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Best Virtual Pet Apps for iPhone | 2024

by | Feb 26, 2024

Virtual pet apps have become increasingly popular, offering a delightful and interactive way to experience the joys of pet ownership. Whether you’re a pet enthusiast or seeking a low-maintenance alternative to traditional pets, virtual pet apps provide a range of engaging activities and companionship right on your iPhone. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best virtual pet apps available for iPhone users, each offering unique features and adorable virtual pets to care for.

Best Virtual Pet Apps for iPhone

1. Duddu- My Virtual Pet Dog

Duddu- My Virtual Pet Dog

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Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog is a fun app that lets players meet a cute dog named Duddu. Duddu lives in a lively world full of adventure. Players can join in Duddu’s daily life and become good friends with their virtual pet. They need to take care of Duddu by feeding him, making sure he gets enough sleep, and keeping him entertained in a lovely house. There’s also another dog to look after in the wild, which adds more excitement to the game.

Duddu- My Virtual Pet Dog

The app has many cool features. Players can go to the animal hospital and play doctor games to give Duddu the right treatments. They can help with things like fleas, stomach problems, wounds, viruses, and leg injuries. Players can even mix herbs to make special potions. And if they want to relax, they can go on a spa adventure with Duddu’s pet friends. They can hang out in a pool or sauna and have fun making smoothies or coloring mandalas in the pet beauty salon. With lots of activities and mini-games to enjoy, Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog is a great app for people of all ages. It teaches responsibility and loyalty as players take care of their virtual pet.

2. Happy Pet Story

Happy Pet Story

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This virtual pet app offers an immersive experience where you can raise your virtual pet right in your pocket. You can dress up your pet in cute outfits, decorate your own house, and enjoy exciting mini-games. The app provides a town filled with humor and friendly animal friends, allowing you to create a unique dream home using your imagination. With a wide range of items to collect, adorable outfits, and fashion accessories, you’ll have plenty of choices to style your pet and home.

The app provides child-friendly and online modes, allowing players to choose their preferred gameplay experience. It is free to download with regular updates, offering simple and intuitive gameplay. The art style and vibrant world create an immersive, charming, and cute environment. With over 200 unique outfits, 300 furniture and decorations, customizable looks, and a variety of neighbors, there’s plenty to explore. You can also enjoy multiplayer features by visiting friends and competing on the rankings. Offline mode is available for those times when you don’t have internet access, ensuring you can keep your virtual pet with you at all times. If you loved Pet Society, this app is a must-try.

Overall, this virtual pet app provides a delightful and engaging experience with its charming visuals, interactive gameplay, and the ability to create your dream town and pet.

3. Hellopet


Download from App Store

Hellopet is a virtual pet app that offers a delightful experience for animal lovers. If you can’t have a pet of your own or simply enjoy the company of adorable animals, this app is perfect for you. In Hellopet, you can choose your first cat or dog for free when you download the app. Additionally, you can adopt more pets through daily check-ins or by using cookies, collecting hearts, or purchasing cookies in the Cookie Store.


One of the key features of Hellopet is the ability to decorate your own virtual room for your pets. You can personalize your room with various items such as wallpaper, flooring, furniture, and pet supplies. The pets in your room can interact with these items, adding to the fun and immersion. You can even give voice commands to your pets, like ‘sit’ and ‘play’. Take care of your pets by feeding them and playing with them.

As you play and interact with your pets, hearts will appear above their heads. Collecting these hearts is important as they can be used to unlock rewards such as room items, toys, and cookies. Hearts can be earned by decorating your room and adopting new pets. With a diverse range of pets available, including dolphins, hamsters, cats, dogs, and more, Hellopet offers a variety of options to choose from.

4. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

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Talking Tom is a popular virtual pet cat that brings joy and excitement to every day. In this app, players have the opportunity to adopt Talking Tom as their virtual pet and take care of him to ensure his happiness and exploration of the world. One of the standout features of Talking Tom is his ability to talk, allowing for interactive and engaging conversations with players.

