How to Add Reels Back to Your Profile Grid after Removing?

Oh no! You mistakenly removed an important Instagram reel from your profile grid, or you posted a Reels but neglected to turn on “Also share to feed”! Now you’re wondering “how to add reels back to your profile grid.” Most Instagram users may find this issue stressful! That is why we have created this blog. Continue reading to learn how to add a reel back to the profile grid after removing it, allowing your followers to find your reels easily.

Part 1: “Also Share to Feed,” “Remove from Profile Grid,” & “Add to Profile Grid”

When you upload a reel to Instagram, it is automatically saved under the Reel tab. However, Instagram has the “Also share to Feed” option, which allows you to display your Reel on your Instagram profile grid, allowing your followers to easily find your reels. If you wish to remove a reel from your profile grid but keep it visible in your Reel tab, the Instagram app has a “Remove from Profile Grid” option that allows you to do so with a single click.

However, many users fail to share their Reel to feed while posting or mistakenly delete the Reel from the grid. Then, how do you add reels to the profile grid after they’ve been removed or published? We can simply add a reel back to the profile grid using the previous version of Instagram since it has a “Add to Profile Grid” option; however, it later removed this feature in subsequent versions, and now you can only add a reel to your profile while sharing. If you unintentionally removed the Reel from the grid, there is no way to reverse the removal from the profile grid. Have you accidentally removed a reel from your profile grid and want it back? Here are two solutions for restoring the Reel to the profile grid after deleting or posting it. Continue reading to learn more.

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Part 2: Adding Reels to Your Profile Grid After Removing 2022

Learn how to add Reel back to profile grid 2022 using the two methods listed below.

How to Add a Reel to Android Profile Grid After Removing it 

The first method is to download a prior version of Instagram and re-add reels to your profile grid. Let’s look at how to re-add Instagram reels to your profile grid after removing or posting them.

Step 1

Uninstall the current Instagram app from your phone. You should save your reel drafts first since you will lose all draft reels and story drafts if you uninstall the Instagram app.

Step 2

Go to your browser and search for the earlier Instagram version, then choose the one you need to browse for and download the Aug 2020 edition.

Step 3

Wait a few minutes for the APK to download; once downloaded, open the file and install the Instagram app.

Step 4

Open the Instagram app you just installed and log into your account, then go to the profile tab.

Step 5

Don’t worry if you don’t see the Reels tab right away! You must refresh Instagram to see the Reel – just log out and log back in, and the reel tab should appear.

Step 6

Now, go to your profile’s Reels page, open the reel video you want to bring back to your profile grid, click the three dots at the bottom and select “add to Profile Grid” to bring your Reel back to your profile grid.

How to Add a Reel to iPhone Profile Grid After Removing it 

It should be noted that the method described above is exclusively for Android users who want to restore their Reels to the profile grid. However, reposting the Reel is another technique to bring your reels back to your profile grid on your iPhone. Although reposting might help you get your Reel back on the profile grid, it also deletes your views, likes, and comments. If you don’t mind the one disadvantage, keep reading to discover how to repost the Reel to the profile grid.

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Step 1

Launch the Instagram app, log in to your account, and then go to your profile.

Step 2

Select the video you want to add to the profile grid by clicking on the reels section.

Step 3

Click the three-dot button in the upper right corner, then select Delete. Check to see whether the same Reel is in your gallery; if not, save the Reel to your camera roll/gallery before deleting it.

Step 4

After deleting the Reel, go to the Instagram reel camera, then the gallery, and load it for editing.

Step 5 

Edit the Reel as you did before, then click the Next button to add a caption for the video.

Step 6

Check the box next to “Also share to feed” to add your Reel to the profile grid, then share your video with this feature enabled.


That concludes the instructions for how to add Reel back to the profile grid. It is a big issue that Instagram has not developed a feature to restore and ad Reels back to your profile grid since this may impact businesses and influencers that rely on this platform for a career.

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