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Best French Instagram Influencers in 2024

by | Dec 19, 2023

France is known for fashion, croissants, and strikes, but it also has amazing influencers. Today, we’re focusing on male and female French influencers. These influencers have their own specialties in fashion and food. We’ve compiled a list of the top male and female French influencers who can help your business grow in France. They have a large following and a strong online presence. Many people, both men and women, follow french Instagram influencers for various types of content like entertainment, fashion, education, food, and music. Influencer marketing in France is one of the strongest in Europe. Fans are always excited to see their latest content, even if it’s just updates about their lives. These french Instagram influencers are the ones you need to promote your brand through digital advertising in France. If you collaborate with them, we can guarantee that your brand awareness will increase instantly.

Before You Begin You Need to Know About Favikon.com

Favikon.com is a creator ranking platform offering tools for managing influencers in social media marketing. It provides monthly rankings of the top 200 creators on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, covering over 500 industries. The platform includes a listening tool to spot trends, access social media content, and save time. Users can manage influencer campaigns across multiple platforms using Favikon’s campaign tool. Emphasizing data-driven evaluations, the platform helps users identify influential creators and adjust their strategies accordingly. Testimonials praise Favikon for insights, competitor research, and industry-specific profiles across various platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

The score range of Favikon to evaluate influencers is from 0 to 5. A score of 0 indicates the lowest level of influence, while a score of 5 represents the highest level of influence. This scoring system is used to assess the impact and relevance of influencers across various social media platforms. The score takes into account factors such as engagement rate, follower count, content quality, and other performance metrics to provide an overall measure of an influencer’s influence and effectiveness.

How to Use Favikon.com to Evaluate an Instagram Influencer?

To evaluate an Instagram influencer using Favikon.com, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the website: Go to https://www.favikon.com/ using a web browser.
  • Access the Rankings: Explore the different rankings available on the website. Look for the “Rankings” section, which provides lists of top creators across various social media platforms.
  • Select Instagram: Within the Rankings section, locate and select the ranking list specifically for Instagram influencers. This list will feature the top Instagram creators.
  • Choose the relevant category: Within the Instagram ranking list, you can further refine your search by selecting the industry or niche that aligns with your brand or campaign. This allows you to find influencers who specialize in specific areas.
  • Review the rankings: Browse through the rankings to see the top french Instagram influencers in your chosen category. The rankings are updated monthly, so you can get the most current information on influencer performance.
  • Consider engagement and relevance: Assess the engagement rate of the influencers listed. Look for french Instagram influencers with a high engagement rate, as it indicates that their audience is actively interacting with their content. Also, consider the relevance of their content to your brand or campaign objectives.
  • Click on influencer profiles: Click on the profiles of individual influencers to access more detailed information. This may include their follower count, content style, audience demographics, and other relevant data.
  • Analyze performance metrics: Evaluate the influencer’s performance metrics, such as their follower count, likes, comments, and overall engagement. These metrics can give you an idea of their reach and how well their content resonates with their audience.
  • Read reviews and testimonials: If available, read reviews or testimonials from other users who have worked with the influencer. This can provide insights into their professionalism, collaboration experience, and the value they bring to brand partnerships.
  • Make an informed decision: Take into account all the information gathered from Favikon.com, including rankings, engagement rates, metrics, and reviews, to make an informed decision about whether the influencer is a good fit for your brand or campaign.
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Remember, while Favikon.com can provide valuable insights and rankings, it’s essential to conduct further research and consider other factors such as brand alignment, content quality, and the influencer’s audience demographics before finalizing your decision.

The Top French Female Influencers on Instagram

1. Lena situations – 4.3M followers

Lena situations

Lena is a really popular person on the internet in France right now. She has a huge following of 4.3 million people who really like her positive and real content. Lena really loves fashion and you can always see her sitting in the best seats at fashion shows. She has a really good score of 4.5 on Favikon, which means she is doing great!

