Does TikTok Allow Gambling-Related Content?

The launch of the social media app TikTok in 2016 and its following dramatic rise in popularity presented users with a unique opportunity for the creation of gambling affiliate markets that aimed to capitalize on the app’s rapid rise in popularity. The key to finding success on this app is to create videos that captivate its users’ attention and imagination. In addition, back when the app first came out, the restrictions and policies that were put in place to control it were not nearly as strict as they are now. This is due to the fact that over the last several years, TikTok has implemented more strict strategies to prevent content that was previously advertised on the platform. This includes affiliate marketing for gambling-related content.

Gambling-Related Content

TikTok is an excellent choice for casino affiliate marketing 

Due to the fact that TikTok is a social media app that is based on the notion of its users uploading videos in an effort to get more followers and virality on the app, in theory, it made for the ideal place for gambling and casino affiliate marketing. The most effective type of advertising for gambling sites and casino affiliate programs is short content that is persuasive and appealing, and it should be about the thrill of taking a risk in the expectation of greater rewards. Because of this, the platform is perfect for affiliate marketers that work in the gambling industry. It is even more perfect when one considers the number of influencers available who are prepared to promote these brands or companies in exchange for money.

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Does TikTok allow gambling-related content?

In the United States, TikTok does not allow any content that is linked to gambling to be shared on its platform (US). In addition, because the information on the platform is controlled with such care and attention to detail, it is far more difficult to play the system on the platform. TikTok is not like other social media platforms such as Facebook, which rely on automated systems and algorithms to determine whether or not certain content should be allowed on the platform. TikTok uses human moderators instead. It has been claimed that the platform hires employees to actively regulate the content and determine whether or not it is acceptable for use on the site. Because of this, there are less opportunities for users to play the system and have their content published on the platform.

The recent outrage that the company has experienced is the primary motivation for the platform’s decision to implement strict measures with regard to their restriction policies. In recent years, TikTok has been under criticism for several reasons, notable among them being the tolerance the platform has exhibited for promoting cryptocurrencies, financial services, and gambling. Consequently, the business made news in 2021 after releasing its updated policy terms and conditions to users. As a direct result of the new policy, more than 11 million user accounts were terminated from the app. The main reasons why gambling and casino marketing are not allowed on TikTok in the United States are the age range of users of TikTok, the implications of TikTok endorsing this kind of advertisement, and the criticism that this type of advertisement receives.

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How TikTok’s age demographic resulted in the ban on gambling content?

Why, therefore, would TikTok ban gambling and casino affiliate marketing on its platform, given that the practice is perfectly acceptable and lawful in the United States? The age demographics of users on TikTok is by far the most important factor. Most of the platform’s active users are either under the age of 19 or millennials younger than 39 years old. Because of this, and considering that most users may be classified as “young and impressionable,” the promotion of gambling content might give its users the wrong impression.

The implications of TikTok promoting content connected to gambling

Another issue that the app is concerned about, and one of the reasons why it has banned content linked to gambling, is the suggestion that TikTok endorses the content. TikTok would be saying, by supporting the content, that it believes in the validity of the messages put forward by the content producers pushing casino-affiliated marketing campaigns if it approved the content. TikTok would also be involved in this scenario if it were to subsequently be found or confirmed that the promoted content is a scam. This would not bode well for the reputation and popularity of the app. As a result, the platform concluded that it was best to simply ban any content linked to gambling on TikTok to ensure user protection.

The negative feedback that TikTok has received in the past

In recent times, one of the most significant charges that have been leveled against TikTok relates to the large number of investment and financial portfolio accounts that were available on the platform. These accounts spread misleading information about cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities, the most of which turned out to be false. When you take into account the fact that the majority of the platform’s users are Gen Z and teenagers, this poses an exceptionally difficult challenge. As a consequence of this, TikTok banned not just the accounts that were associated with the issue but also content that was associated with sex, smoking, and gambling. Over 7.3 million TikTok accounts have been banned because of suspicions that they were established by individuals too young to use the service.

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Gambling on TikTok is not allowed, and the company does not allow gambling-related content to be shared on its platform (US). Furthermore, playing the system is significantly more difficult because the platform’s content is monitored with care and attention to detail. TikTok is not like other social media sites, such as Facebook, which rely on automated systems and algorithms to evaluate whether or not specific content should be accepted on the platform. TikTok uses human moderators instead.

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