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How to Boost a Post on Facebook [2024]

by | Dec 28, 2023

Facebook is an incredibly powerful platform for businesses and individuals alike to reach a wider audience and promote their content. One of the most effective ways to increase the visibility and engagement of your posts is by utilizing the “Boost Post” feature. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to boost a post on Facebook, including step-by-step instructions and best practices.

What is the Purpose of Boosting a Post

Boosting a post on Facebook involves promoting a regular post from your Facebook Page to a wider audience. The main purpose of boosting a post is to increase its visibility, reach, and engagement by targeting specific demographics or individuals who are likely to be interested in your content. It is an effective way to amplify your message, grow your audience, and drive specific actions such as website visits or product purchases.

How to Boost a Post on Facebook

Step 1: Choosing the Right Post for Boosting

How to Boost a Post on Facebook

To begin, select the post you wish to boost from your Facebook Page.

You can either create a new post or choose an existing one that has performed well organically.

Step 2: Setting Your Boosting Objective

How to Boost a Post on Facebook

Before boosting the post, determine your objective and what you aim to achieve.

Consider whether you want more engagement on Facebook or increased website traffic.

When you click “Boost Post,” a pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to specify your objective.

Step 3: Defining Your Target Audience

How to Boost a Post on Facebook

Scroll down to the audience section and select your desired audience for the boosted post.

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By default, you can choose your page followers or your page followers and their friends.

Alternatively, you can create a custom audience based on demographics like age, gender, interests, and location.

Be specific with your targeting to reach the most relevant audience.

Step 4: Allocating a Budget

How to Boost a Post on Facebook

Decide on the maximum amount you want to spend on boosting the post.

Facebook sponsored posts allow you to set your own budget, with a minimum of $1 per day.

The budget determines the reach of your post, so consider how much you’re willing to invest.

Step 5: Determining Boost Duration

Choose the duration for which you want the boosted post to run.

Specify a specific number of days or an end date for the campaign.

Step 6: Checking the Post Preview

Take the time to review the post in the preview bar before posting it.

Ensure there are no errors, the visual elements look good, and all links are working properly.

Step 7: Choosing Your Ads Platform

Decide where you want your boosted post to appear, such as in the desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed, or desktop right column.

You can also select additional placements like stories, in-stream videos, and Messenger.

Step 8: Choosing a Payment Method

Select a payment option that suits your needs. If you already have one, you can skip this step.

Facebook accepts various payment methods, so fill out the necessary details if needed.

What Are the Prerequisites for Boosting a Post on Facebook?

Boosting a post on Facebook does have some prerequisites. Here are the main requirements:

  • Facebook Business Page: You need to have a Facebook Business Page to boost a post. Personal profiles cannot boost posts.
  • Published Post: You can only boost posts that have already been published on your Facebook Business Page. You cannot boost drafts or scheduled posts.
  • Admin or Editor Access: You must have admin or editor access to the Facebook Business Page in order to boost a post. Other roles, such as moderator or advertiser, do not have the ability to boost posts.
  • Advertiser Account: To boost a post, you need to have an active advertiser account on Facebook. This account allows you to manage your ad campaigns and set a budget for boosting posts.
  • Payment Method: You are required to have a valid payment method associated with your advertiser account. Facebook accepts various payment methods, such as credit cards or PayPal, to pay for the boosted post.
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It’s important to note that boosting a post is a paid advertising feature, so you may incur costs depending on the budget you set for your boosted post.

What Are the Cost Options for Boosting a Post on Facebook?

Boosting a post on Facebook can be done with a minimum cost of $1 USD per day. If you decide to spend more money, your ad will reach a larger audience.

You have the option to enter a specific amount or adjust a slider to set your maximum budget for the boosted post. This budget determines how much Facebook will spend over the duration of your boosted post. Facebook provides an estimate of the potential reach based on your budget.

For instance, if you set a budget of $50 for a 7-day duration, Facebook will spend an average of $7.15 per day. The actual daily spend may vary slightly, but you won’t be charged more than the total budget you specified for the campaign.

Comparing Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts

Comparing Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts are two advertising options available on Facebook, but they differ in several ways. Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions between the two:

  • Reach and Targeting: Facebook Ads offer more extensive targeting options compared to Boosted Posts. With Facebook Ads, you can define specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and even create custom audiences. This level of targeting allows for reaching a highly specific audience. On the other hand, Boosted Posts primarily target your existing followers and their friends, with limited customization.
  • Objectives and Ad Formats: Facebook Ads provide a range of campaign objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and more. Additionally, you can select from various ad formats, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and more. Boosted Posts, on the other hand, are designed to amplify the reach and engagement of your existing organic posts. They are simpler in terms of objectives, generally focusing on increasing engagement or visibility.
  • Ad Placement and Optimization: With Facebook Ads, you have greater control over ad placement, allowing you to choose specific locations where your ads will appear, such as in the News Feed, Instagram, or Audience Network. You can also optimize your ads for specific outcomes, such as link clicks or conversions. Boosted Posts, however, have limited placement options and optimization capabilities, typically appearing in the News Feed or Instagram feed.
  • Budget and Duration: Both Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts allow you to set your own budget. However, Facebook Ads provide more flexibility in budget allocation, allowing for daily or lifetime budgets. Boosted Posts have a simpler budgeting approach, usually based on a per-day spend. In terms of duration, Facebook Ads can run for longer periods, while Boosted Posts are typically limited to shorter durations.
  • Ad Analytics and Insights: Facebook Ads offer robust analytics and insights, providing detailed data on ad performance, audience reach, engagement, conversions, and more. This data allows for in-depth analysis and optimization of ad campaigns. Boosted Posts offer more basic analytics, providing insights on reach, engagement, and overall post performance.
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Ultimately, the choice between Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts depends on your advertising goals, budget, and targeting requirements. If you seek more advanced targeting, diverse ad formats, and specific campaign objectives, Facebook Ads may be the better option. However, if you aim to amplify the reach and engagement of your organic posts within your existing audience, Boosted Posts can be a simpler and more straightforward choice.


In conclusion, boosting a post on Facebook is a valuable strategy for increasing the visibility and engagement of your content. By following the step-by-step instructions and best practices outlined in this guide, you can effectively leverage the “Boost Post” feature to reach a wider audience and achieve specific objectives such as increased engagement or website traffic.

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