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Food Influencers Australia 2024 (Featuring 10+ Picks)

by | Dec 25, 2023

Are you looking to make a big impact with your food business in Australia? Well, here’s some valuable information for you: a recent survey found that 40% of Australians are more likely to buy a product or support a brand when they see an influencer endorsing it. That’s why partnering with a popular food influencer in Australia can give your brand massive exposure and attract new customers who are eager to try your delicious offerings. In fact, Food Influencers Australia are already drawing in over a million unique visits to their websites every month. Given the highly competitive nature of the food and beverage industry, collaborating with these influential bloggers can be a game-changer for your business. To stay ahead of the game and achieve long-term success, it’s important to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Boosting your online presence is a key ingredient in the recipe for success, and teaming up with food bloggers and influencers is a smart strategy.

To help you seize this incredible opportunity and give your business a major boost, we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 Australian food bloggers, influencers, and KOLs that your restaurant should definitely consider working with. By joining forces with these influential individuals, you’ll have the chance to reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately, satisfy the taste buds of countless new customers. So, don’t miss out on this amazing chance to take your food business to new heights!

Who Can Benefit from Collaborating with Food Influencers in Australia?

Several groups can benefit from food influencers in Australia:

  • Restaurants and Cafes: Food influencers can help restaurants and cafes increase their visibility, attract new customers, and boost their online presence. By featuring their establishments in influencer content, restaurants can tap into the influencers’ follower base and leverage their influence to promote their offerings.
  • Food and Beverage Brands: Food influencers can be valuable partners for food and beverage brands. They can create sponsored content, reviews, and recipe collaborations to showcase the brand’s products, generate brand awareness, and drive sales.
  • Food Bloggers and Content Creators: Food bloggers and content creators can collaborate with food influencers to expand their reach, collaborate on content, and provide their audience with diverse perspectives and experiences. This collaboration can help bloggers and content creators enhance the quality and variety of their content.
  • Food Events and Festivals: Food influencers can play a significant role in promoting food events and festivals. By attending and featuring these events, influencers can generate buzz, attract attendees, and provide firsthand experiences and reviews to their followers.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Food influencers can be powerful allies for the tourism and hospitality industry. They can showcase local cuisine, dining experiences, and culinary destinations, attracting visitors and promoting tourism in specific regions.
  • Food Delivery and Meal Subscription Services: Food influencers can partner with food delivery and meal subscription services to create sponsored content, increase brand visibility, and encourage their followers to try these services. This collaboration can help drive customer acquisition and brand recognition.

Food Influencers Australia [Our Top Picks]

1. @Stickylollies


The “@Stickylollies” YouTube channel can provide valuable promotional opportunities for brands in Australia, particularly those in the confectionery or sweets industry. Here’s how the channel can assist brands:

  • Product Reviews: Stickylollies can feature brand products in their videos by conducting detailed product reviews. They can showcase the packaging, taste, and overall experience of the sweets, providing valuable feedback to their audience and increasing brand visibility.
  • Taste Tests and Challenges: Stickylollies often conducts taste tests and challenges involving various candies and sweets. Brands can collaborate with them by providing their products for these challenges, allowing the audience to witness the taste and enjoyment of the brand’s offerings.
  • Recipe Collaborations: Stickylollies can collaborate with brands to create unique and innovative recipes using their sweets as ingredients. This can showcase the versatility of the brand’s products and inspire viewers to try them in different culinary creations.
  • Brand Partnerships: Stickylollies can form partnerships with brands to promote their products in dedicated videos or through sponsored content. This can include product placements, shout-outs, or dedicated brand reviews, exposing the brand to Stickylollies’ engaged audience.
  • Giveaways and Contests: Stickylollies can organize giveaways and contests in collaboration with brands, where viewers have the chance to win the brand’s products. This can generate excitement and increase brand awareness among their audience, driving potential customers to try the brand’s sweets.
  • Collaborative Events: Stickylollies can participate in brand-sponsored events, such as product launches, store openings, or promotional campaigns. This allows them to actively engage with the brand’s target audience and create buzz around the brand’s offerings.
  • By partnering with Stickylollies, brands can tap into their established audience of candy enthusiasts and leverage their entertaining and engaging content to promote their products effectively. Stickylollies’ videos provide a platform for brands to showcase their products, create brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales in the Australian market.

