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Facebook Ads Library Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it!

by | Oct 29, 2023

Facebook Ads Library is a valuable tool that allows users to gain insights into the ads running on the platform. It provides transparency and helps users understand the advertising strategies employed by businesses and organizations. However, encountering issues with the Facebook Ads Library can be frustrating. If you’re facing problems with the Facebook Ads Library not working properly, this article will guide you through some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

What is Facebook Ads Library?

The Facebook Ad Library, now known as the Meta Ad Library, is a free tool that lets users search and see ads that are currently running or have been used in the past by any advertiser. It was created by Facebook in 2018 to provide transparency, starting with political and social issue ads. However, it has now expanded to include all ads from advertisers on Meta’s platforms. You can visit the Facebook Ad Library directly at https://www.facebook.com/ads/library.

Facebook Ads Library Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it!

Facebook Ads Library

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:

Often, browser cache and cookies can cause conflicts and prevent the Facebook Ads Library from functioning correctly. Clearing your browser cache and cookies can help resolve this issue. Go to your browser settings and locate the option to clear cache and cookies. Once cleared, restart your browser and try accessing the Facebook Ads Library again.

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Update Your Browser:

Outdated browser versions may not be fully compatible with the Facebook Ads Library. Ensure that your browser is up to date to avoid any compatibility issues. Check for any available updates and install them accordingly. Restart your browser and try accessing the Ads Library once again.

Disable Browser Extensions:

Certain browser extensions or add-ons can interfere with the functionality of the Facebook Ads Library. Temporarily disable any extensions you have installed, especially those related to ad-blocking or privacy settings. Restart your browser and check if the Ads Library is working properly. If it is, you can enable the extensions one by one to identify which one was causing the conflict.

Try a Different Browser:

Sometimes, the issue may be specific to your current browser. Try accessing the Facebook Ads Library using a different browser to see if the problem persists. If the Ads Library works fine in another browser, it indicates that the issue lies with your original browser. You can continue using the alternative browser or proceed with further troubleshooting for your preferred browser.

Check for Platform Updates:

Facebook regularly updates its platform, including the Ads Library. Ensure that you are using the latest version of Facebook and that your app or browser is up to date. Updating to the latest version can often resolve compatibility issues and fix any bugs that may be affecting the Ads Library’s functionality.

Report the Issue to Facebook:

If you have tried the above steps and are still experiencing problems with the Facebook Ads Library, it’s recommended to report the issue to Facebook. Visit the Facebook Help Center or the Ads Help Center and provide details about the specific problem you are facing. Facebook’s support team can investigate the issue further and provide assistance or updates on the matter.

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How to Use Facebook Ads Library?

The Facebook Ad Library is a free and transparent tool that gives you a complete view of any advertiser on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Open the Facebook Ad Library:

Go to the Meta Ad Library website at https://www.facebook.com/ads/library.

How to Use Facebook Ads Library?

Step 2: Search for ads:

On the Facebook Ad Library page, you’ll see a search bar.

Choose the country you want to see ads from and select “All Ads” from the dropdown menu.

Enter a business name, a specific topic, or a keyword related to the ads you’re interested in.

Step 3: View search results:

You’ll see relevant results based on your search.

Each result card provides details about the ads, such as their status (active or inactive), start and end dates, platforms (Facebook, Instagram), and any special categories the ads may be flagged for.

Step 4: Explore ad details:

Click on a specific ad result to see more information.

You can explore different variations of the ad, including different media, headlines, descriptions, and calls to action.

This allows you to get a better understanding of how the ad may have appeared to different audiences.

Step 5: Apply filters:

How to Use Facebook Ads Library?

If you want to narrow down the results, you can apply filters.

Filters let you review ads based on language, platform (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, or Messenger), media type (images, memes, videos, etc.), active status, and active date range.

4 More Reasons and Ways to Use the Facebook Ad Library

Find new ideas:

Instead of searching for a specific brand, you can search by keyword or topic. This helps you get inspired and generate new ideas for your own Facebook ads. For example, if you’re in the restaurant business, you can search for “taqueria” to see how other local restaurants are promoting their specials, promotions, and new locations on Facebook.

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Find opportunities to stand out:

Analyze related ads in the Facebook Ad Library to identify gaps and stand out from your competitors. Look for similarities among ads in your industry and use this knowledge to diversify your own ads. Highlight unique benefits, try different ad styles, and use attention-grabbing words and phrases.

Analyze your own ads:

Take a close look at your own Facebook and Instagram ads using the Facebook Ad Library. This helps you identify opportunities to refresh and optimize your ads. Consider updating your creative, varying your ad copy, testing new calls to action, or featuring new products/services. Also read How to Boost a Post on Facebook [2023].

Agency prospecting:

If you’re an agency, the Facebook Ad Library can be useful when pitching prospective clients. Check if your prospects are running Facebook ads and tailor your conversation accordingly. View their active ads, understand their goals and calls to action, and provide concrete examples to improve their ads. Determine when they last ran Facebook ads, which can give you insights into their challenges or upcoming campaigns. Check the size of your prospect’s marketing team or current agency to understand their resources and potential stakeholders.


The Facebook Ads Library is a valuable resource for understanding advertising practices on the platform. If you are facing issues with the Ads Library not working, try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Clearing cache and cookies, updating your browser, disabling extensions, trying a different browser, and checking for updates are effective ways to address common issues. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to report the issue to Facebook for further assistance. By resolving these issues, you can once again benefit from the transparency and insights provided by the Facebook Ads Library.

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