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Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone [Top 5]

by | Dec 11, 2023

If you’re reading this, chances are you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Well done! Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you might struggle with it, based on the experiences of many people and studies. But don’t worry, nowadays it’s easier to avoid failing in your weight loss journey. The iOS App Store is filled with helpful apps that can assist you in reaching your goals, just like how I was filled with turkey and bread after Christmas dinner. These apps are the best ones out there. Most of them track your activity and calories, and a few even remind you throughout the day to stay focused (which some of us need). I suggest keeping them on your home screen, so they’re there to remind you whenever you feel tempted to order food.

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is the best weight loss app overall. When it comes to losing weight, exercise is important, but if you keep eating too many calories after your workouts, you won’t see much progress. That’s where MyFitnessPal comes in handy. It’s a calorie counter app by UnderArmour that you should download if you don’t want to clutter your phone with multiple apps.

The best thing about MyFitnessPal is its huge database that has the nutritional information of millions of different foods. For the best results, make sure to log every single thing you eat, and the app makes it easy with its barcode scanner and a convenient button. Just the act of logging your food can help prevent overeating.

But that’s not all. MyFitnessPal offers more than just calorie counting. It has charts to track your weight and even the size of your neck. You can also document your weight loss journey with photos, which is really cool. The app has a blog with articles on topics like improving sleep and delicious recipes like “peanut butter banana sushi.” It syncs with various fitness devices like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, Pact, and Garmin. Also read How to Track Workouts on Apple Watch.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal has a dedicated app for it. While it doesn’t have access to the entire food database, it’s great for quickly checking how many calories you have left for the day.

2. Lose It!

Lose It!

When you compare “Lose It!” with MyFitnessPal, you might think you’re looking at MyFitnessPal with different colors. They’re quite similar, so choosing one over the other doesn’t make a big difference.

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However, there are a few notable differences. “Lose It!” is all about counting calories and removes the complex menus and blog posts of its rival. It offers a more accessible and enjoyable experience, with playful icons and clear forums for socializing with friends and communities. It also allows you to connect with other apps like Runkeeper and Nike+, and the premium plan for $2.99 per month provides personalized meal plans.

Lose It! has a large food database just like MyFitnessPal, but it goes one step further by letting you identify the food you’re eating through a photo. The SnapIt feature can sometimes identify the food accurately, but often you’ll need to choose the right food from a list after taking the photo.

This is a cool option when barcodes aren’t available, but the results and calorie estimates can vary significantly. This is true for Lose It! in general, as it sometimes shows calorie differences of up to 200 compared to similar entries in MyFitnessPal. However, it’s important to note that both apps rely on user-submitted entries, so there may be typos and mistakes in the database.

In the end, small errors like that are bound to happen when so many different people contribute to the app’s content.

3. My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is the best app for making weight loss feel like a fun game. I personally find that I’m most motivated to lose weight when it feels like playing a modern game with achievements and challenges, and no other app does that as well as My Diet Coach.

When you open the app, you’ll see two avatars—one representing your current weight and the other representing your future self. Your goal is to make these two avatars match up. It’s like leveling up in a role-playing game or earning cool gear after weeks or months of effort. It makes losing pounds feel exciting and rewarding.

My Diet Coach also turns everyday acts of self-control into challenges that earn you points. You can earn 20 points by avoiding sugary drinks for a day, or go for a real challenge and earn 70 points by avoiding refined grain foods. I especially like the weight tracker feature, which replaces simple data entry with an adjustable measuring tape. Adjusting the tape to smaller numbers is one of the most satisfying moments of my mornings.

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What makes My Diet Coach even more essential is how it reminds and motivates you to lose weight as often as needed. This personally works for me. You can set various reminders and notifications, from pre-set ones like “Drink water” to custom ones tailored to your specific needs. For example, I have a notification that says “Stop grabbing Fritos from the snack drawer” and it goes off every four hours. These notifications also appear on your Apple Watch.

In addition, My Diet Coach has a barcode scanner that imports nutritional information to your food diary, and it syncs with data from Apple’s Health app. There’s a premium version available for $6.99 per month, which makes it easier to log activities and offers more challenges. However, I find that the free version with ads works perfectly fine for my needs.

4. Fooducate


Fooducate is the best app for explaining the good and bad things about food in a way that everyone can understand. When you look at the nutrition facts on a food package, it can be confusing. Fooducate makes it easier by simplifying the numbers into simple language. Just scan the barcode on the package.

After scanning, you’ll see a grade that Fooducate gives the food based on different factors. For example, when I scanned a Toblerone chocolate stick, it got a D+ grade because it has a lot of sugar per serving and the package size can make you eat too much. The package may say it has 180 calories per serving, but if you eat the whole thing, you’re actually having 510 calories. It’s important to know that Fooducate listed it as 170 calories per serving, showing that the information on the package may not always be accurate.

Luckily, Fooducate suggests other options. For example, it recommends a Godiva milk chocolate bar with almonds (C-) or a bag of Sun-Dried California Raisins (A-). If you want the best option, you can just eat an orange, which gets an A grade.

What I like about Fooducate is that people can share their thoughts and experiences in the comments. It feels good to connect with others who have similar feelings. For example, someone named Feyasaur commented on the Toblerone, saying, “It’s sooo delicious no matter how bad for me it is.”

Fooducate also lets you share recipes and ask questions in forums. If you choose the premium plan, you can even get detailed information about pet food.

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5. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is the best app for learning workouts and getting the most out of your weight loss journey. Going to the gym can be scary if you haven’t been in a while or don’t feel confident about your body, but this app makes it easier by acting as a friendly private coach. The best part is that many of the workouts can be done right in your living room with just a little bit of space.

Unlike other apps that simply track workouts, Nike Training Club actually shows you how to do them. It suggests workouts based on factors like your available time and fitness level, and it even uses data from your Apple Watch to recommend workouts that are suitable for you. I really like how it organizes some workouts into collections, like the “No More Excuses” series, which proves that you can stay fit without a gym or with limited free time.

Nike, being a well-known brand, features actors and athletes like Serena Williams or Michael B. Jordan demonstrating their favorite routines in video clips. It feels like having them as your coaches or workout buddies. Nike Training Club reminds us that maintaining a fit body is mostly about sticking to a few good habits, and with this app, you’ll learn what some of those habits are.


These apps are the best ones available. Most of them track your activity and calories, and a few even send reminders throughout the day to help you stay focused (which can be helpful for many of us). I recommend keeping them on your home screen, so they’re always there to remind you whenever you feel tempted to order food.

Remember, with the right tools and support, you can stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals. Best of luck on your journey! If you want to get the latest tutorials, news, and updates about social media, apps, and devices, don’t forget to subscribe to our daily newsletter. Additionally, if you know of any other apps, please leave us a comment and share your personal experiences with those apps.

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