2. @andy_cooks


Andy Cooks is a YouTube channel run by Andy, a passionate cook with a rich culinary background. Originally from New Zealand, Andy’s journey in the kitchen began at a young age when he started helping his mother cook, donning an apron at the tender age of three.

After realizing that traditional schooling wasn’t the right fit for him, Andy made the bold decision to unenroll himself from school in year 10 and enroll himself in chef school. This marked the beginning of his formal culinary education and ignited his love for the culinary arts.

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Throughout his career, Andy has had the opportunity to work in prestigious restaurants in Auckland, London, Sydney, and Melbourne. His experience spans across various culinary landscapes, allowing him to develop a diverse range of skills and a deep understanding of different cuisines.

Beyond restaurant kitchens, Andy has also delved into the business side of hospitality, managing restaurants, cafes, and bars in airports. Additionally, he has honed his expertise in experimenting with high-quality Australian beef and lamb in a test kitchen setting.

Through his YouTube channel, Andy Cooks, Andy shares his culinary creations with a wide audience. He appreciates and values the engagement from his viewers, encouraging them to comment, ask questions, and request their favorite dishes. Andy’s goal for his food content, particularly on his YouTube channel, is ambitious, aiming to create compelling and informative content that resonates with his audience.

With his wealth of experience, culinary knowledge, and dedication to sharing his love for cooking, Andy aims to inspire and engage viewers through his YouTube channel, making it a go-to destination for those seeking delicious recipes, cooking tips, and a glimpse into the world of a seasoned chef.

3. @HowToCookThat


How To Cook That is a popular Australian website and YouTube channel where a lady named Ann Reardon shares videos about baking and making desserts. She shows how to make special cakes, treats, chocolates, and other sweet things. Many people like her videos and she has millions of followers on YouTube.

Ann Reardon used to be a food scientist and dietitian, but she later became a youth pastor in a place where many people didn’t have a lot of money. She wanted to share her cooking skills with young people, so she started the How To Cook That website in 2009. She posted recipes and sometimes made videos to go with them. Because the videos became very popular, she got a lot of attention. The BBC even asked her to make a cake for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, and it was a big success. After that, her YouTube channel became very famous and one of the most popular baking channels in Australia and the world.

On How To Cook That, you can find recipes for making desserts. The cakes she shows are often decorated like cartoon characters, social media logos, and big candy bars. Some of the things she made are a giant Snickers bar, a cake that looks like Instagram, and a huge Kit Kat chocolate. Her recipes and videos have been featured in big newspapers and magazines.

Besides the website and YouTube channel, How To Cook That also has a special app called Surprise Cakes. It’s the first app that lets you use your phone or tablet to make cakes come to life with moving 3D things like dragons, unicorns, rainbows, and fireworks.

The channel has different parts that come back regularly. For example, in “Clever or Never,” Ann tests kitchen gadgets. In “Teeny Weeny Baking,” she makes recipes in a tiny kitchen. In “200 year old recipes,” she looks at old recipes from a long time ago. In “Cake Rescue,” she tries to fix cakes that went wrong. In “Hit or Myth,” she tests baking tricks and hacks. In “The Sweetest Thing,” she talks to professional pastry chefs. And in “Exposing the food industry,” she talks about problems in the food industry.

Recently, Ann has been focusing on showing that some viral claims about food are not true or are dangerous. She tests them to prove they don’t work or are unsafe. She also criticizes people who make fake or dangerous recipes and life hacks.

