Everything to know about TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option

TikTok is one of the most popular apps for adults, but teenagers are most likely to use it frequently. Therefore, parents have expressed concern about the content viewed by their teenage children. TikTok has developed features that not only helps adults view content they desire, but also protect teenagers from watching specific photos and videos. Here, we are going to explain one of these features: TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option.

TikTok's Adults-Only Livestream Option

What are TikTok’s safety features for teenagers?

Due to parents’ concerns, TikTok has developed various policy updates in order to remove this flaw. For example, it has filters that help prevent videos with certain hashtags or words from appearing on teenage users’ For You and Following pages. Also, it shows an age-protected error on top of some videos that it considers inappropriate for ages 13-17.

The required age for creating a TikTok account is 13. Therefore, it does not have any users under the age of 13. Young accounts cannot use Direct Messaging features until they are 16. TikTok has also raised the minimum age to go live on the app. It used to be 16 but is now increased to 18. Besides, it has updated the tool for creators to restrict inappropriate comments. That is achieved by updating the keyword filtering tool available for live streamers.

What is TikTok’s adults-only Livestream Option?

TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option is one of the latest policies TikTok has adopted for teenage safety. This feature enables users to tag their live streams as adults-only. Some people expressed concern that TikTok shouldn’t become the new OnlyFans, which isn’t the case anyway. This feature is not an approval for sexual activity or nudity.

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TikTok’s community guidelines remain the same, which prevents activities that could raise concerns. They clearly state they do not allow nudity, pornography, and sexually explicit content. Any video or live stream is supposed to adhere to the community guidelines of TikTok, or else it will be removed. The option of an adult-only tag should not be misunderstood here. Even content that is labeled “adult-only” must follow the guidelines and cannot be treated as an exception.

This feature allows live streamers to restrict their views, limiting it to people aged 18 and older. Using TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option, content creators can easily live stream without worrying if their viewers are mature enough for their content material. For example, these restrictions may be helpful for comedians or people discussing subjects that are triggering or are meant for adults to watch.

Benefits of TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option for teenagers

TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option is not only a way to restrict content viewers to adults, but also it helps build a better experience for younger users. Teenagers’ online activity is happening anyway but what we can control to help them is monitoring the content they encounter on online apps. Options like TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream are useful for protecting younger community members as they begin their online presence and help them develop a proper character on online apps.

You need to note how vital the restrictions, such as the adults-only option, are for the community. Molly Russell could be a good example to show these options’ importance. Molly, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, was the victim of such unlimited content on the internet. She was found dead in her bedroom after watching videos and other content about self-harm and suicide and tried to kill herself. We can’t emphasize how severe the consequences of such tragic events could be.

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So, the basic reason for the formation of the restrictions on social media platforms is clear now. In order to prevent similar accidents such as what happened to Molly Russell, platforms such as TikTok must be cautious about the content that is shared via their applications. As mentioned before, TikTok has relatively strict guidelines and has adopted new policies, such as the Adults-Only Livestream Option, which has proved to be very helpful for its users.

These restrictions might not appeal to younger users of TikTok and might upset them. But they should remember that these features aren’t designed to hurt or keep them off the application. They can easily use the app without having to worry about receiving hurtful messages or inappropriate and unwanted content. Features such as TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option can help such users explore the app freely.


TikTok’s Adults-Only Livestream Option is one of the features TikTok developers apply to restrict adult-related content to certain age groups. These features are not supposed to be mistaken as restrictions, as they can help the younger community develop a proper social media appearance and protect them from these platforms’ negative effects.

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