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10 Body Positive Influencers On Instagram in 2024

by | Dec 17, 2023

In the modern world we are living in, people have become so invested in the way their bodies and those of others look. This condition has affected millions of women worldwide, and the community has not been helping to deal with these issues. This has contributed to many women experiencing self-hatred, mental health issues, and suicidal thoughts. It has come to a point where people cannot be included in a work or communal setting for their bodies, getting body shamed on the streets. For this reason, there has been an uprising of social media angels to guide these women towards accepting their bodies and living in confidence no matter what comes their way. The following list shows Instagram’s top 10 body-positive influencers from different nationalities, races, and ages. These influencers have helped millions of women with their positive messages and advocacy.

Body Positive Influencers
Image by Dennis from Pixabay

1. Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil

The list begins with a well-known actress with a substantial following of over 3.8 million followers on Instagram, Jameela Jamil. Jameela, a British Nationality from London, England, is a vocal advocate for body positivity. She is well known for her lead role as Tahani Al-Jamil in the TV Shows The Good Place (2016-2020) and Misery Index. Her presence on the social media platform has made her a leading figure in the fight for self-love, redefining beauty standards. Her account feed is full of motivational comments ushering everyone with self-hatred to change their perception of their bodies and try to embrace who they are. This has made her account a reflection of her unwavering commitment to dismantling the harmful stereotypes that have long plagued the world of beauty and body image. 

She utilizes a candid and unfiltered approach and fearlessly shares her own battles with body image, providing a relatable and empathetic perspective for her followers. The majority of what she posts is an emphasis on self-love and acceptance. Jamil is not only an influencer on Instagram alone. Beyond social media, Jamil is an advocate dedicated to the causes of body positivity and mental health. For the above reasons, this makes her among the best influencers to add to your account for the daily reminder that beauty can be found in anything with a different perspective.

2. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, a model and a proud mother, has blazed a trail in the plus-size modeling world. With over 21.5 million followers on Instagram, she champions body diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Her posts are about her journey, especially into motherhood, standing with the belief that beauty transcends size

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Ashley fearlessly shares her story as a mother, acknowledging the natural changes bodies undergo. She knows that most women entering or have already passed through motherhood, experience body size changes and how bodies change during that period. You can also get yourself a Mommy makeover with different cosmetic procedures to restore or enhance your pre-pregnancy appearance. Using her own experience, she talks about how you can continue with your normal life regardless of the sudden changes. 

She also calls out industries that discriminate against women for their body sizes and demands reforms in the industry. She aims to create a world where the fashion industry is not only for slim and fit women but for all women.

3. Lizzo


Lizzo has become one of the best positive body influencers on Instagram, especially for women in the music industry. She believes so many women out there, including children, have a voice to sing but cannot because of their body sizes and skin color. For this reason, with the support of her over 13 million followers, she uses social media as a platform to express this issue. Her posts display messages of how you can learn to love your body. 

She aims to instill a positive mentality in women towards accepting their bodies and encouraging them not to let them prevent them from getting a career in music. For her, self-love should be demanded and without apologies. She also encourages women to enjoy their bodies and celebrate them.

4. Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence

With a whopping 5.8 million followers, Iskra Lawrence is more than just a model. She is a beacon of unretouched beauty in the fashion world. Hailing from America, Iskra proudly wears the badge of an ‘aerie role model,‘ using her platform to spread body positivity in all its glorious forms. She advocates for people who have eating disorders and leads campaigns that challenge conventional beauty standards. 

These are the reasons why her influence has reached almost all parts of the world. According to her, imperfections are not flaws but the brushstrokes that paint the canvas of our individuality. She believes beauty lies within, and different perspectives can shape or destroy your confidence. Also read Hottest Australian Instagram Influencers in 2023.

5. China Anne McClain

China Anne McClain

China Anne McClain has become one of the youngest women of color to address the issue of self-love and acceptance, regardless of skin color or body size. With her 7.3 Million followers on Instagram, she has encouraged women of color to accept and embrace their bodies and love themselves unconditionally. Her presence online has inspired millions of children, especially from the African-American community, to become more confident of their bodies and skin color, hence contributing to the mental wellness of these children. She has become a testament to promoting natural hair and texture, and being young; she has tried to call out for the youth to accept their appearances and stand with their originality.

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6. Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur, with around 166K followers on Instagram, is a remarkable figure in self-acceptance from the UK, known for wearing her beard with an unapologetic confidence that challenges conventional notions of beauty. Through her posts, she embraces her unique attributes and inspires others to love themselves authentically, flaws and all. Kaur passionately advocates for body image, gender equality, and self-worth.

7. Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday goes against all stereotypes of being a plus-size. As a model and positive body influencer, she stands at the very frontline of the movement, calling out industries to include all women, regardless of size, in the fashion industry. With an influence of over 2.7 Million followers on Instagram, she believes that no one gets to define who another person is. She advocates specifically for women of size in the modeling industry. 

Tess feels most women and girls in the community let the opinions of others define who they are and can be. She calls for women to support each other and break the stereotypes that are put in place in the community surrounding women. She believes beauty lies in everything; all you need to do is adjust your perspective to see the bigger and whole picture truly.

8. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Most influencers in this list are just advocates, but Megan Jayne Crabbe takes influencing to the next level. She has made her account a sanctuary for all women and girls worldwide. Her account is full of self-loving and acceptance posts, which are legit and original. Her 1.2 million followers know that she is very courageous. While she is vulnerable and gives raw honesty, she is a strong, confident woman who believes in her stand. 

She is a true hero for women who have recovered from anorexia. She not only influences change among adults but also children and youth who may have suffered or are still fighting the condition. Her account creates a haven for everyone who feels like hope is gone, and she interacts with her audience in the best and safest way, offering advice on how to tackle real-life situations. She educates people on how to live with scars and marks and conveys that beauty resides within us, not on us.

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9. Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is an actress, model, and influencer from Florida, US. She passionately advocates for women of size in the acting and modeling industries. With her almost 717.7K followers on Instagram, she is one who calls for more women to try out in the modeling and acting industry, regardless of size. She believes that most women find their bodies a hindrance to pursuing a career in these industries. 

She believes that size should not limit one’s confidence or define one’s perception of beauty. For these reasons, she aims to destroy all stereotypes surrounding women of size and encourage other women in similar positions to promote love and acceptance. She also criticizes industries that discriminate against women based on their body size or appearance. 

10. Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia is an American blogger, designer, and body positivity advocate. Her influence is not just based on her Instagram account, which has almost 900.1K followers, but it extends to the world of writing. She emphasizes more on the challenges women and girls with eating disorders go through. 

Nadia believes that beauty and style should not be confined to one specific body type. She believes that any woman can participate in any modeling or fashion design. In addition, she calls out industries that deny women of size the opportunity to participate in shows.

Self-love can lead to empowerment, confidence, and self-belief. As much as society is changing towards a more inclusive one, there are still stereotypes and discrimination directed at women. Nowadays, bias has come to the point of discriminating against women for their body sizes and appearance. This has led these women to hide their beauty, leading to self-hatred and harm. With the above influencers and probably more, people have tried ways to find inspiration for dealing with the daily negative spotlight and getting through the day. These influencers not only advocate for self-love and inclusivity but also empower these women to make a positive change toward an accepting body-loving community. 

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