Can Instagram Users Buy Products Directly in Chat?

Through the use of Instagram in-chat payment feature, buyers and sellers are able to communicate in real-time with one another, request or collect payments, and monitor orders straight from within an Instagram chat. The “Payments in Chat” function was introduced by Instagram and was revealed in Meta’s Newsroom.

Customers will now be able to make purchases straight from the direct messages posted on social media platforms by small companies that meet specific requirements. According to Meta, one billion people send messages to companies each week across all of the channels owned by the social media company. This involves having conversations with businesses, looking through their product catalogs, requesting assistance, and interacting with stories.

New Functionality Streamlines Purchasing Process

Payments made in chat are processed using Meta Pay, which streamlines the buying process within the social media app. With Meta Pay, clients can complete the checkout process with just a few touches, as opposed to the usual payment method, which involves scrolling between pages and websites. Additionally, it guarantees a safe processing and offers insurance for any purchases made. Users have the ability to start a discussion with merchants through direct messaging, during which they may inquire about items, make purchases, and more all inside the same chat thread.

Instagram In-Chat Payment Feature

Integrated purchasing may result in increased revenue for locally owned businesses

Businesses who use Instagram as a sales channel may see an increase in sales volume if they make the process of making purchases on Instagram more straightforward. Businesses have the ability to take advantage of this new functionality with the help of Meta Shops, which enables the smooth development of an online store that is compatible with Facebook and Instagram.

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The Instagram in-chat payment feature will also be offered to companies that do not currently use Shops, giving them the ability to manage conversations, give support, and make purchases without ever having to leave the Instagram platform. However, just as with any other type of online transaction, there is always the possibility that dishonest individuals, such as hackers and fake shops, would try to deceive naive clients in order to steal their money.

Other features recently introduced on Instagram

As part of the company’s ongoing effort to transform this social media platform into “the best online space for creators to make a living,” Instagram just recently made several announcements regarding new features that are geared specifically toward creators. The initial version of the company’s subscription service for creators was released in the United States in January 2022, and the company simultaneously began testing the feature in India at the same time.

However, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently revealed in a video clip on the social media platform that the company is now adding new subscription features to Instagram. The announcement was made by Adam Mosseri. Mosseri also mentioned that the new subscription feature on Instagram will make it possible for content creators to have a consistent and long-term income.

Separate tabs for conversations, reels, posts, and home have been introduced by the corporation for those who have subscribed to the site. Additionally, the subscriber home page gives users the ability to exclude posts that are accessible only to them by filtering them out.

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Although the number of organizations that will be able to make use of the function is not yet known, Instagram has stated that more companies will have access to the Instagram in-chat payment feature when the service is expanded in the future. It is anticipated that in the future, more people, maybe even those in other countries, will have access to the ability of making payments while having conversations.

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