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 Facebook Neighborhoods

One of the features of Facebook is Facebook Neighborhoods. The purpose of designing this feature is to add a section within the Facebook app to assist people in connecting with their local and regional communities, finding new places nearby, and joining their neighbors. It is possible for users to make a neighbourhood profile that is different from their main profile. They can easily connect with other users living in the same part of the city.    

The definition of Facebook Neighborhoods

Facebook Neighborhoods is defined by Facebook as a single destination to create and boost local communities on Facebook. The purpose of creating this section is to be a dedicated space within the Facebook app that authorizes the users to connect with their neighbors, engage in their local communities and discover new places and suggestions within communities. The idea is to support local businesses, enable people to share recommendations in local groups, and connect people with common interests.   

The function of Facebook Neighborhoods

Facebook Neighborhoods occupies a specific section of the Facebook app, so the users can select whether they want to join it or not. The Neighborhoods profile is detached from the Facebook profile, yet the Neighborhoods profile consists of a name, profile picture and cover photo from that Facebook profile. The neighborhood is also noticeable; you can easily join by confirming it. It is also possible to join nearby neighborhoods to view posts from surrounding neighbors. The users must be over 18 years old to be able to join Facebook Neighborhoods. It is also possible to add personal interests, favorite places and biographies while setting up Facebook Neighborhoods to allow nearby people to know you better.  

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Important and efficient features of Facebook Neighborhoods

Facebook Neighborhoods have specific features and characteristics. These features facilitate the process of connecting with other people in the nearby neighborhoods and help users know these people better and more accurately. In other words, these features make it easier for users to work with Facebook Neighborhoods properly and take pleasure in this great space in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

Neighborhoods Directory

You can easily gain access to the information of the other neighbors in your neighborhood by Neighborhoods Directory. It is possible to see their bios, favorite places and interests here. The users can introduce themselves in a post and you are able to join in discussions of other users’ posts and answer their questions in the devoted Neighborhoods Questions feed. It is very useful to know other users.

Create Neighborhoods groups

Facebook Neighborhoods gives users this chance to create Neighborhoods-bounded groups according to their interests such as a group for football fans to talk about football matches. Admins of Facebook Groups can also incorporate their group into Neighborhoods so as to local people who look for this group find it easily and effortlessly. A Neighborhood group can be private, public, hidden or visible. When it is private, only members can have access to the posts who are members of the Neighborhood. If the group is public, people in the Neighborhood or nearby neighborhood can view the group members and the posts. If the group is visible, the group is easily accessible to anyone in the Neighborhood. For hidden groups, the group is accessible only to members.        

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One of the practical features within Facebook Neighborhoods is the dedicated Recommendations feature that intends to facilitate the finding of recommendations on the best restaurant in an area, the best café or boutique. This feature allows neighbors and the local community to make suggestions and recommendations that can be very useful for other users.     

Neighborhoods Favorite Polls

One of the features that can complete the Recommendations feature in Neighborhoods is Neighborhoods Favorite Polls which enables neighbors to give a vote on their sought-after places and businesses in an area such as restaurants and parks. It is also a very important feature that can help users make good choices since they can make use of the opinions and experiences of the other users in the Neighborhood.  

Neighborhoods Guidelines

Neighbourhoods Guidelines aim to ensure that neighbours’ communication is friendly, comprehensive and pertinent. Neighborhoods are equipped with moderators that make use of Neighborhoods Guidelines to evaluate posts and comments in the Neighborhoods feed. If a post or comment opposes the set Guidelines, the moderators can act by concealing, which will be assessed by Facebook Community Operators later on. If the post infringes Facebook Community Standards, Facebook will eliminate it from Neighborhoods.


Facebook Neighborhoods is a very practical and efficient section in the Facebook app that can make it easier for users to connect with their neighbors effortlessly. Facebook Neighborhoods has some important features that add to its efficiency. These features include Neighborhoods Guidelines, Neighborhoods Favorite Polls, Recommendations, Neighborhoods Directory and Neighborhoods groups.

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