How to Add GIPHY Clips to TikTok Videos

TikTok and GIPHY have formed a partnership to provide viewers an extensive collection of GIFs that have accompanying music and are easily embeddable in new videos. With its attention-grabbing videos that are only a few seconds long, the TikTok app has emerged as one of the most successful social media platforms available on the internet.

In in fact, the social media app was the one that was downloaded the most on every platform in the entire world in 2021. The company presents users with never-ending streams of content by employing a format known as “endless scroll,” and the strategy has proven to be successful.

TikTok, a video sharing powerhouse

The app has achieved dominance in a social media market that is more competitive, but the company is still testing out new features in an effort to keep users engaged with the platform. TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing platform that is owned by the technology company ByteDance, is experimenting with the usage of longer-form videos by increasing the maximum duration of videos. It is also testing a watch history page that will be included to the app. This page will provide users the opportunity to find videos that have previously been featured on ‘For You’ pages.

Because users are able to upload third-party music and video from other platforms, TikTok has evolved into a centralized database for content that was not created on the social media site itself. TikTok allows users to watch short clips of viral trends, YouTube videos, television episodes, and movies, all in one place.

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According to a press release, a new feature has been added that makes the GIPHY Clips library available within the native TikTok app. Years ago, the GIPHY Clips platform was developed to allow users to add music to their favorite GIFs. Because the company has partnerships with big content producers and companies, such as HBO, ABC, Hulu, Xbox, and The Roku Channel, users of TikTok can add GIPHY clips to TikTok videos.

add Giphy clips to TikTok videos

What are GIF clips?

Let’s begin with the fundamentals, shall we? GIPHY is both a library and a search engine for GIFs, which are short looping videos with no sound. GIF clips, on the other hand, are an innovative form of GIF that have sound. TikTok users now have access to a large library of GIF clips thanks to a partnership between GIPHY and a number of content production partners, including HBO, Hulu, Xbox, and Roku, amongst others. These GIF clips can be included in the videos that TikTok users create.

What is the purpose of using GIF clips?

GIPHY GIF clips are generally popular, trending, and culturally important moments in time. They could even be snippets from some of your favorite films and television shows. If you add GIPHY clips to TikTok videos, you can not only take advantage of and join in on the latest viral trends, but you can also take your visual storytelling to the next level in a way that is both more entertaining and innovative.

How To Use Clips from GIPHY on TikTok

The new function is intuitive and offers a seamless integration within the TikTok app that users are already familiar with. On the screen for the camera, there is now a toggle labeled ‘Library’ that can be found on the right sidebar of the app. When you click the button, a new window will open up with a collection of the GIPHY Clips that are now trending on TikTok and are the most popular overall.

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Users can easily search for the perfect clip to incorporate into their most recent TikTok work thanks to the inclusion of a search bar that is located at the very top of the screen. After selecting a video, there is an option to cut the video clip down to the length that is preferred. After that, content creators have the option of either going back to the camera to continue making content or adding the video to their own TikToks.


At the time of debut, users of TikTok can add GIPHY clips to TikTok videos and have access to a selection of GIPHY Clips organized into a few distinct categories. For a more dramatic effect, reaction videos can be added, while additional GIPHY Clips include memorable statements from content producers or celebrities.

A few videos, some of which include well-known sportsmen or characters, are also included on the platform. The memorable events that become defining points in popular culture are likely to be the category that receives the most attention. Both TikTok and GIPHY have plans to expand the functionality of their respective Library tools in the next months and years.

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