Because How To Cook That is fun and creative, many people love it and trust it. It’s a great place for people who want to learn baking, love desserts, or want to watch entertaining food videos on YouTube.

4. @Marionskitchen


Marion Grasby is a cook and entrepreneur from Thailand and Australia. She has nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 200k followers on Instagram.

She is also a TV presenter, cookbook author, and food journalist. Marion got married to Tim Althaus in 2013 and they have two children. Tim is the CEO of Marion’s Kitchen, which is Marion’s food company. Marion was born in Darwin, Northern Territory, and when she was four years old, her family moved to Papua New Guinea. She went to primary school there. Later, she moved to Brisbane and attended Somerville House as a boarding student. Her mother, Noi, is a trained Thai chef and inspired Marion’s love for food.

After finishing high school, Marion studied law and journalism at Queensland University of Technology. She completed a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws in 2005. After university, she worked as a journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Adelaide, South Australia. She reported for various radio and online services, including The World Today, AM, and ABC Rural. She also worked as a producer for Stateline.

In 2008, Marion decided to leave journalism and pursue her passion for food. She went back to university to study for a Master of Arts in Gastronomy at the University of Adelaide.

In 2010, Marion took a break from her master’s program to participate in the second season of MasterChef Australia, a popular cooking competition show. Although she didn’t win, she had many memorable moments, like winning a challenge against a famous chef and receiving praise from Heston Blumenthal. After leaving the show, she received opportunities to cook, write, and present, and she signed a deal with Masterchef Magazine.

After her MasterChef journey, Marion started her own food company called Marion’s Kitchen in 2010. Her company offers meal kits with dishes like Pad Thai, San Choy Bow, and Thai curries. They also make stir-fry sauces, marinades, and salad dressings. Marion’s Kitchen products became available in US supermarkets in 2015 and later transitioned to a subscription service called Marion’s Kitchen All Access USA in 2019.

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In 2017, Marion’s Kitchen opened a studio in Bangkok, Thailand, to create food and lifestyle videos for their social media channels. In 2020, they opened a second studio in Noosa, Australia.

Marion has appeared on shows like MasterChef All-Stars and Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice. In 2013, she was chosen as a campaign ambassador for American Express Australia’s ‘Realise Your Potential in 2013’ competition. Currently, Marion is based in Noosa, Queensland, where she develops and films food and lifestyle content for her brand, Marion’s Kitchen.

5. @Recipetineats


Nagi is the creator and face behind the RecipeTin Eats YouTube channel. She is a passionate cook, eater, and recipe developer. Nagi resides in Sydney, Australia, and has a deep love for food and her dog, Dozer, who is an abnormally large and playful golden retriever.

Nagi’s recipes and content on RecipeTin Eats reflect her culinary philosophy, which revolves around fast, creative, clever, and fresh cooking. She focuses on providing recipes that are suitable for busy weeknights, offering creative ideas and shortcuts to streamline preparation and reduce costs without compromising on taste. Nagi aims to show her viewers how to achieve gourmet flavors using budget-friendly ingredients, as well as how to stay organized in the kitchen to effortlessly serve nourishing meals that impress.

She emphasizes the use of fresh ingredients and avoids store-bought packet mixes or canned soup in her recipes. Nagi strives to create cost-conscious and mostly healthy dishes, avoiding excessive use of heavy creams or cheeses. While she generally promotes balanced and nutritious cooking, she occasionally indulges in more decadent recipes.

Nagi’s background includes being born in Japan and raised in Sydney, Australia. She has traveled extensively, exploring different cuisines and drawing inspiration from her experiences around the world. Prior to her culinary career, Nagi worked in corporate finance. However, her passion for food led her to pursue RecipeTin Eats as a platform where she can share her favorite recipes with people worldwide.

Growing up in a household with a tight budget, Nagi witnessed her mother’s creativity in the kitchen, which allowed them to enjoy delicious meals despite financial constraints. This upbringing instilled in Nagi the belief that it is possible to create great, fresh food even when time and budget are limited.