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My Talking Tom

The app offers a wide range of fashion and furniture items to collect, allowing players to customize Talking Tom’s appearance and the environment around him. Mini-games are available to add action, adventure, and fun to the experience. Players can also embark on exciting travel destinations within the app, creating memorable moments that can be stored in photo albums.

Developed by Outfit7, the creators of popular virtual pet apps such as My Talking Tom 2 and My Talking Angela, this app offers a range of features to entertain and engage users. It should be noted that the app includes promotions and advertising for Outfit7’s products, as well as the option for in-app purchases and subscriptions. However, alternative options are provided to access all functionalities of the app without spending real money.

5. Dogotchi: Virtual Pet

Dogotchi: Virtual Pet

Download from App Store

Dogotchi is an exciting addition to the retro-style simulation series that began with Wildagotchi. In this virtual pet app, you’ll have the opportunity to care for and play with 12 adorable dogs, each with its own unique characteristics.

The key to ensuring your pet’s happiness and growth lies in taking good care of it. You have the responsibility to feed, clean, and play with your pet, as these activities directly impact its well-being and development. The more attention and care you provide, the faster your pet will grow. The app gives you complete control over your pet’s experience, so it’s up to you to create a nurturing environment.

When you start playing, you’ll be able to choose from three unique breeds: the Old English Sheepdog, Husky, and Pug. As your dogs reach adulthood, more breeds will become unlocked, adding to the variety and excitement. Discover and uncover all 12 breeds within the game!

Dogotchi: Virtual Pet

Each dog in Dogotchi comes with its own set of mini-games, which you can unlock as you make progress in the game. These mini-games provide additional entertainment and opportunities for interaction with your virtual pets. With a total of three games per pet and 12 games in total, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

One of the great features of Dogotchi is the ability to customize the entire game according to your preferences. You can use colors that you like to personalize the visuals and create a unique and visually appealing experience.

All these features are presented in a consistent and captivating retro-style, providing an eye-catching aesthetic that enhances the overall experience of the game.

Dogotchi offers a delightful virtual pet simulation experience, allowing you to care for and play with a variety of adorable dogs. Take on the responsibility of nurturing your pets, unlock new breeds, engage in mini-games, and enjoy the retro-style visuals that make the game a visual treat.

6. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

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Bubbu is a virtual pet app where you can adopt and care for a cute and lovable cat named Bubbu. In this game, your objective is to become Bubbu’s best friend by taking care of his needs and participating in various activities together. Bubbu is an emotional and adorable cat who enjoys eating tasty food, taking selfies, visiting friends, and dancing.

Throughout the day, you’ll need to attend to Bubbu’s needs, such as feeding him, dressing him up, cuddling with him, and giving him baths. Your goal is to ensure that Bubbu is always happy and smiling, while also making sure he isn’t hungry, sleepy, sick, or bored. You’ll have the opportunity to explore Bubbu’s colorful world and engage in adventurous activities together.

The game offers a range of interactive locations for you to visit with Bubbu. You can take him to the animal hospital, where you can test your vet skills and provide medical care. The spa and beauty salon are also available for pampering sessions. Additionally, you can visit the cosmetic dentist or the hair salon to give Bubbu stylish makeovers from head to toe.

You can customize Bubbu’s appearance by dressing him up in the funky showroom and create a dream house for him. The game provides an extensive collection of furniture and decorations to make Bubbu’s home beautiful, warm, and cozy.

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

There are over 30 fun mini-games available that provide food or coins as rewards. These games include Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons, Cheese Builder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat, Diver, Stick Ninja, and more.

By spinning the wheel of fortune and completing daily challenges, you can earn extra rewards. You can also explore your friends’ houses within the game to discover additional surprises.

Bubbu’s land offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. You can customize Bubbu’s house into a cat villa, grow organic food in the garden, milk a cow as a farmer, customize your car for a hill ride, go fishing or diving at the seaside, visit the city, and even travel to space to defend your planet against alien invasion. Other activities include playing football and basketball, climbing trees, and experiencing day and night cycles while enjoying the sounds of nature.

