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Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers | Our Top Picks

by | Jan 23, 2024

Suppose you are playing an online car racing game against your friend. Your friend selects the fastest Ferrari, the “FXX Evo,” with a top speed of 249 mph. What if you want to challenge him with a brand-new Fiat? Sounds crazy! You find this contest a bit cruel to yourself. Of course, the Fiat will waddle behind your friend’s roaring Ferrari while blurring the road before you. 

Twitch is a sensation for streamers playing video games, creating art, cooking, chatting, or performing other activities. The viewers interact with the streamers in real-time which makes it a hub for millions of users.

Growing your Twitch account organically is much like racing a Fiat with a Ferrari. This gaming and streaming platform is so saturated that the natural growth of a new profile is certainly out of the question. The only option left for new streamers is to buy Twitch viewers and followers for their channel or profile. 

If you want information about the best sites that offer real, authentic, and paid Twitch viewers, look no further, as we have our top picks for you. After scrutinizing and critically evaluating about 15 sites, we have gathered data about the 5 best sites where you can buy Twitch viewers for your channel or profile.

Factors to Consider When Buying Twitch Viewers 

As a newbie, you might need help understanding the dynamics of the sites that offer Twitch viewers. But it’s no worries! With the right analysis of various sites, this blog post will give you a competitive edge over others. While buying Twitch viewers, consider the following criteria for a platform:

  1. Real Viewers 

Always check the site to see whether it provides real viewers or bots. Twitch users and various sponsors look for a channel or profile that has real viewers and followers. Look for a site that provides you with natural and genuine accounts that become your viewers. Bots hurt the credibility and authenticity of a Twitch profile or channel. Also read How to Get Followers on Twitch | 2024.

  1. Budget-friendly

Another thing to consider is your budget for buying Twitch services. If a site gives genuine viewers for your profile in a budget-friendly package, it should be your perfect choice. Keep a keen eye on the transparency of the pricing. It’s simple math: avoid the site with processing fees, admin fees, or any other unnecessary charges. 

  1. Gradual Increase

Most of the sites give you an instant boost in your Twitch viewers. If you come across such viewers, they are more likely to be bots and spam accounts. A sudden jump in your Twitch viewers may turn Twitch algorithms against you. The best site will increase your viewers gradually and organically. This will attract more organic traffic to your streams.

  1. Refund Policy
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All the best sites have a refund policy for their users. If they don’t meet the expectations of their customers, such sites happily return the charges to them. The highly authentic sites also provide a certain day’s free trial to satisfy their customers. So, search for a site that provides a money-back guarantee.

  1. Privacy

The most important factor to consider is the safety of your Twitch profile or channel. Ensure that your privacy and private data and information are secure while dealing with any site. Always check the privacy policy of the site.

  1. Customers’ Reviews

Checking the reviews of customers is the best way to check a site’s authenticity and authority. The reviews presented by the customers provide insight into the user experience with the site. Track down the ratings and reviews of customers while buying Twitch viewers from any platform. 

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers  

Here are our top 5 picks for buying Twitch viewers. They are:

  1. BoostHill
  2. SocialWow
  3. BuyTwitchViewers.co
  4. GrowthMount
  5. Twitch Booster
  6. ThunderClap

You must be excited for your first step in growing your Twitch viewers, just as we are for you! Let’s jump into the fun read without wasting further time. 



BoostHill is your first choice for buying Twitch viewers. It gives you legit and real viewers for your Twitch profile or channel visibility. You can choose certain viewing durations and even get viewers from your target country. It ensures quick delivery of your services at affordable prices as compared to other sites. To boost your viewers, BoostHill gives you a gradual and natural increase in streamers. 

Some of the well-known features of BoostHill are:

  • High-quality legit and real services across all platforms globally
  • On-time project completion
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free refills if the viewers drop after some time
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Gradual increase in the number of viewers of your streams



SocialWow comes in second on our list of our top picks to grow your real Twitch viewers. It offers a guarantee of providing services across all social media sites for so many years. With affordable prices, this social media service-providing giant gives your account a gradual jumpstart. Its services are Twitch algorithm-friendly because they create authentic accounts for your streaming. Also, its services are according to the Terms and Conditions of Twitch, which is an add-on benefit of using SocialWow. 

Some of the exceptional strengths of SocialWow are:

Specific services are tailored based on your needs, goals, and target audience.

