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Does Twitter Ban IP Addresses?

by | Nov 16, 2022

Twitter is well-known for its strict rules and restrictions governing what its users can and cannot do on the site. They are also notorious for cracking down on suspected bot accounts and anything that might be considered spam. But does Twitter ban IP addresses? What does it mean if your IP address gets banned on Twitter? In this blog post, we’ll look into some of the speculations around this topic and try to provide a definitive response. So, does Twitter ban IP addresses? Continue reading to find out!

Is it possible for Twitter to block your IP address?

People’s current locations are used by Twitter to display more relevant information based on their interests. Twitter collects IP addresses, device information, and GPS coordinates from users. Twitter does not ban IP addresses. It bans the user account. It prevents the user from registering for another account using the same information. Twitter does not consider the IP ban useful because people can access their Twitter accounts from many locations. Before delivering a warning on a specific piece of content, Twitter makes sure to provide prior warning. Twitter also informs the violator of the rule they have broken. If a user consistently ignores Twitter’s warnings, the account will be permanently blocked. These are the actions taken by Twitter in response to rule violations.

1. Tweet-level enforcement

Twitter begins its enforcement actions by taking the following steps on tweets.

  • Twitter adds a label to the Tweet to indicate that it includes false or disputed information.
  • Twitter restricts the display of tweets.
  • Twitter sends an email to the individual requesting that the tweet be removed as soon as possible.
  • Twitter hides the tweet from public view.
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2. Message-level direct enforcement

The direct message communication between the person who broke the rules and the person who reported it is stopped on Twitter. It is entirely up to the reporter whether or not to send a message to the violator. The violating Direct Message is hidden behind a notice in the group’s direct message conversations so no one else sees it.

3. Account-level enforcement

Request media and profile editing: Twitter allows the violator to change the information on their profile to ensure compliance with Twitter guidelines. Twitter places the account in Read-only status to prevent violators from engaging on Twitter through tweets, retweets, and likes.

Verify account ownership: Twitter requires the account owner to confirm their phone number and email address.

Permanent suspension: This is when Twitter removes an account from public view. A violator is not allowed to create new accounts. As Twitter will detect, it is apparent that a person can no longer utilize the same IP address to operate the banned account.

How Long Do Twitter IP Bans Last?

Twitter places the account in Read-only mode during account-level enforcement. Twitter prohibits the owner from communicating with others while it conducts an investigation into removing the ban. Depending on the severity of the offense, Twitter might take anywhere from 12 hours to 7 days to lift this mode. Following a permanent account suspension, the violator may appeal using Twitter’s platform interface or file a complaint. Twitter has not stated how long it will take to reply. If Twitter determines the suspension to be justified after the appeal, they respond to the appeal by stating in detail the policy the violator broke.

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What Is the Twitter Device Ban?

Many governments and business organizations have banned the public usage of Twitter in their respective regions. They request that internet service providers limit Twitter access on their networks. To avoid political conflicts in the country, the government banned Twitter. Private institutions, such as schools and workplaces, restrict the use of Twitter in order to increase the productivity of their students and staff. Each place has its own IP address. ISPs monitor people’s internet behavior to see if they use Twitter. Some people have difficulty accessing Twitter from a specific IP location due to geo-restrictions.

How to Get a Twitter IP unbanned

If a user believes that his account was suspended without reason, he or she can file an appeal with Twitter. The following are some of the possible responses.

  • Access your suspended account. Fill out the form and confirm your email address. Follow the steps outlined on your screen.
  • Log in to your suspended account to file an appeal. Navigate to the page Appeal an account suspension or locked account. Complete and submit the appeal form. Twitter will perform in-depth research.

How Do You Change Your Twitter IP Address?

On Twitter, a person can change their IP address in the following ways.

  • Twitter Proxy- A Twitter proxy server allows individuals to access their Twitter accounts from anywhere by hiding their IP addresses. There are several proxy service providers accessible, including Proxy-Seller, SmartProxy, Bright Data, SSL privacy proxy, Blazing SEO proxy, and many others. A Twitter proxy allows marketers to create many Twitter accounts without the risk of being banned. To ensure your privacy, use a paid proxy server rather than an accessible server.
  • VPN- A VPN, like a Twitter proxy, allows you to effortlessly alter your IP address from anywhere. A VPN conceals your new location by encrypting your data and using very powerful security measures. Choose from the best VPNs, including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, IPVanish, and CyberGhost. A VPN is the most secure method of protecting your online privacy.
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How Does Twitter Detect IP Ban Evasion?

Twitter uses information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and IP addresses to identify people who have banned accounts. Twitter collects this data to guarantee that those users do not return in the future. Twitter’s Ban Evasion Policy strongly prohibits the following suspended account practices.

  • Twitter maintains the right to suspend other accounts associated with the same individual who violated its rules.
  • Twitter prohibits the individual from starting a new account or utilizing an existing one.
  • A violator is prohibited from requesting another individual to manage an account that represents the violator’s identity, personal or commercial persona for any purpose.
  • Twitter forbids the violator from establishing an account that is identical to a suspended account.
  • A person must not allow someone who has already been suspended to run his account, either temporarily or permanently.


We hope that the ways explained above helped you get your IP address unbanned. If your IP address is still banned, you can appeal to Twitter by completing the form using your banned account. There is no set time for receiving the response. You can also send a support ticket to Twitter and request an inquiry into the prior and current IP address owners.

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