How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Instagram?

Advertise on Instagram

While Facebook and Instagram advertising use the same Ads Manager, their advertising charges differ. Because Facebook has been around longer, has more data, and more ad places than its younger adopted sibling platform, we find that Instagram is somewhat more expensive than Facebook in some cases. While this is true, don’t let it discourage you from researching this profitable and effective visual equivalent in the Facebook ecosystem. With fewer ad places and higher competition for impression share, you can spend slightly more to use Instagram, but you might find it to be far more cost-effective than the results you’re receiving from Facebook. Paid advertising on Instagram is a valuable marketing tool that supplements what businesses can do in their Feeds, Stories, and Explore tabs. While Reels and IGTV do not yet have ad placements, we could see them introduced as placements as the platform grows and the demand for additional impressions arises. Instagram advertisements, like Facebook ads, offer superior targeting and versatility, making them suitable for almost any business. If this visual platform is popular among your target demographic, you may want to consider advertising on Instagram.

How much do Instagram ads cost?

Instagram advertising costs between $0.20 and $6.70 on average, depending on the bidding methodology. Advertisers pay $0.20 to $2 per click for CPC (cost-per-click). Advertisers pay $6.70 per 1000 impressions for CPM, or cost-per-impressions. Advertisers pay $0.01 to $0.05 per engagement for CPE, or cost-per-engagement.

Instagram advertising costs vs. Facebook advertising costs

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media networks for advertising, so comparing the two sounds logical. Which one provides the most cost-effective alternative for your company while also providing the finest platform for reaching your target audience? It’s important to look at the demographics of each network in addition to the cost of Instagram and Facebook advertisements. While Facebook can reach practically every age group, Instagram excels in reaching audience members aged 25 to 29. Focus your ad campaign efforts on the social media network that provides the greatest value for the best outcomes. While you may be able to promote for less on one platform, you may miss out on reaching the buyers and leads that are most important to your bottom line.

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Are Instagram’s advertising costs justified?

Yes. Among the many reasons why Instagram’s advertising charges are well worth the money are:

Instagram advertisements continue to have greater click-through rates (CTRs)

While you may split your ad budget throughout networks, Instagram tends to give the highest results in terms of CTRs. According to a Fortune survey, Instagram advertising have a CTR that is 2.5 times higher than other social media networks. Of course, your CTRs will be affected by your target demographic as well as your advertisements.

Instagram advertisements provide sophisticated targeting possibilities

Instagram, like Facebook, offers powerful targeting opportunities for your company. You can increase the return on your advertisements by using these targeting options, which range from location to interests. Instead of targeting everyone who is interested in sports, you can target those who are interested in volleyball.

Instagram advertisements receive the most engagement

According to a Forrester analysis, Instagram has high engagement rates when compared to other networks. When it comes to engagement rates, Instagram takes the lead, giving 10 times that of Facebook. When you have individuals who are involved with a network, your business might gain from advertising. You can encourage people to click on your ad, like your page, or buy your products if you make advertising that target the right people.

Instagram advertisements have a high conversion rate

Instagram advertisements not only generate greater order values, but they also have higher conversion rates than other networks. Instagram advertising have a conversion rate of 1.08% on average. In comparison, the average conversion rate for Pinterest advertisements is 0.54%, while Twitter ads have a conversion rate of 0.77%. While the expense of Instagram advertisements is justified, it is crucial to note that achieving great results on Instagram necessitates a fantastic marketing strategy. To obtain the type of results you desire with Instagram advertisements, you must constantly create and refine your plan.

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What factors influence Instagram advertising costs?

Your Instagram advertising costs are determined by four major factors:

Bid amount

Ad relevancy cost

Estimated action rates


1. Bid amount

Your bid amount has an impact on how much money you spend on an Instagram advertising campaign. You must decide how much you are prepared to spend for leads. Your bid amount has an influence on how much you spend as well. Because Instagram has greater bid rates, you should expect to spend more for impressions and clicks. If you only have $500 to spend and your bid is $2 per click, your ad will only receive 250 clicks. A $1000 budget with a $2 CPC, on the other hand, will net you 500 clicks. With these two budget numbers, a bid value of $0.50 would allow for even more clicks in this instance. Your bid amount affects your budget, and your budget affects how much you can bid. These figures will have an impact on how much it costs to promote on Instagram.

2. Ad relevancy cost

Your ad relevancy score will also have an influence on the cost of your Instagram advertising. Your relevancy score indicates how relevant Instagram believes your ad is in relation to individuals who will view it. Instagram strives to display its users relevant information in their feed. They will base your score on how people respond to your advertisement. Your relevancy score will rise if people respond positively to your ad. It covers behaviors such as clicking, commenting, and liking, among others. Ads with a high relevance score are prioritized above ads with a low relevance score. Having a more relevant ad means you’ll spend less than the minimum. Your campaign will receive more clicks and generate more leads.

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3. Estimated action rates

Your Instagram advertising pricing will also be influenced by the predicted action rates. According to Instagram, this rate is determined by the likelihood of people acting on your ad. Essentially, they want to know how likely your target demographic is to respond to your ad. These interactions include activities like clicking and converting. Instagram aims to showcase advertising that they feel will encourage users to engage with and interact with your content. Your Instagram ad cost will be determined by your estimated action rate. If Instagram feels your ad is more likely to be interacted with, it will appear first. This implies you’ll get a reduced bid, allowing you to earn more leads and conversions.

4. Competition

Your Instagram ad pricing will constantly be influenced by the competition. When you’re attempting to target a specific demographic of people, you’ll always have rivals attempting to reach the same group. The cost of your Instagram advertisements campaign can be affected by your competitors. If several individuals are trying to reach the same audience, it can result in a bidding war. Businesses will have to outbid one another for first place. This means that your CPC may increase in order to compete with competitors.


Instagram is expanding, and the advertising possibilities are becoming more sophisticated. It hasn’t yet reached saturation, so additional ad placements can be expected. Test Instagram Ads to see how it compares to Facebook Ads and other advertising networks you may be using. It might become a significant element of your funnel by increasing brand recognition and engagement, or it could become a major source of revenue.

  • Instagram advertisements cost $0.40-$0.70 per click (link clicks, likes, reactions, comments, shares)
  • Instagram advertisements cost $0.50-$0.95 per click to the destination URL.
  • Instagram advertisements cost $0.01-0.05 per engagement.
  • Instagram advertising cost between $2.50 and $3.50 per thousand impressions.

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