How To Add Instagram to Your Twitter Bio?

Twitter and Instagram are two well-known social media behemoths. While they each have their own set of features, you can move between them simply by linking your accounts. Instagram can be added to your Twitter bio and vice versa. Including Instagram accounts in your Twitter bio can help you raise visibility for your Instagram account, especially if you’re a brand influencer. As you can see, the processes are quite simple. Nevertheless, there is more to know about how to add Instagram to your Twitter bio. This tutorial will go through that as well as other relevant commonly asked questions. So, stay tuned as we begin.

Important facts about Twitter bio

An essential element of a Twitter user’s profile is their bio. When someone visits your Twitter profile, the first thing they’ll see is your Twitter bio. Additionally, your profile contains vital information that visitors or potential followers can use to learn more about you. In addition, you may provide a brief description of your services in your Twitter profile, as well as brand information and information about the benefits of following you. Still, the maximum length for your Twitter profile is about 160 characters. In any case, you can add your Instagram link to your Twitter bio under this part of your profile. There is, however, one issue with this. The limit is that you can only add one link, which may or may not be limiting for some people, but bear in mind that there are always viable solutions to an issue.

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How to add Instagram to your Twitter bio?

Step 1: Copy your Instagram Profile URL

The simplest way to obtain a link to your profile is to navigate to your Instagram profile using your preferred web browser and just copy the Link from the navigation bar. If you prefer not to use a browser, you can use the following format: Just replace “username” with your Instagram username.

Step 2: Access Your Twitter Account

Add Instagram to Your Twitter Bio

Now, open the Twitter app and sign in (if required).

Step 3: Go to your Twitter profile.

Add Instagram to Your Twitter Bio

If you’re using Twitter’s web app, select “Profile” from the left menu. If you’re using the mobile app, tap on your profile photo in the upper left corner and choose “Profile.” Tap “Edit Profile” under your cover image to continue.

Step 4: Insert the Instagram link

Add Instagram to Your Twitter Bio

Scroll down and tap the “Website” option on the following screen. Next, enter the profile URL for your Instagram account. You can simply cut and paste the URL to your Instagram profile into the “Website” column or even in your bio.

Step 5: Choose “Save.”

To complete the operation, click “Save” in the modal’s upper right corner.

Commonly asked questions

Is it possible to add Twitter links?

You can share links to your Twitter account, yes. Everyone, regardless of account type, can add links to their Twitter profile. You can also put links in your tweet (s). If you want to share an article on Twitter, you can include a link to it in your tweet.

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What is the best way to include a link in my Twitter bio?

Go to your profile, select “Change profile,” then put a URL into the website section to add a link to your Twitter bio. Lastly, press the “Save” button to save your changes.

How do I delete a link from my Twitter bio?

Go to your profile and select “Edit Profile” to delete a link from your Twitter bio. Finally, if applicable, delete the link(s) in your bio description as well as the link in the website box (if any).


When it comes to advertising your company or yourself, the most effective method is to include multiple links that can direct customers and followers to other websites or social media platforms. When you add Instagram to your Twitter bio, you are partaking in one of the best ways to attract more followers and potential clients. As previously said, to add Instagram to your Twitter bio, go to Instagram’s profile and copy the URL. Finally, in the website area of your Twitter profile, paste the URL. Lastly, click “Save” to finish the process.

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