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Best Link in Bio Apps in 2024

by | Jan 15, 2024

In today’s digital age, social media plays a vital role in our daily lives. Whether you’re an influencer, a business owner, or simply someone looking to boost your online presence, having an impactful and captivating social media profile is essential. However, a common obstacle arises when users are restricted to just one clickable link in their bio section. Fortunately, there is a solution: Link in Bio apps. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best Link in Bio apps available, empowering you to overcome this limitation and optimize your online presence.

What are Link in Bio Apps?

Link in Bio apps are tools or platforms that allow users to create a landing page or micro-website to house multiple links, resources, and information. These apps are commonly used by individuals, influencers, and businesses to optimize their social media profiles, particularly on platforms like Instagram. Also read How To Add NGL Link on Instagram.

Link in Bio apps typically provide a single link that can be placed in a social media bio section, such as an Instagram bio. When users click on this link, they are directed to a dedicated page where they can find a collection of links, buttons, and other content. This page serves as a hub for sharing various online resources, such as website links, blog articles, social media profiles, products or services, and more.

The advantage of using Link in Bio apps is that they allow users to overcome the limitation of having only one clickable link in their social media bios. By consolidating multiple links into a single page, users can provide their audience with easy access to various resources and enhance engagement.

Link in Bio apps often offer additional features and customization options, such as analytics to track link clicks and user engagement, design customization, integration with other tools and platforms, and e-commerce capabilities for selling products directly from the page. 

Best Link in Bio Apps

#1 – Linktree

Linktree FeaturesPricing
Unlimited linksFree + 10% transaction fee on monetization tools
Sharable QR codeStarter: $5/month + 5% transaction fee on monetization tools
Animate important linksPro: $9/month + 2% transaction fee on monetization tools
Customizable themes and templatesPremium: $24/month + 0.5% transaction fee on monetization tools
Marketing integrations
Monetization features (tips, requests, fundraisers)

Linktree is a popular tool for adding links to your bio. With Linktree, you can share links, social media profiles, music, and videos. You can even make certain links stand out with animations and customize your page to match your brand’s fonts and colors.

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Linktree offers advanced features like collecting email signups, fundraising, and accepting donations. You can easily share your page using a QR code and see detailed analytics such as views, clicks, and the time it takes for people to click on your links.

For example, Podia creator Jess the IE uses Linktree to share various things like free content, resources, media features, YouTube videos, and blog posts. Instead of choosing just one of these, she can promote everything at once using her link-in-bio tool.

#2 – Lnk.bio

Lnk.bio FeaturesPricing
Customizable URLFree
Video and audio embedsMini: $0.99/month or a one-time payment of $9.99
Schedule links in advanceUnique: $24.99 one-time fee
350+ icons to connect popular social media platforms/services
Custom layouts optimized for desktop and mobile

Lnk.bio is a tool that lets you make a cool landing page with as many links as you want, and you can share it on your social media. You can use a custom URL to show off your brand, and there are 27 different designs to choose from. You can even make your Instagram grid clickable by mirroring it on your page.

You have the freedom to personalize your page by choosing fonts, colors, backgrounds, and favicons. Plus, you can save time by scheduling when your links will appear on your page.

#3 – Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio FeaturesPricing
Share buttons, featured media, and clickable gallery in one linkFree
Customizable design and layoutStarter: $18/month
Advanced analytics tracking to maximize conversionsGrowth: $40/month
Advanced: $80/month

Linkin.bio is a tool made by Later, which is an app for managing and scheduling social media. With Linkin.bio, you can add links, buttons, and media to your bio link. It’s pretty cool because you can also make your Instagram grid clickable, with up to five links per post.

If you have an online store, Linkin.bio works well with Shopify, making it easy to sell products and keep track of everything. Since the plans include access to Later’s tools for Instagram marketing and scheduling, it’s a popular choice among people who use Instagram a lot.

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#4 – Shorby

Easy to useNo free planPlans start from $15/month
Save up to 22% when you pay annually
Get started with a 5-day free trial
Messenger Links are great for lead generationLimited analytics data (clicks only)
Customizable pages
Useful features (e.g. animations, link scheduling, and dynamic feeds)

Shorby is a great tool for adding links to your Instagram bio. It has awesome features and is really easy to use. With Shorby, you can create a small webpage for your bio link. You can add links to all the pages you want people to visit. Getting started is simple. Just sign in, give your page a title, and upload a profile picture. Then you can start adding different types of content like text, buttons, or cards that link to specific web pages.

