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Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Collabs

by | Jan 8, 2023

Want to increase your engagement, expand your reach, and put your name in front of a whole new audience? Instagram collabs are your solution. You can collaborate with other Instagram users and immediately double the reach of your work all within the Instagram app. How? You can share Reels and feed posts that display in both users’ profile grids by using the Instagram Collab feature, allowing you to tap into another user’s network and perhaps grow your Instagram followers.

Instagram collab posts have never been easier thanks to this handy new feature, which includes paid partnerships, influencer collaboration posts, shoutouts, and giveaways. We’ll go over everything you need to know about collaborating on Instagram, including how to tag others and accept a collab tag. Plus, we’ve provided you some pointers on how to use the Instagram collab feature right now!

What are Instagram collabs?

Instagram Collabs, a new feature that allows users to co-author content with other accounts; Instagram Introduced this feature in 2021. The original creator (with a public account) can add another (public or private) account as a collaborator. The collaborating account has the option to accept or decline the request, and if accepted, the post will appear on their profile. The Instagram Collab feature also distributes the post to the followers of both collaborators in the Instagram feed, which means you will share views, likes, and comments. The original creator (also known as the author of the post) has the ability to add or delete collaborators at any time.

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Instagram Collabs

As you can see, this is a game-changing feature for any business, brand, or creator trying to increase their Instagram reach (without pouring thousands of dollars in paid advertising). By utilizing this collab feature, you can improve the impact of each new post you share while also increasing the exposure of your Instagram account with new, high-value followers.

Why should you use Instagram collabs?

But you already know that you can tag people in your Instagram pictures, so what makes Instagram Collabs different? When you tag someone in a post, your content is not going to show un on both of your feeds; it only sits on yours. The Instagram Collab feature essentially allows you to form a partnership with another creator or company in order to distribute your content to both sets of viewers. Let’s go through some of the advantages of using the Collab function.

Reach a new audience

When you use Instagram collabs, you’re effectively exposing your post to two audiences: yours and your collaborator’s. This can significantly increase your audience engagement and exposure, allowing new individuals to find your profile – say hello to some new followers! What’s the best part? You will also not need to invest in paid social advertising. You’ll be able to achieve significant ROI from your collab content when you collaborate with other accounts on organic content (without blowing your marketing budgets either).

Increase your engagement.

When you share your post to two audiences, you’re more likely to receive more likes, comments, saves, and shares – all of the wonderful stuff that maximizes content interactions and improves engagement. When Instagram detects increased engagement on your profile, the algorithm is more likely to reward you by increasing the visibility of your other posts and profile to people. Essentially, utilizing the collab Instagram feature is a tried and true method of increasing engagements, increasing the visibility of your content, and gaining the attention of potential buyers on the platform.

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Avoid creating duplicate posts.

If you’re working with a partner (such as an influencer or another content producer), Collabs can help you limit the amount of duplicate posts you’d otherwise create. You’re practically competing with yourself for higher engagement when you both upload the identical photos or Reels. Instagram Collabs provide both parties with all of the interaction in the form of likes, comments, shares, and saves in a single post. This simplifies reporting by allowing you to know exactly how your posts are performing without needing to obtain stats from your partners. You’ll also keep the Instagram gods happy (since your content won’t be marked as duplicate by the Instagram algorithm).

Enhances brand transparency

Your audience wants to know when you’re collaborating, especially when a company or influencer is using influencer marketing, sponsored content, or paid advertisements. Instagram Collab posts make it simple for Instagram followers to see whose accounts you’re working with. This honesty is critical for establishing trust with your audience, especially if you or your collaborating partner was compensated to create this collaborative post. You can keep your audience informed about how you create content by using a properly labeled partnership post (even before they tap into your post to see who is tagged and whether this is a sponsored piece of content).

How to Create an Instagram Collab Feed Post

Instagram collabs are simple to set up and can have powerful results for your company. Ready to put this feature to the test? Begin by following these easy steps:

  1. Begin by selecting the photo or photos from which you want to create your Collab post.
  2. After you’ve chosen them, click Next to view your post settings.
  3. Tap ‘Tag People,’ then ‘Invite Collaborator’.
  4. Next, look for the user with whom you wish to collab.
  5. Once you’ve chosen them, click the checkbox to confirm.
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How to Use Instagram Collab Posts for Reels

Collaborating on Reels is similar to posting on feed, except that you post from the Reels tab rather than the usual post tab. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to use the Instagram Collab feature in Reels:

  1. Record and edit your reel in the normal manner.
  2. Make sure you’re pleased with your Reel by selecting preview.
  3. To access the sharing options, click Next and then tap ‘Tag People’.
  4. Select ‘Invite Collaborator’ and who you wish to tag.
  5. Check the box to confirm your collaborator and post your reel!

How to Accept an Instagram Collab Request

Instagram Collabs

Have you recently been approached to collaborate on an Instagram post? Here’s a quick approach to accepting this invitation and sharing this content on your own channel:

  1. On your Activity page, tap the invite notice.
  2. Click the blue ‘Review’ button to open a pop-up window in which you can accept or decline the collab request.
  3. Select ‘Accept,’ and you’re all set!


You not only know how to make an Instagram Collab post, but you also have some great ideas on how to use the feature to your benefit. Whether you’re a company, organization, or influencer, the Collabs feature can help you reach more people and increase engagement. Use the ideas above to get started with your collaborations.

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