  • 100% legit and safe service provider
  • Updates in services according to the recent trends and algorithm changes of various platforms
  • Packages under your budget
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Money-back assurance
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Getting promotional services for your Twitch channel has become easier with BuyTwitchViewers.co. To increase your viewership and engagement and go viral on Twitch, this platform provides high-quality services at the cheapest prices in the market. Its services start at just $5, providing your live stream with 100 real and active viewers for a streaming time of 30 minutes. 

Here is why this source must be your best choice:

  • Instant delivery within 5 minutes
  • Money-back guarantee if the services offered are not up to par.
  • Short as well as long-term packages.
  • Non-drop guarantee on viewers with a free refill policy.
  • 24/7 availability of the support team.
  • They provide chatter with viewers to boost your engagement.
  • Only the channel’s URL is needed during the transaction: no password is required.



Our third pick that provides the best and most real Twitch viewers is GrowthMount. It is a site you can rely on for the organic growth of your profile or channel due to its significant stats of 313k customers, 7M orders, and 160M followers delivered across all social media platforms globally. 

Its unmatched features include:

  • Real engagement,
  • Premium quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Secure payments
  • 24/7 available technical team.

 Its basic Lite package starts at $6, providing 100 live viewers plus 25 generic chatters.

Other packages consist of  Standard, Pro, and Pro 1. Mega Packages include Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It also provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. The Platinum package includes 1,000 live viewers for unlimited hours for $228.

Twitch Booster 

Twitch Booster 

Twitch Booster is yet another hot pick where you can buy Twitch viewers for your profile or channel. It offers cheap and effective promotions for all stream topics, such as games, IRL, music, esports, creative, and 18+ categories. 

Rated mostly 4 and 5 out of 5, the competitive factors of Twitch Booster are:

  • Real users and organic promotions
  • Legal promotion
  • Account safety
  • Money-back guarantee policy
  • Organic growth of your channel
  • A real-time Analytics Dashboard
  • Quick Customer Support



Last but not least on our list for buying Twitch viewers is ThunderClap. It is your trusted companion for the growth of all social media platforms. The success stats and figures of this platform says it all. It stands tall with 3.7 million happy customers worldwide, 50K+ followers growth per month, and four times as much content reach. 

The top-quality features of ThunderClap are:

  • 100% safety assurance, as it doesn’t need any account passwords
  • Permanent followers
  • Legit, reputable, and gradual growth of your account
  • 7-day full refund policy
  • No app downloads required
  • Complaint services
  • 24/7 availability of technical support

Why Buy Twitch Viewers? 

Viewers are like a currency for a Twitch profile or channel. It builds a sense of reliability among the viewers and streamers. While organic growth for a new profile or channel on Twitch is a tough call, you need a little investment in your account for a takeoff. Streamers buy Twitch viewers from various sites for the following reasons:

  1. Visibility
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More viewers on your Twitch account means more visibility for your niche. Twitch algorithms will show your Twitch streaming to more organic viewers once your account gets recognition among your audiences. In other words, your profile or channel will start to attract more real viewers.

  1. Profile or channel authority

Buying Twitch viewers also increases your profile’s authority and legitimacy. Your account will appear more genuine among the Twitch community. Once your profile or channel earns a name, you no longer need to buy more viewers because organic traffic will start following and viewing your streams.

  1. Twitch Monetization

The initial purchase of Twitch viewers paves the way for the organic growth of your account. This opens the gates for various monetization and partner programs for your profile. Sponsors and brands collaborate with the channels that have high viewership and followers. So, you can also grab this opportunity to grow your channel and start earning money from Twitch.

Final Thoughts 

Growing your new Twitch channel needs a smart investment. You must buy Twitch viewers, as you cannot compete with streamers like Ninja, Auronplay, or Llanos. This little investment is necessary to unleash the potential natural growth of your channel. 

As your profile or channel grows, more viewers will love to watch your streams, which will gradually earn your channel a name and money. 

To conclude, buy Twitch viewers for your channel from a trusted and authentic site and enjoy streaming and generating revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do streamers buy Twitch viewers?

Buying Twitch viewers helps to grow natural viewership and followers on Twitch. New Twitch users have less chance to grow their channel. So, they buy viewers to give their profile or channel a starting push towards natural growth.

Is buying Twitch viewers safe?

Buying Twitch viewers may or may not be safe. It depends on the site that provides paid viewers. Ensure that you buy them from a trusted and authorized channel.

Is it legal to buy Twitch viewers?

Yes, buying Twitch viewers for your channel, streams, or profile is legal. Several sites and platforms offer paid viewers, but no one has been reported yet. 

Does buying viewers help with Twitch monetization?

Yes, your profile unlocks several money-making opportunities once it starts growing. They are:
Affiliate programs 

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