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How to Add More than 10 Photos to Instagram Post

by | Jun 26, 2024

Sharing a series of photos on Instagram is a fantastic way to tell a visual story, showcase an event, or create a cohesive look. But have you ever been frustrated by the 10-photo limit for regular posts? Worry not, creative minds! Here’s how you can break the barrier and add more than 10 photos to your Instagram post:

How to Add More than 10 Photos to Instagram Post?

It’s not possible to add more than 10 photos directly to a single Instagram post. However, there are a couple of clever workarounds to achieve the look and feel of sharing more than 10 photos.

While Instagram doesn’t allow uploading more than 10 photos directly in a single post, there are creative ways to achieve the look and feel of sharing more than 10 photos:

Method 1. Use Carousel Posts Strategically

  1. Multiple Carousels: Although a single carousel is limited to 10 photos/videos, you can create multiple carousels to showcase your content in a series. This works well for longer visual stories or presentations.
  2. Theme-Based Carousels: Break down your content into thematically linked carousels. Let’s say you have 15 vacation photos. Create 2 carousels – one for the beach and another for sightseeing adventures.

Method 2. Create Story Series

While a single story can hold up to 100 photos/videos, you can create multiple, linked stories to tell your longer narrative. Use the “Story Link” feature to connect related stories seamlessly.

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Method 3. Explore Third-Party Apps (Use with Caution)

Several apps allow stitching multiple photos into a single image (collage) that you can then upload as a regular post. However, be cautious about:

Image Quality: These apps can sometimes compromise the quality of your photos.

Instagram’s Terms of Service: Ensure the app doesn’t violate Instagram’s policies regarding automated posting or excessive editing.

How to Make Your Multi-Photo Posts Stand Out?

No matter which method you choose, remember these best practices for impactful multi-photo posts:

  • Maintain a Consistent Theme: Ensure your photos tell a cohesive story or visually complement each other.
  • High-Quality Photos Matter: Use high-resolution photos for a visually appealing presentation.
  • Captions Captivate: Write an engaging caption that draws viewers in and encourages them to swipe through your carousel or story series.
  • Hashtags Help Get Discovered: Include relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your multi-photo post.


By using these strategies, you can add more than 10 photos to your Instagram posts, create captivating content, and engage your audience in new ways. So go forth and get creative!

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