Best VPN for Facebook: How to Access Facebook from Anywhere

Best VPN for Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites of all time, but not everyone has access to it, and browsing there isn’t always as enjoyable as we would like due to unwanted advertisements and our tracked online activity. Some countries, such as China and Iran, restrict access to Facebook and other popular social media sites. This is done to limit the type of information that people are exposed to.

In countries where social media is widely available, Facebook may be blocked on school or work networks to reduce potential distractions. And every time we scroll through our Facebook news feed, we come across targeted ads that may also inform us that our online activity has been tracked. In any case, a VPN can help you overcome these Facebook restrictions and gain online security and anonymity on social media. We compiled a list to assist you in selecting the best VPN for Facebook. Have a look.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN performed the best in our tests for unblocking Facebook, other social media platforms, and streaming platforms. NordVPN’s security is also excellent, thanks to market-leading AES-256-CBC encryption and additional authentication processing with SHA-512 hash functions. NordVPN also has obfuscated servers that are designed to conceal the fact that you are using a VPN. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) may be used by governments and school network administrators to detect and block VPN usage, so obfuscated servers become a real game changer in this case. NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy that has been fully vetted. With RAM-only and colocated servers, they ensure that no user data is logged. The former flushes any data with each restart, while the colocated servers are owned, maintained, and managed by NordVPN. This essentially eliminates third-party data leaks. 5500 servers in 59 locations across the world will also let you to access Facebook from anywhere.

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2. Surfshark 

Surfshark is in second place. It’s an excellent VPN for unblocking Facebook and other social media sites. Surfshark is also incredibly affordable; the 2-year subscription costs only $2.30 per month. Surfshark employs the WireGuard protocol, which is widely recognized as the quickest in the business and assures that original connection speed is not reduced. This application just made a step toward being one of the best secure VPNs by switching to RAM-only servers to eliminate excessive data retention.

This just adds to their already strict and externally certified no-logs policy. Camouflage Mode, Surfshark’s equivalent of obfuscated servers, is also available. This mode eliminates any VPN activity from your data packets, allowing you to circumvent firewalls and filters that restrict VPNs. In addition, if a secure VPN connection is severed abruptly, Surfshark contains a kill switch that would disable internet access. You can also change your IP address as many times as you like thanks to Surfshark’s 3200 servers in 99 locations.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is a VPN service based in the United States that can easily unblock Facebook, other social media platforms, and even streaming platforms. To ensure fast loading times, IPVanish, like most of the best VPNs on the market, uses the WireGuard protocol. IPVanish also unblocks websites other than Facebook. According to our extensive testing, Netflix and other streaming services work flawlessly with IPVanish. IPVanish also includes traffic obfuscation, which makes it impossible for third parties to tell whether or not you’re using a VPN.

However, IPVanish may not function in China, thus if you need a VPN to unblock Facebook in China, IPVanish is not the ideal solution. It is, nevertheless, an excellent choice for individuals who do not want to use a VPN to visit Facebook for fear of being identified. Overall, IPVanish is an excellent VPN for overcoming Facebook bans enforced by your school or office. If you don’t want Facebook to know where you are, there are 2000 servers in 50 countries that will provide you with a selection of virtual places to pick from.

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4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is popular among internet privacy fans because it combines military-grade encryption techniques with a fast, efficient service. As a result, unblocking Facebook Messenger at school, work, or when traveling overseas is a breeze. With over 3,000 servers scattered throughout 94 countries, there is a diverse range of servers to pick from. The company uses OpenVPN with 256-bit AES as the default encryption method. An SHA-512 hashing technique is used to identify 4,096-bit DHE-RSA keys. In layman’s terms, these are intended to protect your data.

User data is kept as little as possible. The only basic data logging occurs when individuals connect to servers and log in on specific dates. Individual IP addresses are not kept track of. A ‘network lock,’ which works as a kill switch to temporarily limit internet access if the VPN connection dies unexpectedly, is embedded in the product, offering an extra degree of protection. A single membership allows access to five devices at the same time, making it a convenient way to divide the overall expense with friends. There are apps for both Android and iOS, as well as desktop applications for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a no-frills VPN service that is one of the most affordable options on this list, so it may appeal to customers looking for a quick social media dose. The product lacks a variety of features, but the essential criteria of speed and encryption are more than enough for usage as a Facebook VPN. The company is based in Romania and has an internal policy of not storing any user data. Romanian legislation does not enforce any type of required data keeping, thus the provider appears to be protected on the privacy front.

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However, there has been a recent management turnover – CyberGhost was bought by an Israeli corporation a few months ago – which may change the scenario. CyberGhost provides high encryption standards for a low-cost VPN service. It employs 256-bit AES encryption on the OpenVPN protocol, which is regarded as reliable. There are about 5,700 servers located in 90 countries. Unblocking Facebook should not be difficult. On a single package, you can access seven devices at the same time. The company supports Android and iOS, as well as Windows, macOS, and Linux native applications.


Some countries, schools, and companies restrict Facebook on a national or local network level. Whatever the magnitude of the blockage, it might be either a small inconvenience or a violation of your human rights. However, there is a way around these barriers. A decent and reliable VPN can enable you access Facebook and other social networking sites, as well as unblock numerous streaming libraries throughout the world. Furthermore, a reputable VPN with obfuscated servers will conceal the fact that you’re using a VPN, so you won’t have to worry about your government or your school’s network administrator discovering you’re using one. Last but not least, a reliable VPN not only allows you to access banned Facebook, but it also encrypts your traffic and hides your data from prying eyes.

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