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How do I Free Up Space on the YouTube App on iPhone?

by | Apr 7, 2024

The iPhone seems to have changed the way people view life and many people continue to rip benefits from the technology. But this does not mean that you will not face a few challenges with the device. 

If you feel your iPhone is beginning to slow down for instance, it might just be starting to face some of those challenges. You can easily find out more with the help of Disk Drill developed by Cleverfiles. The good news is that some of these issues can be solved with do-it-yourself techniques or professional tech support. For instance, Disk Drill can help you get out of some of these challenges very easily. 

Wondering how to free up space on the YouTube app on iPhone? Do not worry about it. In this article, we will help you clear YouTube cache on iPhone to make it user-friendly again. You will also acquire tips to free up space on iPhone without erasing content. Read on to find more. 

There are several additional reasons why you may want to clear space on your phone. There is however no magic around executing this process. With YouTube, the process is equally simple.

YouTube, like any other apps comes with a big deal of cache data. These may accumulate on your device and end up slowing it down. If this happens with your iPhone, you will need to clear them up immediately to remove clutter and make the iPhone better again. 

What is YouTube Cache?

App cache is a series of temporary files stored locally on the device. When you use apps like YouTube, your device frequently downloads data such as images, videos among other files and they are stored in your iPhone’s internal storage space. Cache data enables an app to work more efficiently. This reduces loading time and improves your user experiences whether you are streaming videos live or downloading them to be able to watch later. 

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It is therefore a good idea to store YouTube cache in your iPhone. This is because the app can now access videos faster and work behind the scenes more efficiently. 

Why Should I Clear YouTube App Cache?

Like we mentioned already, there are certain instances where it may be very necessary to clear app cache from your phone. For instance, if the YouTube app you are using is not working properly, is very slow, or it has just become too glitchy, clearing cache may be the only way out.

The other reason to clear YouTube cache is if the app is taking up large storage space on your iPhone. These will most likely be cache files and by clearing cache on your phone will definitely clear them. 

Just to be so sure, you need to check your phone settings to know if the YouTube app is really taking up space. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Hit the “General” tab and then click the “iPhone Storage”
  • Scroll to the YouTube tab or tap the “Show All” button if your phone has a lot of apps
  • Check out how much storage the YouTube app consumes on the iPhone

App Size is the amount of space the app utilizes on your device. This won’t be changed by clearing cache. Check documents & Data to see the volume of cache files. you will be able to gain that amount of space if you clear the YouTube cache on the iPhone. 

However, you need to know that the process will take some time to re-launch YouTube after you reinstall it. This happens because the app has to download all the new cache files required to run locally on your iPhone. Also, note that if you clear cache, your watch history remains unchanged. It will also not change the videos that the app suggests for you to watch as this information is not stored on the cache files but on your account.

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You can however remove all the watch history from your account by deleting saved videos and unsubscribing from all channels. This can be done on your YouTube account settings

Clean Up More Storage on iPhone

You may have freed up space on the YouTube app but the iPhone is still clumsy. This may be as a result of other files taking up space on the device. To clear storage on iPhone faster and safely, download Disk Drill by Cleverfiles and follow the steps to sort and delete unwanted files. 

How to Free Up Cache on YouTube App on iPhone

If you want to proceed with this fix to improve your experience with the YouTube app, we will show you how. Follow this guide to removing YouTube cache on iPhone. Remember, you will still be able to do this without deleting YouTube entirely from the device. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Step 1: Locate the Settings tab on your iPhone

Step 2: Hit the General tab and then click on the iPhone Storage

Step 3: Scroll the apps, choose Show All if the apps are too many, and then click on the YouTube icon

Step 4: Click on the Offload App button

Step 5: Hit the Offload App button again to confirm that you really want to do that

Give it some time. With that simple process, you will be able to free up storage space taken up by YouTube including some cache files. but this may not clear cache completely, that is why we have said, “some cache files.” 

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If you have executed the process and still feel that the iPhone is not working properly due to the YouTube cache, then we recommend deleting the app before you can reinstall it. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Unlock the iPhone then look out for the YouTube icon on the home screen

Step 2: Long press the YouTube icon

Step 3: Select “Remove App”

Step 4: Confirm that you want to remove the app by hitting “Delete App”

Step 5: Go to App Store, search for YouTube, and hit “Get” to reinstall the app

This process will completely clear cache from your iPhone. 

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