Does TikTok Notify When You Screenshot?

TikTok has become a go-to spot not just for viral trends and videos, but also for sharing interesting hacks, recipes, tips, and general life advice in the form of one-minute videos. In the past, the platform has been known to encourage this type of ‘educational’ material, and several other life hacks have gone viral as a result of TikTok’s support. This implies that you may want to screenshot a TikTok now and then so you can recall useful information later if it gets lost in your ‘liked’ column and you can’t find it again. However, on certain platforms, such as Snapchat, if you screenshot someone’s post, they receive a notification which has some users asking if the same is true for TikTok. Others are curious whether they can find out if someone has screenshotted one of their videos.

Does TikTok notify its users of screenshots?

TikTok, thankfully, does not tell anyone when you screenshot someone else’s video, chat, or profile. This also applies to screen recording someone else’s video if you choose to screen record someone else’s video. TikTok does not notify you when you screenshot someone’s direct message. The app will not inform the recipient that you screenshotted their video. TikTok does not notify people who screenshot public profiles, as it does with video posts. This can be useful if you wanted to keep someone’s profile so you could remember it later.

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Tip: If you’re concerned about individuals screenshotting your TikTok videos, you can make your TikTok profile private. Current followers and future follow requests you allow will be able to screenshot your videos. However, anybody you haven’t accepted will be unable to access your videos, and will instead be able to screenshot your profile photo, bio, and so on. TikTok can’t tell whether you’ve screenshotted something because it’s mostly used in a browser. It would be difficult for them to achieve this, but if they ever want to include this feature, they could simply do so.

Does TikTok notify you when you screenshot a conversation?

If you’re wondering if there are any ways for someone to tell you screenshotted their messages, there aren’t any. TikTok has a notifications area where users can receive notifications when specific actions are taken on their TikTok account. TikTok does not notify its users when someone screenshots their talks, therefore you cannot see who captures your videos, nor can anyone else see if you screenshot their conversations.

Is it possible to see who screenshots your TikTok?

No, you won’t be able to see who screenshots your TikTok posts. Because you will not be warned or told who screenshots or screen records your stuff, you should be cautious about what you share. They argue that nothing you put on the internet actually vanishes, even if you remove it. This also applies to what you share on social media. If you don’t want other users to save what you’re sharing, don’t post it, because you have no control over what people do with your stuff.

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Can screenshots be prevented?

While you can’t stop individuals from screenshotting or recording your TikTok videos, you could prevent them from re-uploading your videos as their own. For example, you can include a watermark of your TikTok username on every video you submit so that if someone tries to steal your content, your name is still tied to it and everyone knows it’s your video. While this will prevent content theft, it will not prevent someone from screenshotting or screen recording your TikTok videos or TikTok profile. However, you can disable video downloads for your posts. This implies that people won’t be able to download your TikTok video directly from the app, and they’ll have to use a third-party app or screen record the video themselves. They will also be unable to share the video from TikTok to other social media sites.

Here’s how to disable video downloads for TikTok videos:

  • Step 1: Open the TikTok app and select ‘Profile’ in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Step 2: To access your profile settings, tap the symbol with three stacked lines. This button should be in the upper right corner of your profile.
  • Step 3: Select ‘Settings and Privacy.’
  • Step 4: Select ‘Privacy,’ then locate and select ‘Downloads.’
  • Step 5: In the downloads settings, toggle the switch next to ‘Video downloads’ on or off. Users will be unable to download any of your TikToks if this setting is disabled, and will instead have to screen record or utilize a third-party service.

Because you can’t disable video downloads for particular videos, when you disable this setting, the save video function is disabled for all of your TikTok videos.

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Can you find out who screenshotted your videos using third-party apps?

No, there are no third-party tools that can help you figure out who screenshotted your TikToks; you can only know who screenshots your TikToks if you witness them do it. This is because TikTok does not identify screenshots, and adding this functionality would need access to TikTok’s servers. So, if you come across a third-party program that claims to be able to detect who screenshotted your TikTok videos, don’t download it. The program is almost certainly a virus or bloatware, as it’s never worth downloading an app that promises features that don’t exist.


Lastly, you are free to download, screen record, or screenshot any public TikTok video you want as long as you are not using the videos to impersonate the user. While you can disable manual video downloads for your TikTok videos, there is no way to prevent others from screen recording or screen capturing your TikToks. If they do, you won’t know since TikTok, unlike other applications like Snapchat, does not provide screenshot notifications.

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