You can even set up automatic feeds that show your latest content, like blog posts or videos. If you’re selling products, you can customize the links to show an image and price. You can also make your links stand out with animations.

You can schedule when your links appear and disappear, which is helpful for time-sensitive promotions. Another great feature is Messenger Links, which let people contact you through various methods like phone, WhatsApp, or email.

When you’re done creating your page, you can publish it and get a short link to add to your Instagram bio. You can see how many people visit your page and click on each link from your dashboard.

You can see the plans Here.

#5 – Pallyy

Grid-style pages are very usefulNo RSS feedFree plan available
Premium plan costs $15/month
Save 10% when billed annually
Try the Premium plan free for 14 days

Feature-richNot a dedicated link in bio tool
Easy to use
Supports multiple platforms
(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GMB, Pinterest, and TikTok)

Pallyy is a social media tool that has everything you need, including a built-in link-in-bio feature. On the Pallyy homepage, you have two options for creating a bio link page.

  1. The first option is to create a simple micro-page where you can add buttons with important links and content you want to showcase, similar to how it works with Shorby. You can personalize it by changing the theme, colors, backgrounds, profile image, and more.
  1. The other option is to create a grid-style page. If you choose this method, Pallyy will replicate your Instagram profile on a custom micro-landing page. It will display all your posts in the same grid format as your Instagram page and allow you to add a link to each post. This is especially useful if you run multiple campaigns at the same time, as you can promote different URLs in each post.
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But the link-in-bio tool is just the beginning. Pallyy offers many other features to help you manage not only your Instagram but also your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn profiles.

With Pallyy, you can schedule posts on all these platforms using an easy-to-use content calendar. You can even see how your scheduled Instagram posts will look with the Feed Planner.

Additionally, Pallyy provides a social inbox where you can manage and respond to comments and messages, an analytics tool for gathering insights about your performance, and many other cool features.

#6 – Flowpage

Flowpage FeaturesPricing
Diverse link typesPro: $10/month
Unique widgetsPro Plus: $40/month
Detailed analyticsGrowth: $250/month
Custom embedsEnterprise: Custom pricing

Flowpage is a great choice if you want to share all your important stuff like links, social profiles, and contact info in one place. It’s like having a single page that has everything you need.

You can add different types of links and even put videos, playlists, and music on your page. It all comes together nicely.

There are also cool widgets that let you do things like run polls, get people to subscribe to your newsletter, and show off your best products. And you can make your page look awesome by customizing the background images, colors, and fonts.

#7 – ContactInBio

ContactInBio FeaturesPricing
Sell products and services directlyFree
Contact forms, social media links, images, and carouselsBusiness: $5/month
Email list integration with MailchimpAgency: $18/month
12 free themes and 56 premium themes
Customize your styles and designs

ContactInBio is a tool that helps you make a small landing page to connect better with your audience. This software lets you add things like contact forms, smart links, image slideshows, and media content to showcase your work.

You can even connect messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to make it easier for your followers to reach out to you. And if you want to sell products or take bookings, you can set up a store right on your page and accept payments with just a tap.

#8 – Sked Link

Sked Link
Sked Link FeaturesPricing
Unlimited buttons and linksFundamentals: $200/year
Add links to your grid to make your feed shoppableEssentials: $89/month
Customization optionsProfessional: $159/month
Includes other Sked Social features like scheduled posts and automation

Sked Link is a tool made by Sked Social, which is used for scheduling Instagram posts. With Sked Link, you can create a page with all your important links and buttons. What’s cool is that you can also show a gallery of your Instagram posts with clickable links.

The platform is designed to work fast and smoothly, and it can connect with tools like Google Analytics and Facebook pixel. While Sked Link doesn’t have a free version, all the plans include tools for scheduling on social media, automatically posting on Instagram, and planning your visual grid.


In conclusion, Link in Bio apps have changed the way we use social media profiles for the better. They provide a central place for many links and resources, solving the problem of having only one clickable link in our bios. If you know of any other Link in Bio apps or have experience with the ones mentioned, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us create more helpful content. If you found this article useful, consider subscribing to our daily newsletter for the latest news and updates on social media, apps, and devices.

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