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How to Appear Offline on Instagram?

by | Feb 7, 2023

Did you know that you can change your Activity Status on Instagram to make it look as if you are offline on Instagram? Well, absolutely, you can. If you wish to stay under the radar on Instagram and avoid unwanted interactions with other users, you can do it by using the “insta offline” method. There is a function on the platform known as Activity Status that monitors the amount of time that has passed since the last time you were online and notifies your friends when you are active on the site. You can probably imagine how it may become a little bit intrusive. Instagram, to its credit, only reveals information to those that you follow or users that you privately message. To be able to hide your Activity Status, however, is a very welcome feature, as it frees you from the burden of always having to explain to others what it is that you are doing.

What appearing offline on Instagram does?

Followers and other users won’t be able to view your status if you hide it by making it appear as though you’re not active. When you are online and actively browsing the network’s newsfeeds, posts, reels, and IGTVs, no one will be able to tell that you are doing that. Your followers will be unable to view the date and time of your most recent online session. The vast majority of individuals resort to using this method if they want to ignore their followers or if they are too busy to answer when they are informed of new messages. This indicates that you have the ability to hide practically all of the components of your Instagram activity status on your profile. On the other hand, you will not be able to view the activity statuses of other users as much. If you wish to continue viewing someone else’s activity status, you are going to have to give them permission to access yours as well.

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Why would you want to appear offline on Instagram?

There are a few different reasons why you would want to give the impression that you are not online when using Instagram. It’s possible that you have an annoying aunt who, whenever she discovers that you’re using the Internet, won’t leave you alone. Or, it’s possible that a person with whom you’ve had previously contacted takes advantage of your Activity Status. However, it could be a better option to just go ahead and totally block that person from your account. It doesn’t matter why you would want to seem offline on Instagram; the function may be a very helpful tool regardless of your motivation. You are also free to go back at any time and switch the feature back on.

How to change the Activity Status on Instagram? 

The majority of Instagram users access the app on their mobile devices. It’s possible that the menus will be different for you depending on the device you use. However, the process is exactly the same for everyone.

Method #1: Turning Off the Instagram Activity Status on a Smartphone

The process is outlined below for everyone who uses Instagram on their mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets. It works on both Android and iOS-based mobile devices.

  1. Launch Instagram on your mobile device, then log in to your account.
  2. Select the profile tab located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. To access the menu, click the three horizontal lines that look like a hamburger.
  4. Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  5. Select the “Privacy” option.
  6. Under “Interactions,” select the “Activity Status” option by scrolling down and tapping it.
  7. To hide the activity status, disable the toggle that’s located next to the option. It should go from blue to gray.
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You have now turned off the activity status for this account. It will give the impression that you are offline until you switch it back on again. The process of changing the status may be thought of as an extension of what has been described above.

Method #2: Turning Off the Activity Status on Your PC

At first, Instagram’s focus was on developing a version of the app that was optimized for use on mobile devices. On the other hand, the developers have expanded the functionality of the desktop website for Instagram. The goal is to give it an appearance that is strikingly similar to that of a mobile application. Take a look at the steps required to turn off the activity status on your account on the desktop website for Instagram:

  1. Use a web browser of your choice to go to Instagram and log in.
  2. Simply navigate to the top right corner of the page and click on your profile image.
  3. Make your selection by clicking “Settings” in the drop-down menu.
  4. Select “Privacy and Security” from the list of options located in the left menu.
  5. Uncheck the box next to “Show Activity Status” in the section under “Activity Status.”


A large number of users like scrolling through their friends’ posts on Instagram as well as the content of their favorite creators. When you browse the platform, however, you do not have to make it obvious to everyone that you are online. You have the ability to decide when you want other people on Instagram to know that you are online using the Activity Status feature. When you turn off your own Activity Status, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to view the ones of other users on the site.

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However, this is a small price to pay for the additional anonymity that the platform provides. You have the ability to make frequent changes to your Activity Status on Instagram. Therefore, familiarize yourself with this process, and begin exploring Instagram either online or offline. You always get to decide what to do.

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