Businesses Will Be Charged $1,000 Per Month for Their Gold Badges on Twitter

by | Feb 8, 2023

Businesses were urged to pay $1,000 each month to keep their gold badges on Twitter, and brands and organizations who did not pay would lose their checkmarks. According to The Information, Elon Musk’s company, which is busy monetizing its platform through multiple means, would also charge an additional $50 per month to add badges to each account linked with the brand.

According to a screenshot released by social marketing strategist Matt Navarra, Twitter will charge a whopping $1,000 per month.

“According to reports, Twitter is emailing businesses offering gold check mark verification for $1000 PER MONTH! In addition, affiliate account verification costs $50 each month, “Navarra posted on Twitter.

Twitter did not respond immediately. “As an early access subscriber, you’ll receive a gold checkmark for your organization and affiliation badges for its associates,” tweeted Twitter.

“If you’d want to subscribe, Verified for Organizations is $1,000 per month, plus $50 for each extra affiliated handle per month, with one month of free affiliations,” the company said.

The company released gold badges on Twitter before launching its Verification for Organizations program (formerly known as Blue for Business), which allows organizations to “verify and identify themselves on Twitter.”

Twitter relaunched its Blue membership service with verification in December last year, charging $8 for Android users and $11 for iPhone customers per month.

Musk has now stated that all legacy verified accounts will soon lose their Blue badges due to a ‘highly compromised’ situation. The microblogging platform has expanded its Blue service subscription service to six more countries, bringing the total to 12.

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