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While the game is free to play, there are certain in-game items and features, as mentioned in the game description, that may require payment through in-app purchases using real money. The game also contains advertising for Bubadu’s products or third-party products, which may redirect users to websites or other apps.

7. Pet City 2 – Home Design

Pet City 2 - Home Design

Download from App Store

Pet City 2 is a virtual pet app designed specifically for adults who enjoy relaxing, decorating, and engaging in a variety of activities. The app offers a unique blend of pet care, home design, and social interaction features that make it addictive and appealing to its players.

One of the key aspects of Pet City 2 is the opportunity to relax and spend hours enjoying your virtual pet’s wonderful personality. You can adopt and customize a cute and adorable virtual pet, providing it with food, care, and attention. As you nurture your virtual pet, it will reciprocate your love and create a special bond with you.

The game allows you to decorate rooms with beautifully drawn furniture and home decor items. Each week, new room design and decor themes are released, providing a constant stream of fresh and exciting content. This ensures that you have a wide range of options to create a paradise of pet-friendly items in your virtual home.

In addition to decorating, you can dress up your pet in super cute and stylish clothes. From magical fairies to rock stars, there are various outfits available to customize your pet’s appearance and showcase its unique style.

Pet City 2 encourages social interaction among players. You can make new friends within the game’s social network, where everyone shares a common love for their pets and a passion for decorating. You can visit your neighbors’ houses, send and receive gifts, and collaborate on decorating ideas, fostering a helpful and friendly community.

Pet City 2 - Home Design

Trading is a significant aspect of the game, allowing you to engage in commerce with other players. You can trade rare or highly sought-after decor and dress-up items, adding an element of excitement and collectability to the experience.

The addictive nature of Pet City 2 can be attributed to several factors. The app provides a Tamagotchi-like experience, allowing you to enjoy your pet’s sensibility and attractiveness. The weekly shop updates introduce beautifully designed furniture and pet dress-up clothes, keeping the gameplay fresh and enticing. The advanced home decorating and design tools enable you to unleash your creativity and create unique and personalized home designs.

Your pet in Pet City 2 has fun social interactions when visiting other pets’ homes, adding a dynamic and lively element to the gameplay. Animal lovers will appreciate the fact that their pets seem to have their own lives and personalities, enhancing the sense of connection and realism.

The game offers an extensive range of furniture and decor items in the shops, allowing you to find everything you need to decorate and create your dream home design. From lamps and wall clocks to beautiful outdoor scenery, window dressings, carpets, sofas, and more, the options are abundant.

Dressing up your pet is another exciting feature, with a wide variety of modern and retro fashion options, special outfits for cultural events and holidays, formal wear, winter apparel, spring outfits, and much more. This variety ensures that you can style your pet to match any occasion or personal preference.

8. My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank

Download from App Store

My Talking Hank is a virtual pet app developed by Outfit7, the creators of popular apps like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela. With over 15 billion downloads worldwide, Talking Tom and Friends have introduced this new free app starring Hank. In My Talking Hank, you help Hank pursue his passion for photography by capturing pictures of various animals on the islands of Hawaii.

In the game, you adopt your very own puppy named Hank, who is incredibly cute and irresistible. Your task is to take care of Hank as his virtual pet. You can feed him delicious food, ensure he uses the toilet, and put him to sleep on a hammock beneath a starry sky.

Hank’s main ambition is to collect pictures of all the wild animals living on the island. You’ll travel through different zones of the island and place toys and food to attract the animals. Once they appear, you can take photos of them and add them to Hank’s photo album.

The game features a wonderful island home in Hawaii, which you can explore and admire both day and night. As you raise Hank, you’ll need to attend to his needs, including feeding him and ensuring he visits the toilet regularly.

To enhance the gameplay experience, My Talking Hank offers a premium monthly subscription called “Hank’s Premium Monthly Subscription.” This subscription provides benefits such as an 80% discount on all energy potions, double currency rewards from animals attracted, and 150% more diamonds on all diamond purchases. The subscription is priced at $4.99 per month and is available for purchase through your Apple ID account.