Nagi’s recipes incorporate influences from her travels, her fascination with the transformative power of simple ingredients, and the techniques she has learned from renowned culinary experts. She aims to present vibrant recipes using everyday ingredients, spanning various cuisines from around the world, while also providing comforting classics. Nagi’s recipes often have a “wow” factor, are simple to make, cost-effective, and can be prepared ahead of time.

On RecipeTin Eats, you will find seriously tasty and straightforward recipes that utilize everyday ingredients. Nagi avoids shopping at gourmet stores and focuses on providing exciting ideas for fast midweek meals. She also shares recipes that capture the flavors of popular takeout dishes and classic comfort foods. Additionally, Nagi offers salad recipes with unique flavors and substantial appeal, as she believes salads should be more than just a side dish. Her recipes are suitable for cooking for a crowd, whether they can be made in large volumes or prepared in advance. Nagi takes great care to ensure her recipes are thoroughly tested, well-written, and provides helpful notes for substitutions or explanations of unfamiliar ingredients or techniques.

Overall, Nagi’s goal is to inspire and guide people to create delicious meals using everyday ingredients, regardless of their time constraints or budget limitations.

6. @SimpleCookingChannel


Jason is the talented owner of the YouTube channel “SimpleCookingChannel”. True to the channel’s name, Jason’s recipes are not only incredibly simple but also visually stunning. The engagement rate for his posts is exceptionally high, a testament to the captivating content he consistently delivers. Jason has established a strong and devoted following of loyal subscribers who eagerly anticipate his new videos. His popularity in the cooking community is undeniable.

7. @GregsKitchen


Greg’s Kitchen is a highly renowned YouTube channel that offers a delightful blend of food, lifestyle, and entertainment content. As one of Australia’s most popular food and lifestyle video content creators, Greg is based in Brisbane, Australia. His channel aims to showcase how to prepare the best recipes while maintaining a budget-friendly approach. Greg’s recipes are designed to be accessible for everyone, avoiding overly complicated techniques or ingredients.

In addition to cooking videos, Greg also provides engaging food and product reviews, allowing his audience to make informed choices about various culinary items. With a penchant for fun and enjoyment, Greg injects humor and entertainment into his videos, both inside and outside the kitchen. His charismatic and entertaining style appeals to the entire family, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy in his content.

Greg’s Kitchen caters to a wide range of interests, including cooking videos, fast food reviews, food and product reviews, as well as elements of entertainment and travel. The channel offers a diverse range of content that combines mouth-watering recipes, laughter, engaging reviews, and captivating travel experiences.

For those seeking delicious recipes, entertaining reviews, and an overall enjoyable viewing experience, Greg’s Kitchen is a go-to destination that offers a delightful fusion of culinary delights, entertainment, and informative content.

8. @jwebbycaneat


J Webby CAN EAT is an immensely popular YouTube channel known for its captivating content in the realm of competitive eating. Proudly holding the title of Australia’s #1 Competitive Eater and ranked #10 in the Major League Eating (MLE), J Webby takes viewers on a gastronomic adventure across the globe, one video at a time.

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Whether you are a new subscriber or have been following J Webby’s journey since its inception, the channel extends its gratitude for your support. J Webby maintains a lighthearted approach and recognizes that there are more significant events happening in the world. However, if watching him devour a giant-sized hamburger brings a smile to your face or sheds light on the hard work of hospitality workers and business owners, he considers it a good deed accomplished.

J Webby CAN EAT is dedicated to spreading positivity and an unwavering passion for exceptional food. Each video showcases J Webby conquering oversized meals, captivating viewers with his impressive eating abilities. Beyond the entertainment factor, the channel also serves as a platform to highlight the culinary industry and the individuals who contribute to it.

Through his content, J Webby aims to share his love for delectable cuisine, while simultaneously promoting the hard work of chefs, restaurant owners, and the hospitality industry as a whole. With every oversized meal he tackles, J Webby brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm, inspiring viewers to appreciate and celebrate good food.