2. Juju Fitcats – 3.3M followers

 Juju Fitcats

Justine, also known as Juju Fitcats, is a fitness influencer who has a lot of people following her on Instagram, around 3.3 million! She has a really high score of 4.5 on Favikon, which means she’s doing an amazing job. Justine’s Instagram is all about positive and happy feelings. She enjoys sharing her workout routines and giving tips about nutrition to her followers. She motivates and inspires her followers with her positive attitude and constant motivation.

3. Iris Mittenaere – 3.2M followers

 Iris Mittenaere

Iris Mittenaere is a famous person who won Miss France 2016 and Miss Universe 2016. Now, she is concentrating on her work as a model and influencer. If you check out her Instagram, you can see that she is enjoying her life to the fullest! She has a very high score of 4.9 on Favikon, which means she is doing really well, and her followers interact with her a lot with an engagement rate of 3.06%.

4. Audrey Afonso – 253K followers

Audrey Afonso

Audrey Afonso is a popular lifestyle influencer from France. Her social media posts are filled with beautiful and pleasing pictures. She shares images of her stylish outfits, travel adventures, and delicious food. She has a high score of 4.7 on Favikon, which means she is doing really well. Her followers interact with her a lot, with an engagement rate of 6.08%. Moreover, her account is growing steadily at a rate of 5.60%. Audrey is definitely at the top of her game!

5. Slideforfood – 164k followers


Slideforfood has a big following of 164,000 people. If you enjoy eating or cooking, you should definitely follow Victoria! She mainly posts Reels where she shares delicious vegetarian recipes. Her food always looks really tasty. She has a perfect score of 5 on Favikon, which is great, and her followers engage with her content a lot, with an excellent rate of 4.10%.

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6. Pinku_kiwi – 147K followers


Pinku_kiwi is an internet personality with 147,000 people following her. She calls herself a “cute girl” and really enjoys Asian cultures. She likes making videos where she tries out Japanese food and shows off unique gadgets. On Favikon, she has a top score of 5 and about 3.90% of her followers actively engage with her content.

7. Alix Grousset – 122K followers

Alix Grousset

Alix Grousset is someone who creates different types of content and has a lot of people following her, around 107,000! She has a really good score of 4.5 on Favikon, which means she’s doing a great job. Alix shares a variety of things like stories, crash tests, recipes, and selfies. So, you’ll definitely find something you like from her!

8. Alexia Duchêne – 108K followers

Alexia Duchêne

Alexia Duchêne is a chef who became famous when she took part in a cooking competition called Top Chef in 2019. Now, she has 108,000 people following her on Instagram, and she has a really good score of 4.6 on Favikon. Alexia really loves her work as a chef, and she enjoys sharing her recipes with her followers.

9. Anas.krm – 90.8K followers


Anastasiya, who goes by the name Anas.krm, makes fun and entertaining content for her followers on Instagram. She has a really good score of 4.6 on Favikon, which means she’s doing great. Her followers love her content and engage with her a lot, with an impressive engagement rate of 56.34%. She mostly shares funny videos called Reels, and sometimes she posts adorable selfies too!

10. Oulimata Gallet – 29.6K followers

Oulimata Gallet is a French influencer and model who has more than 29,000 followers. She is popular on Instagram and has a perfect score of 5 on Favikon. On her Instagram account, she posts pictures from fashion shows, editorial shots, and various events. Her followers really enjoy her content, as shown by her high engagement rate of 6.02%.

The Top French Male Influencers on Instagram

1. Squeezie – 8.4M followers


Squeezie, whose real name is Lucas Hauchard, is a famous male YouTuber from France. He is known for playing video games and making commentaries and vlogs about them. In September 2018, he started a gaming channel called Squeezie Gaming, where he streams his gameplay live on Twitch.

Even though he first gained fame on YouTube, his fans also follow him on Instagram to see pictures of himself, his dog, behind-the-scenes moments, and important announcements. Recently, Squeezie became even more popular after organizing a Formula 4 racing event that included 22 well-known streamers. It was really amazing! He truly represents the idea of going all out and taking big risks. If you want to reach a French audience, it’s clear that collaborating with Squeezie is a must.

