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Check Out These 5 Awesome Facebook Group Game Ideas!

by | Feb 15, 2023

Having fun and playing interesting games is perhaps the most enjoyable and wonderful experience you have. Have you ever considered throwing a party and playing party games on a virtual platform? If so, let us try out one of the most interesting and entertaining concepts, ‘Facebook Party Games,’ today. You could have guessed from the name what this party game would entail. Below we will look at some Facebook group game ideas you can try.

What Is a Facebook Party?

A fun and engaging approach to arranging a party using Facebook handles that may be hosted under certain groups, pages, or inside a small private team. The concept is simple: all activities and tasks will be planned online, and time limits will be set based on the availability of all members/guests. To have greater control, and unlike a traditional offline party, there might be a host who will take full responsibility for the success of this Facebook online party. The host’s main role and task will be to specifically welcome all guests or members online on time, introduce them to other members, and guide them through all of the rules, restrictions, and incentives that are part of this theme party.

1. Guess That Movie

This is quite common, but remember that this may be your first time playing it online with new people and your friends. The host might split the guests into two equal teams to make it more interesting. Now, both teams will share their favorite movie names with the host, and the host will go through each and ask the other team to guess the movie. For example, if the host decides to use a movie name from TEAM B, the host will inform any member of TEAM A, and that member of TEAM A will enact the movie name to his team. Remember that going offline and attempting to cheat by turning off your mic will result in disqualification. A low-quality Internet connection will make it even more engaging and funny.

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2. Pass & Take It on You

One thing is for certain, all of these games will be a lot of fun. To begin this game, all members must be extremely active. The game can be played over text in the group. The host will choose one word, say ‘BRAVO,’ and the game round will begin, and every other member in the group will begin typing ‘BRAVO’ as many times as they wish, and now it is up to the host, and whenever the host wishes, he or she may call it off and type ‘STOP,’ signaling the round is finished. Now, whoever is the last to type ‘BRAVO’ must perform whatever the majority of the group members decide to impose as a punishment or a ‘Dare.’

3. Guess That Member

This one is really interesting and will reveal how well your friends actually know you. The game is easy and should be performed on a video call. It begins with each player putting or listing 3 to 5 facts about themselves and secretly passing them on to the host. Now that the list has been received, it is time to choose one of the random ones, and the host will discuss it.

Everyone else has to guess who all those words and things are for, and every time someone guesses correctly, that person gets 5 points, and so on, until the list of all members is complete. Finally, the member with the most guessing points will be awarded. Though it may appear quite boring, interesting things, secrets, fake facts, and other information about your friends will undoubtedly draw your attention and interest to this game.

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4. Pick Any Number

This is a simple yet difficult activity to do, and it might be rewarding for some players depending on their luck. The game is simple; members select a number one by one through video conference (it could be any number from 1 – 20, depending on the host and how much they wish to add). And imagine a member takes up number 5, and inside it is written something like ‘Drink hot sauce water,’ that member must do that task. It does not have to be a task or punishment every time, but it might be something rewarding like – giving $50 cash to all members, a meal from KFC, and so on.

5. Live Scrabble

Another classic game you can play online! Make your own word graphic and save it to your phone or mobile. Go live at the designated time and date and share your screen with your members to show them the visual. The person who can make the most words out of them before you say “STOP” wins. You can do multiple rounds of it depending on how long you want to go live.


That concludes the Facebook group live game ideas. If you haven’t hosted a single game in your Facebook group in a long time or have been looking for inspiration, this is your sign. Stop deliberating and start organizing the games you enjoy most from those listed above! And watch your Facebook group engagement skyrocket.

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