For those seeking a positive and entertaining experience centered around competitive eating and the celebration of culinary delights, J Webby CAN EAT is a must-watch channel that combines impressive feats with a genuine love for food and the people behind it.

9. @2aussie


2 Aussie is a popular Australian YouTube channel that specializes in food and lifestyle content. With a subscriber count of over 30.4K and a collection of 1K videos, the channel has established a dedicated following.

The channel offers a diverse range of content related to food, showcasing recipes, cooking tutorials, food challenges, and more. Additionally, 2 Aussie incorporates lifestyle elements into their videos, providing viewers with a glimpse into various aspects of their lives.

In addition to their YouTube presence, 2 Aussie also maintains an active presence on Instagram. Their Instagram handle, @2aussie_, features 770 posts, attracting 5,707 followers while following 71 accounts.

Through their YouTube channel and Instagram account, 2 Aussie successfully engages with their audience, creating a community centered around food and lifestyle. With their extensive video library and growing subscriber base, 2 Aussie continues to offer enjoyable and informative content to their viewers.

10. @tasterecipes


@tasterecipes is a highly popular YouTube channel associated with Taste.com.au, which is recognized as Australia’s leading food and recipe brand. The channel focuses on providing recipes, ideas, and inspiration to its audience. Taste.com.au is widely regarded as Australia’s top lifestyle brand, offering a vast array of content, including recipes, videos, photo galleries, how-to guides, and articles, all centered around food.

With a monthly visitor count of 1.6 million, @tasterecipes has become a beloved online destination for individuals seeking recipes and culinary inspiration in Australia. The channel’s substantial following and engagement reflect its status as the country’s number one lifestyle website.

Through their YouTube channel, @tasterecipes aims to deliver high-quality content that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of its viewers. Whether it’s showcasing delicious recipes, providing innovative cooking ideas, or offering creative inspiration, the channel strives to be a go-to resource for culinary enthusiasts.

With the backing of Taste.com.au, @tasterecipes combines its vast knowledge and expertise in the culinary realm with a strong online presence to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for its audience. Whether you’re looking for tried-and-true recipes, cooking techniques, or the latest food trends, @tasterecipes is dedicated to delivering top-notch content that satisfies the cravings of food lovers across Australia.

11. @SydneyFoodBoy


Sydney Food Boy is a popular food YouTube channel that operates under the handle @SydneyFoodBoy. With a subscriber count of 31.5K and a collection of 77 videos, the channel has gained a dedicated following.

The channel focuses on showcasing food-related content, highlighting various culinary experiences, recipes, restaurant reviews, and food adventures. Sydney Food Boy takes viewers on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant food scene in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to their YouTube presence, Sydney Food Boy maintains an active Instagram account. Their Instagram handle, @sydneyfoodboy, features 689 posts and has garnered a significant following of 153K followers. They also follow 3,932 accounts, indicating their engagement with the food and culinary community on the platform.

Through their YouTube channel and Instagram account, Sydney Food Boy shares their passion for food, exploring the diverse flavors and dining experiences in Sydney. With their engaging videos and social media presence, they offer viewers and followers a glimpse into the vibrant food culture of the city.

Sydney Food Boy continues to captivate their audience with their culinary adventures, providing food enthusiasts with inspiration and recommendations for dining experiences in Sydney and beyond.


In conclusion, collaborating with food influencers in Australia offers immense benefits to a wide range of industries and businesses. By partnering with these influential individuals, businesses can tap into their extensive reach, credibility, and ability to engage audiences. Our curated list of the most popular Australian food influencers serves as a valuable resource for your business, providing you with a selection of influential voices to consider. Embracing these partnerships can amplify your brand’s visibility, attract new customers, and drive business growth in the dynamic and competitive food industry. Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to leverage the power of food influencers and take your business to new heights. And also read Top Australian YouTubers in 2023.

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