Guide to Researching Your New Neighborhood Using Social Media

There are many ways you can get acquainted with your future home, but few let you do it from the comfort of your current abode. So, in order to make this possible, we’ve put together a guide to researching your new neighborhood using social media!

Getting to know your neighbors through social media

Getting to know your neighbors through social media

The first way to properly make use of social media when researching your new neighborhood is to use it as a means of learning about your new neighbors. Nowadays, there is no one who doesn’t have at least a single social media account. This means that, as long as you put in a bit of effort to learn about your neighbors, you can track them down online. And from their online activity, you will learn things about them they’d never reveal to a stranger. For example, you can learn a lot about a person’s views and even their political stances by following their social media account. It’s also relatively easy to figure out whether the person is calm and genuine or if they will be trouble. This will help you stay away from and avoid conflict with potentially problematic neighbors.

Scouting out the quality of local amenities

The second way of researching your new neighborhood using social media is to check out the local amenities. You’ll do this by looking up the neighborhood on social media. Sometimes, you’ll be able to find accounts or pages dedicated to the neighborhood, and they will contain a ton of info about what the local community has to offer. Finding neat parks, pools, shops, and similar is a breeze. And you can easily judge them based on their reviews and comments, letting you pick out the best locations to visit and where to shop. Of course, the process is not entirely perfect, and you might miss out on some places. And it’s always smart to visit every shop yourself before making a final judgment. But it’s still a nice way to learn about the neighborhood’s amenities before you go explore.

Quickly orienting yourself even before you move

When you first move somewhere, you tend to feel uncertain and a bit lost when exploring. Even if you are excited about getting to know a new place, the feeling lingers. Especially if you are also dealing with homesickness after a move since it can be an emotional roller-coaster. When researching your new neighborhood using social media, at least you can minimize, if not entirely eliminate, this feeling. After all, if you can look at a street and instantly remember that just a few shops away, there’s this amazing tea house, you’ll feel a lot more confident. This can also be a great way of dealing with move-related anxiety that kids sometimes experience. By getting them excited about their future home through social media, they won’t focus on the negatives of moving nearly as much.

The advantages of using Twitter

The advantages of using Twitter

Twitter is amazing for getting to know your neighbors and the local happening within the community you will be joining. If you make smart use of Twitter advanced search, you can track down local blogs, groups, and ‘local experts’. You also have the option to look up tweets made from the neighborhood you are researching. Even if you know absolutely no one in the area yet, this will let you track down your future neighbors. Of course, you should seriously consider taking full advantage of this feature even before you commit to a home purchase. You can avoid a lot of drama and potentially disastrous neighbors by doing it. Not to mention learning about what’s motivating the current owners to sell in the first place.

Finding quality active businesses in the area

Another reason why researching your new neighborhood using social media is a good idea is getting to know the local businesses. You see, businesses that care about success and leaving a positive impression will always be active on social media. And naturally, this will draw in people who will review their goods and services and even leave a ton of comments detailing their personal experience with the business in question. As the moving experts from Excalibur Moving and Storage point out, this is the info you need to find reliable local movers and eliminate the chances of running into fraudulent moving companies. And the same logic applies to pretty much every other business, too! Before you’re more used to the neighborhood, it’s kind of essential to know which restaurant you can eat at without risking food poisoning, for example.

The useful resources offered by Facebook

The useful resources offered by Facebook

Facebook will be your best friend when researching local amenities and businesses. This is because it has a ‘city guides’ feature. It is nominally supposed to be used for planning trips to cities you’ve never been to. However, since it gives a local perspective and reveals ‘hidden local gems,’ it’s also perfect for your purposes! You’ll quickly track down all the best features of the neighborhoods you are interested in. And even enhance your knowledge of the city as a whole if you are moving to a new one.

The unique perspective offered by Instagram

The unique perspective offered by Instagram

Instagram is the best platform for just getting a feel for the neighborhood when using it for research. This is both because it’s primarily used just for pictures and because its ‘places’ tab makes it super convenient to narrow down an area. People use a ton of tags on Instagram to post memories and properly catalog where and when a picture was taken. Therefore, you’ll be able to acquaint yourself completely with the scenery one photo at a time! It also helps that Instagram is full of beautiful and scenic shots, which will be super effective at helping you get excited about your new home!


What social media platforms are best for researching my new neighborhood?

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms for researching your new neighborhood. You can also use platforms like Nextdoor, which are specifically designed for connecting with people in your local community.

How can I find local businesses in my new neighborhood?

You can search for local businesses on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using location tags and hashtags. You can also look for business pages and groups in your new neighborhood.

How can I connect with my new neighbors on social media?

You can join local Facebook groups and Nextdoor communities to connect with your new neighbors. You can also search for hashtags related to your new neighborhood on Twitter and Instagram to find and follow other local residents.

How can I find out about crime rates in my new neighborhood?

You can use online crime mapping tools, such as SpotCrime and CrimeReports, to get an idea of crime rates in your new neighborhood. You can also search for local news outlets and police department social media pages to get updates on crime in the area.

How can I find out about local schools in my new neighborhood?

You can search for local school pages and groups on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about schools in your new neighborhood. You can also use websites like GreatSchools to get information about nearby schools and read reviews from other parents.

How can I find out about events and activities in my new neighborhood?

You can follow local event pages and groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on events in your new neighborhood. You can also search for hashtags related to events and activities in your area to find more information.


With our guide to researching your new neighborhood using social media, you’ll learn everything you want to know well before you make the move! However, as we hinted before, it’s also smart to use social media this way when you are first contemplating a move. If you find too many negatives during your research, you can easily regret a finalized home purchase, after all.

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