How to become a Facebook community manager?

Facebook community managers

Facebook community managers intend to attract audiences through social media platforms, online forums, and in-person groups. The community managers use campaigns to support the voice, branding and imagery that the company utilizes to communicate with its consumers and promote its goods and services. Since the strategies for reaching consumers always change, this position constantly changes.

The best tips to follow to become a Facebook community manager     

Although community managers may have different backgrounds, it is necessary to know social media platforms, marketing, public relations, and communications to succeed. There are some tips that people who are interested in this position can follow in order to become competent and successful Facebook community managers. This position’s role is vital, so it is important to be a versatile manager.    

Acquire an academic degree

It is very important for Facebook community managers to obtain an academic degree in a relevant field like English, marketing, journalism, or communications. Community managers may take advantage of taking courses in IT, HTML and coding. These programs are very practical and useful since they enable community managers to gain the necessary skills and be aware of the techniques and equipment they may use in their professional roles. 

Learn social media skills

Facebook community managers can take advantage of learning about social media and communicating with customers effectively. Developing and keeping a personal Facebook account is a good strategy to show your skills to employers. It is also a good idea to follow other companies’ Facebook accounts to understand how other Facebook community managers manage and run their accounts.    

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Learn communication skills

Facebook community managers must be able to communicate in a straightforward, unforgettable and efficient way while concentrating on business growth purposes and preserving brand identity. It is possible to develop communication skills by practicing listening, repeating conversations and gaining nonverbal communication cues. A course in creative writing and reading craft books is recommendable for developing writing skills.

Acquire experience in sales

Companies typically look for people who can easily manage social media and are familiar with sales techniques and marketing strategies. Any related job experience in these fields can be very useful for a community manager. Following sales or marketing positions is advisable to earn related strategies and industry standards. Relevant experience can be a good feature that differentiates you from other potential candidates. 

Gain certifications

There are no specific obligatory certifications to become a community manager, but getting one can equip you with the necessary and required skills and prepare you for your job’s responsibilities and duties. It is advisable to benefit from online courses. Some organizations may also provide their staff with different courses to obtain certifications relevant to their jobs. These courses can boost the efficiency of community managers.      

Develop your resume

It is a fantastic idea to build a resume that emphasizes your experience in community building and company branding. This experience is easily obtainable via work experience from related jobs. It is important and recommendable to put emphasis on skills and experiences that meet the requirements of the job you are looking for. Having a related resume can be a positive point that can increase the chance of finding a good position.       

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Complete training

The training requirements for community managers are usually very few. They may be required to complete a company orientation to understand its services, branding and products. During the orientation, they get the opportunity to become familiar with the company’s Facebook account. Community managers cooperate with marketing and sales departments, so training may involve becoming familiar with positions in these areas to understand how the company functions. This is a good opportunity for community managers to know the company’s marketing and sales strategies.      

Additional skills

Community managers take advantage of skills that help them communicate with their customers and set up marketing campaigns that encourage community engagement. Because their role consists of different responsibilities, they can use different skills. They may develop skills such as adaptability, customer service, time management, organization, project management, and other required skills to do their responsibilities satisfactorily.  


In order to become a Facebook community manager, developing some efficient and helpful skills is necessary. These skills and capabilities can help you to do your responsibilities better and more efficiently. Acquiring an academic degree, learning social media skills, learning communication skills, acquiring experience with sales, obtaining certifications, developing a good resume, and additional skills are good strategies to follow to become a good Facebook community manager.     

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