. It’s possible that someone who follows a certain hashtag, such as #Engaged, would notice your post on their timeline and give it a like as a result. Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to raise awareness, which is a necessary step if your goal is to expand the reach of your social media accounts.


You can finally put the best engagement hashtags to use while you’re on the hunt for ideas for your own engagement or wedding by following other people’s posts on social media. You can look through the most popular posts to get ideas for themes and engagements, or even see how other couples decorated their events, get planning advice, and more! Find the best engagement hashtag to share your great news with the rest of the online world, and use it regardless of how you normally use hashtags.

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