Here’s How to Keep Your Twitter Account Safe Without Spending Any Money

by | Feb 19, 2023

Twitter account

Twitter users were confronted with an ultimatum from the social media network early Saturday; subscribe to the platform’s new premium service or lose a popular account security feature. A pop-up message informed users that if they pay USD 8 per month to subscribe to Twitter Blue, they will retain the option to protect access to their accounts via text message two-factor authentication.

According to the notice, those who do not subscribe will be kept out of their accounts beginning March 19 until they remove the security feature. Here are some questions and answers on why Twitter made this adjustment, as well as alternate methods of account security:

What exactly is two-factor authentication?

By requiring users to provide an auto-generated code to log in, two-factor authentication adds a second degree of security to password-protected accounts. This extra step helps protect online accounts since, in addition to the password, you must have access to a second app, device, or phone number where the code can be received.

Apps such as Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator can produce such codes. These can also be sent by text message to a user’s smartphone. Twitter Blue subscribers are now the only ones who may use text message-based two-factor authentication.

Why is Twitter doing this?

In a blog post on Wednesday, the San Francisco-based firm admitted that the text message-based security technique has traditionally been popular with its users but that the function is being used and misused by bad actors. The corporation did not respond to an email sent early Saturday asking for more information on how the security approach was being misused.

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Elon Musk, who finalized his $44 billion buyout of Twitter in October, has been attempting to maximize the company’s profitability. One of these is Twitter Blue, which allows anyone to pay for verification traditionally reserved for celebrities, journalists, and other well-known people, among other things.

In a blog post, Twitter recommended users who do not intend to subscribe to Twitter Blue to consider using alternative account security alternatives, such as an authentication app or security key. These methods necessitate physical custody of the authentication method and are a fantastic approach to ensure the security of your account.

What other ways to secure your Twitter account?

Beyond a password, an authentication app or a security key will add an extra degree of account security. A security key is a compact, portable device that generates a series of random digits that you must enter when prompted to log into an online account. To set up an authentication app to safeguard your Twitter account, you must first download one of several accessible apps to your device. These are available for free in the Apple and Android app stores. If you don’t want to use Google or Microsoft Authenticator, additional solutions include Authy, Duo Mobile, and 1Password.

Open the desktop version of Twitter and click on the ellipses in a circle icon once you’ve downloaded the app. Settings and privacy are first, followed by Security and account access, and finally, security. Choose your authentication app and follow the on-screen directions to set it up. Twitter will request your email address if you haven’t done so. Once you’ve completed the steps above, you may utilize the auto-generated numeric numbers from your authentication app to add an extra degree of security when entering into Twitter.

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