2. Cyprien Iov – 5.9M followers

Cyprien Iov

Cyprien Iov, who is also known as Monsieur Dream, is a funny guy from France. He does a lot of different things like making people laugh through his YouTube videos. His videos include funny skits, reaction and commentary videos, and bloopers that are guaranteed to make you burst out laughing.

He’s also the person who came up with the story for a comic book called Roger et ses humains. Cyprien really enjoys doing creative projects, and lately, he’s been working on some short movies. People are really excited about them because his facial expressions fit the roles perfectly. People really love Cyprien’s content because it always brightens up their day. If you work with Cyprien, you’ll instantly get noticed by a lot of people in France because of his popularity.

3. Mister V – 4.8M followers

 Mister V

Yvick Letexier, who is also known as Mister V, is a popular guy from France who creates funny videos online. He makes skits about everyday problems that many people can relate to, and each video gets thousands of views.

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Then, in 2017, he surprised his fans by releasing his first rap album in French called “Double V,” and it has sold over 100,000 copies! Even though he’s now focused on his music career, he still shows his followers that he hasn’t lost his unique and funny qualities. Fans will always see Mister V as the funny internet guy who turned into a talented and hilarious rapper. If you want to expand your brand in France, working with Mister V is a great idea because you’ll reach many of his dedicated followers!

4. Kevin Tran – 2.3M followers

Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran is one of the guys who made funny videos on the YouTube channel called “Le Rire Jaune” with his brother Henry Tran. Their videos were about regular life, people from Paris, their parents, the French school system, and other random things.

Now, both Kevin and Henry have their own separate channels, but they are still very famous. Kevin still makes funny and entertaining videos regularly. He even wrote a series of comic books called “Ki & Hi” that tells stories about two siblings who live in a kingdom shaped like a panda. No matter what Kevin is doing now, his loyal fans are always excited about it. And because he has a strong presence online, Kevin Tran is a great way to reach many people on social media in France.

5. Johan Papz – 845K followers

 Johan Papz

Johan really likes fashion, and he always looks really nice and well-dressed, no matter what he’s wearing. On his Instagram, Johan shares lots of different things like pictures of his dog, his cool photo sessions, videos of him cooking, his vacations, and how much he loves his girlfriend.

He’s a content creator from France who enjoys life and we really like seeing that. Johan also uses TikTok and YouTube to share fun videos that show a different side of him that people don’t see on Instagram. His charm makes people really like him and they can’t get enough of his content. If you want to expand your brand in France, Johan is definitely someone you should work with.

6. Jordan M – 614K followers

Jordan M

Do you want to cook simple meals at home? Then you should start following Jordan. Jordan is a person from France who creates content about food. He will teach you how to make easy and tasty dishes. Jordan knows how to make everything from pastries to fried chicken. He even wrote a book with all his recipes! And if you don’t feel like cooking, Jordan shares food recommendations on his Instagram page. Many people who love food in France know about Jordan. With his influence, it will be easy for your brand to grow in France.

7. Lio – 88.2K followers


Lio is from Marseille, France, who creates content online and inspires a lot of French men when it comes to fashion. Lio doesn’t really wear bright and flashy colors.

His style is simple but still classy and fashionable, and he shows that you don’t need a lot to look good. Lio looks great in everything he wears, whether it’s a long blazer jacket or casual shorts. If you like Lio’s style, then you should definitely follow him for fashion inspiration. Lio is also a way to connect with many guys in France who are interested in fashion. So, it’s definitely important to work with him if you want to reach that audience.


By the way, who are your favorite french Instagram influencers? We hope you found some new interesting profiles. If you’re into entertainment, fashion, education, food, or music, you should definitely check out our list of the top French male and female influencers. Influencer marketing in France is thriving, and collaborating with the top male and female french Instagram influencers can greatly benefit your business. Their extensive following and strong online presence make them ideal partners to promote your brand through digital advertising. By leveraging their influence, you can expect an instant boost in brand awareness.

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