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Does Twitter Track What Profiles You Look At?

by | Mar 29, 2023

It is natural to find yourself glancing at people’s profiles when you know them or want to learn more about them. While viewing the profile, you may question if Twitter tracks all of the profiles you visit. That might be stressful since you don’t want the owner to know you looked at them. Read this guide to find out if Twitter keeps track of your profile views. The article will look at the possibility of Twitter tracking what profiles you look at, what information Twitter tracks, and how to access Twitter analytics if you want to know how many people are interacting with your profile or tweets.

What Data Does Twitter Collect?

Twitter is not tracking what profiles you look at, but it does track other information you interact with on the platform. If you have notifications set, Twitter will notify you whenever someone likes or comments on your tweets. The following are some of the data that Twitter users can see from their profiles.


When you like, or someone likes, a tweet, Twitter stores such information, and when you look at your profile, you may see a list of Twitter users that liked the tweet. If you want to check who liked your tweets, go to your profile, click on Likes, and then scroll down to the See Tweet Activity option.

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When someone writes a comment on your tweet, you can learn more about that person by accessing your tweet and examining the comments.


Twitter tracks how many people retweet your tweet. When you open a Tweet, you will see all of the people that retweeted it. When you click on Tweet activity, you can see more information such as the overall number of likes and engagements on the Tweet.

Does Twitter keep track of which profiles you visit?

Twitter does not keep track of who visits your profile. Because the platform does not track which profiles users see, it is difficult to identify who has viewed your profile. Twitter has only supplied users with generic data on how far your content has gone. So many blogs have discussed apps that enable users to know who has visited their Twitter profile, but many of them only phish your information. When you see a person’s profile and interact with them via tweets or comments, they may inform you that you saw their profile.

How To View Your Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics

Twitter does not give information on the accounts you see, but it does provide useful insights about your Twitter content. If you want to see how many people have looked at your profile, go to Twitter analytics, which is outlined below:

1. Fire up Twitter on your device.

2. Go to the More option once you log in.

3. Choose Analytics from the drop-down menu.

Twitter will show you who has interacted with your profile and tweets in the last 28 days. Furthermore, Twitter will show you your top follower as well as some of your best-performing tweets.

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Twitter is an excellent platform for expressing yourself and engaging in trending topics. It is natural to look at someone’s profile at some point, and you may not want them to know. The good news is that Twitter is not tracking what profiles you look at. Moreover, Twitter does not allow you to see who saw your profile. Read this guide for additional information on what sort of data Twitter collects and how to view your Twitter statistics!

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Tell Which of My Tweets Is Performing Better?

Yes. Twitter provides a means to track how well your content is performing on the platform. If you want to see additional information, go to the More menu and choose Analytics. All information about your top-performing tweets will be shown.

How Can I Find Out Who Viewed My Twitter Profile?

It is hard to know who has visited your profile on Twitter. Twitter does not provide a direct feature since it does not track information about users who look at other people’s profiles. There are several apps that promise users the ability to know who has seen their accounts, but sadly, many of these tools are simply interested in your data.

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