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Do You Know What a Hashtag Really Is on Twitter?

by | Sep 21, 2022

A hashtag is a term or phrase that immediately comes after the pound symbol (#) to describe a topic or trend. Hashtags can assist you in locating subjects of interest. For example, “dogs” and “melbourne kickboxing training” may both be hashtags. One is a wide topic, whereas the other is a single term. To make a hashtag, write the pound sign (#) before the word or phrase, without spaces or punctuation (even if you use multiple words in a phrase). So the hashtag equivalents of these statements are #Dogs and #MelbourneKickboxingTraining. When you tweet a hashtag, it instantly becomes a clickable link. Anyone who sees the hashtag can click it to go to a page that displays a timeline of the most recent tweets with that hashtag. Twitter users use hashtags to categorize their tweets and make it easier for other users to locate and follow tweets on a given topic or trend.

Twitter hashtag

The dos and don’ts of hashtags

You’ve worked hard to develop an effective Twitter content marketing plan, as well as the ideal creative assets and Tweet content, and it’s now time to start publishing. After all of your work, you want your Tweets to reach the right people as many times as possible. In addition to launching a Twitter Ads campaign, employing hashtags may increase the exposure of your Tweets and boost engagement. The greatest hashtags adhere to the following dos and don’ts:


Use them regularly

Using hashtags allows your brand to connect with what’s occurring on on Twitter. Which is great news for you because when businesses interact with what’s happening on Twitter, they receive improvements across the marketing funnel, including +18% message association, +8% brand awareness, and +3% purchase intent. 

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Make them simple to remember and spell

Don’t leave space for errors in your hashtag. This will make it less visible and less likely to be used. Capitalizing each word of your hashtag might also make it simpler to read.

Do your homework

Search and see what trendy hashtags others are already using by utilizing the explore tab. To profit from them, include them in your Tweets. Look for any hashtags that people are using when discussing your business and incorporate them in your own Tweets.

Make it worthwhile for others to use your hashtag

Whether it’s a real reward or merely acknowledgment in the form of a Retweet, your audience will respond more positively if there’s a reason to use your hashtag. It’s also a good idea to invite your staff and customers to use your hashtag to help it gain popularity.

Collaborate with influencers or followers

Do You Know What a Hashtag Really Is on Twitter?

Influencers and micro-influencers may help your hashtag get recognition and awareness, so if it matches your business and budget, give it a shot.

Encourage user-generated content if you don’t have the funding for it

Content published by your fans using your hashtag is the equivalent as having free contributors. It also helps to improve brand perception. You can ask your followers to help you make a choice, such as naming a new product, or you can encourage them to contribute photographs and experiences they have had while using your brand’s product or service.

Make use of branded hashtags

This Twitter Ad tool enables marketers to add a fun, aesthetically attractive creative component to their hashtag everytime it is used on Twitter. When Branded Hashtags are used, the amount of attention an ad receives improves by about 10%.

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One to two relevant hashtags for each Tweet is ideal for keeping your message brief. It’s ideal to keep each Tweet focused on a single point rather than attempting to express many thoughts. If you need to say more, Tweet threads come in handy.

Try making your brand’s motto a hashtag

A hashtag is intended to be inclusive, shareable, and searchable. If it doesn’t fit naturally inside a Tweet, it will feel forced and lose its intended meaning.

Expect people to use your hashtag for no apparent reason

The greatest hashtags have the capacity to entice others to investigate and participate in the debate. If you can’t think of a reason why someone on Twitter might use your hashtag, it’s unlikely to catch on.

Twitter hashtag

Ignore educating people about what it is and how to use it

Make sure you’re expressing the hashtag effectively, and more crucially, why someone would want to use it in their own Tweet.

Use CAPS LOCK only

Unless it’s an abbreviation, this sounds like yelling. Furthermore, it makes it more of a hassle for people to type.


Hashtags aren’t going away. You can’t afford to ignore them because they’re so important for identifying subjects and the latest trends. Use relevant hashtags on all your tweets to reach new audiences and increase brand exposure.


What is a hashtag on Twitter?

A hashtag on Twitter is a word or phrase preceded by the “#” symbol. It is used to categorize tweets and make them easily searchable.

What is the purpose of using hashtags on Twitter?

The purpose of using hashtags on Twitter is to make tweets more discoverable and reach a wider audience. Hashtags can also be used to join conversations and participate in trending topics.

Are there any rules for using hashtags on Twitter?

There are no hard and fast rules for using hashtags on Twitter. However, it’s best to use relevant and specific hashtags to increase visibility and avoid using too many hashtags in a tweet.

Can I create my own hashtag on Twitter?

Yes, you can create your own hashtag on Twitter by simply adding the “#” symbol before a word or phrase. However, it’s important to make sure that the hashtag is unique and relevant to your tweet or brand.

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