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9. Pet Shop Story

Pet Shop Story

Download from App Store

Pet Shop Story is a virtual pet app that allows you to create and manage your own unique pet shop. In this game, you can build a fun and welcoming place for a variety of lovable pets to share with your friends.

One of the exciting features of Pet Shop Story is the ability to mix and match different types of pets to create your own designer breeds. For example, you can cross-breed a Pug and a Chihuahua to create a “Chug,” or a Labrador and a Poodle to create a “Labradoodle.” By combining different breeds, you can discover and create unique and adorable hybrid pets.

As the owner of the pet shop, you can own a wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and more. You have the opportunity to expand your collection by breeding your pets and seeing their unique looks in their offspring. This adds an element of excitement and discovery to the gameplay.

Building and upgrading beautiful habitats is an essential part of running your pet shop. You can design and customize the habitats to create a fun and comfortable environment for the animals and an attractive space for your customers. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new and better habitats to accommodate more pets.

Pet Shop Story

Completing goals is another aspect of the game. By fulfilling the needs and desires of your customers, you can earn rewards and progress in the game. This adds a sense of achievement and keeps the gameplay engaging.

Pet Shop Story also emphasizes social interaction. You can meet and connect with neighbors, visit their pet shops, and meet their pets. This social aspect allows you to make friends within the game and expand your virtual pet community.

The game features sharp, stunning graphics and animations that bring the pets and the pet shop to life. It offers regular updates with new pets, decorations, and breeding combinations, ensuring that there is always fresh content to explore and enjoy.

Pet Shop Story is a free game, and you can invite your Facebook or Storm8 friends to play with you. However, it’s important to note that the game requires an active internet connection to play since it is an online-only game.

10. My Newborn Kitty

My Newborn Kitty

Download from App Store

My Newborn Kitty is a cat-themed game that focuses on the journey of pregnant mommy cats and their newborn kittens. The game provides various interactive activities and features to engage players in caring for their virtual feline companions.

In the game, players join mommy cats on their exciting journey to motherhood. The cats are pregnant and require the player’s love and care. Players can enjoy over 8 interactive activities throughout the game. These activities include giving the mommy cat an ultrasound to determine the number of kittens she is expecting, decorating the nursery for the newborn kittens, dressing up the baby kittens, and much more.

The game emphasizes the special bond between a mother cat and her newborn kitten. Players can spoil the cats with treats, take them to the vet for regular check-ups, and throw a party to celebrate the arrival of the new kittens. They can also engage in tasks such as changing diapers, feeding the baby kittens, and giving them warm showers. Additionally, players have the opportunity to dress up their kittens in adorable clothing and accessories.

My Newborn Kitty

Key features of the game include the ability to choose from four mommy cats, using an ultrasound tool to determine the number of kittens, various caregiving activities such as changing, feeding, and playing with the newborn kittens, playing hide and seek with the kittens in the dark, providing medical care and spa treatments to the cats, decorating the kitten’s nursery, and selecting from a wide range of cute kitten clothing and accessories. The game even offers the option to knit handmade outfits for the kittens.

The app is developed by TabTale, a company known for creating virtual adventures that are popular among kids and parents alike. With over 1.5 billion downloads, TabTale has established itself as a provider of engaging and imaginative experiences for children, encouraging creativity and fun. Also read Best Games to Help You Fall Asleep | iPhone & Android.


Virtual pet apps offer a convenient and entertaining way to experience the joys of pet ownership on your iPhone. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, or unique creatures, there’s a virtual pet app to suit your preferences. Download your favorite virtual pet app today and embark on a delightful journey of nurturing and bonding with your virtual pet right from the palm of your hand.

We would love to hear about your experiences with these virtual pet apps! Have you tried any of the mentioned apps or discovered other favorites? Share your stories, tips, and recommendations with us in the comments below. Let’s create a community of virtual pet enthusiasts and exchange our experiences for even more fun and enjoyment!

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