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Can You Edit a Tweet After Its Published?

by | Sep 21, 2022

Twitter is unquestionably the king of the shortest, most fact-based, and concise communication format. We live in a fast-evolving world, so where can we go to learn about anything from the press to politics, celebrities to technology, and more? Its ability to sense the rhythm of the world and what is happening on around it is unparalleled. How many times have we checked Twitter to see whether Instagram, or even Spotify, was unavailable? Even if you’ve never used Twitter, you’ve probably heard the term “tweet.” They are simple messages in the Twitter language. Tweets, unlike communications from other social networking services, do have some limitations. Tweets are limited to 280 characters, in case you didn’t know. We’ve all seen how cruel social media can be. So, we don’t want to make mistakes, yet we do. Then we decide we want to remove it from the platform as soon as possible before anyone notices. As a consequence, if we tweet something and then regret it, we tend to look for ways to change it. Allow us to show you how to edit your tweets after they’ve been published.

How to edit tweets on Twitter

Tweets cannot be edited once they have been published on Twitter. Individual tweets can, however, be deleted on Twitter. You may recover the problematic tweet by copying, rewriting, and posting it as a new tweet on Twitter and deleting the previous one. The sole disadvantage is that the tweet will no longer show in the same chronological order as previously.

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Step 1

Highlight the text of your tweet by dragging the pointer over the text using your mouse.

How to edit tweets on Twitter

Step 2

Copy the text to the clipboard on your computer. To do so, hold down the “Ctrl” and “C” keys on a PC or the “Command” and “C” keys on a Mac.

Step 3

On Twitter, click the “Delete” link within the offending tweet. Wait for the tweet to vanish.

How to edit tweets on Twitter

Step 4

Paste the copied tweet into Twitter’s “What’s happening?” box. To do so, click within the box and then press the “Ctrl” and “V” keys on a PC or the “Command” and “V” keys on a Mac.

Step 5

Edit the tweet’s content to your satisfaction. Before pressing the “Tweet” button, thoroughly review your tweet.

How to edit tweets on Twitter

The Most Recent Changes (April 2022)

It was initially misinterpreted as an April Fool’s Day joke. Elon Musk posted a Twitter poll asking people whether they wanted an edit button on Twitter, and it received almost 3 million “yes” votes. However, Twitter just announced that they are working on a module that would allow users to edit their tweets. As the past year’s restricted, 30-seconds-edit function was revealed, it appears the capability will be extended to Twitter Blue. The future of the edit button is still unclear, but it appears that it is becoming more serious.

What exactly is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a new monthly membership tier that provides users with exclusive access to a variety of premium services for a small fee. For the time being, it is only accessible in Canada and Australia on Twitter for iOS. The Android release and additional regions will be available very soon, according to Twitter. To clear up any doubts, free Twitter is not going away. Twitter Blue is a paid membership that gives you access to additional tools that allow you to be more creative with your Twitter experience. Bookmark Folders, Reader Mode, and an Undo Tweet option are available to Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter also plans to provide more premium services to its customers in the future like Twitter Blue Ads.

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Bookmark Folders

This feature allows you to organize and group your bookmarks into folders for easier discovery. If you routinely use the Twitter Bookmarks function, you will undoubtedly like this new feature.

Reader Mode

This new feature allows you to effortlessly read long Twitter discussions. It essentially eliminates any “noise” and presents the interaction as a news piece.

Undo Tweet

You can use Undo Tweet to withdraw a Tweet after you’ve sent it but before your Twitter audience sees it. When you click the undo option, you will be sent back to the tweet editor where you can modify or remove tweets permanently.

When you enable this option, you’ll get a countdown showing how much time remains until your 30-second Tweet Undo time is over and your Tweet goes public on Twitter. Twitter Blue customers will now get access to customisable Twitter app icons and in-app color schemes. Having said that, all of these advantages come at a cost. Twitter Blue is a subscription-based service. Blue will cost CAD 3.49 in Canada and AUD 4.49 in Australia, according to Twitter.


Twitter has always paid close attention to its users’ expectations. They are constantly improving their services and improving their consumers’ experiences with new features. For a long time, many Twitter users all around the world have wished for something that would allow them to modify tweets. Although it is not technically an edit tweets tool, it appears that Twitter Blue’s Undo Tweet option will allow users to edit tweets in the post preview format.


Why doesn’t Twitter allow editing of tweets?

Twitter’s decision to not allow editing of tweets is to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the platform. Allowing edits could potentially lead to misinformation and confusion.

What should I do if I made a mistake in a tweet?

If you made a mistake in a tweet, the best option is to delete the tweet and post a new one with the correct information.

Can I delete a tweet after it’s published?

Yes, you can delete a tweet after it’s published by clicking on the three dots and selecting “Delete Tweet”. However, keep in mind that the tweet will be permanently removed from Twitter.

Can I preview a tweet before publishing it?

Yes, Twitter allows users to preview a tweet before publishing it. This gives users the opportunity to review the tweet and make any necessary changes before it’s posted.

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