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How do you use UnTweeps?

by | May 2, 2023

The world of social media can be overwhelming, but with the help of UnTweeps, users are now able to manage their accounts more effectively. UnTweeps is an online tool that allows you to clean up and organize your Twitter timeline. It helps you identify inactive accounts and unfollow them, as well as helping you find interesting people to follow. In this blog, I will discuss how to use UnTweeps , how it works, and some other useful tips.

What is UnTweeps?

Use Untweeps

UnTweeps is a web-based service that helps users clean up their Twitter timeline by sorting accounts into three categories – active, dormant, and dead (deleted). If a profile hasn’t been active for more than three months, it likely falls into the dormant category, and if it hasn’t been active in over six months, then it’s probably considered dead.

UnTweeps also helps organizations analyze their follower demographics as well as provide data on geographic location and gender.

How does UnTweeps work?

how untweeps works?

Once you give UnTweeps permission to access your profile information via OAuth authentication, the service measures scores for each user based on relevancy (measured by interactions with other Twitter users), popularity (measured by retweets and favorites) and inertia (measured by when an account was last updated). The score will help identify which accounts should be unfollowed in order to simplify your timeline. Another benefit of UnTweeps is its ability to suggest user accounts related to certain keywords or topics relevant to the users interests. This makes it easy to discover new people who share similar interests which may not have shown up through regular searches or even viewing other followers.  

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Tips for using UnTweeps:

1. Choose Relevant Categories – Before using UnTweeps, narrow down which categories you want to focus on finding people in; this will make it easier to find users who are genuinely interested in the same topics you are.

2. Sort Out Inactive Accounts – Regularly use UnTweeps filter tool so that inactivity isn’t cluttering up your Twitter news feed; this way, only relevant content reaches your followers instead of old tweets popping up every once in a while and wasting space on the news feed.  

3. Make Use of Insights – Make use of analytics available from UnTweep s, such as demographic data about followers, which can help tailor messages accordingly as well giving insight into user behavior on certain topics or brands they may be interested in.


How do I sign up for UnTweeps?

You don’t need to sign up for UnTweeps. You can simply visit the UnTweeps website and authorize the app to access your Twitter account.

How do I use UnTweeps to unfollow inactive accounts?

To use UnTweeps, you need to authorize the app to access your Twitter account. Once you’ve done that, select the number of days of inactivity you want to use as a threshold for unfollowing accounts. UnTweeps will then generate a list of accounts that meet that criteria, and you can choose which accounts to unfollow.

Will UnTweeps unfollow all inactive accounts?

No, UnTweeps will only unfollow accounts that have been inactive for the number of days you selected as a threshold.

Will UnTweeps unfollow verified accounts or accounts I’ve favorited?

No, UnTweeps will not unfollow verified accounts or accounts you’ve favorited.

Can I undo the unfollowing of accounts?

UnTweeps does not have an undo feature, so be careful when selecting which accounts to unfollow.

Is UnTweeps safe to use?

UnTweeps is a third-party app, so there is always a risk when granting access to your Twitter account. However, UnTweeps is a reputable app with a lot of positive user feedback and has been around for several years.

Does UnTweeps cost anything? 

No, UnTweeps is a free tool that anyone can use without charge. You don’t even need to register or create an account; just head over to https://un tweeps.com/ and get started managing your Twitter profile today!


With all its features combined, UnTweeps serves as an important tool for managing Twitter timelines more effectively and efficiently, from discovering new followers based on keywords/topics to tidying up unsorted newsfeeds filled with inactive accounts all the way down to targeting appropriate demographics for promotional campaigns – there’s a lot of work done in one place! Whatever purpose you may have with using Twitter – whether it’s marketing purposes or merely maintaining an orderly list of followers – using UnTweeps can make all these tasks simpler than ever before.

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