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How to Build Your Email List on Twitter?

by | Apr 13, 2023

Did you know that over 62% of Americans get their news from social media, with 59% getting their news directly from Twitter? That is correct. The platform that creates viral memes is also THE place to go to figure out what’s going on right now. It also implies that people are constantly glued to Twitter since anything can happen in an instant; therefore, this is your big chance to attract more eyes to your business just by engaging with the proper audience! Even better, if you use Twitter right, you can use it to build your email list! You should be on Twitter if you want to find prospects who are interested in the latest and greatest information in your niche. So, in this post, I’ll show you four easy ways to build your email list on Twitter. These are concrete measures you can take right now to connect with people who need what you have to give.

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is an Excellent List-Building Tool

  • Free
  • Connected
  • Succinct
  • Viral

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

1. It’s Free

“Why is Twitter free?” goes the ongoing joke. How can all of this fun be free? The best reason to build your list on Twitter is that it will cost you NOTHING. All you have to do is sign up for Twitter and start creating content that people will connect with. If you can achieve that, you will receive unlimited free publicity and followers. If you create content that people enjoy, the opportunity will find you without you having to spend any money on advertising.

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2. Maintain Constant Contact

If you’re a fan of a celebrity on Facebook or Instagram, you could like their page or post a comment that will never be answered to. If you’re a fan of a celebrity, or even better, a market influencer in your sector, and they’re on Twitter, you’re likely to get a response. Twitter users like the connectivity it gives; therefore, it’s not uncommon to see accounts with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers participating in conversations with smaller accounts, if not retweeting them to their audience. Twitter’s connectivity makes it the ideal option to connect with larger influencers and celebrities in your industry.

3. It’s Short

Giving up too much information upfront is one of the most serious issues that information-based businesses face. It’s a fine line to walk; you want to give out just enough to be useful and persuade prospects to click on your links, but not so much that they can go do it themselves. This is not an issue because Twitter is restricted to 140 characters. Another wonderful reason to use Twitter to create a list connected to the principle of being succinct is to save time. A blog post can take hours to write, while Facebook posts might take 15-30 minutes. Because you only have 140 characters, you can send out a quick tweet and gauge the response before extending into multiple tweets, or “threads,” as the cool kids call them.

4. Extremely Viral Nature

Twitter is very VIRAL, as proven by our current US President. In fact, in my talks with other social media experts, we estimate that over 80% of all memes begin on Twitter before making their way to Instagram or Facebook, where they become popular. The same may be true about viral phrases that have infiltrated everyday speech. Twitter, more than any other medium, has the potential to make you an overnight star, for better or worse, and is an excellent method to gain free publicity or exposure.

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4 Ways to Use Twitter To Build Your List

Now that you know EXACTLY why you should use Twitter to grow your list, let’s get down to business and discuss the four methods you can use to build your email list on Twitter.

1. Direct All Traffic to An Opt-In Page

The first step is to design an opt-in page with a “free gift” to get Twitter users to join your list. It might be an infographic, audio interview, video, report, or series of emails, but you must answer your prospect’s magical question. “How does it benefit me?” Once you’ve created your free gift landing page, connect it to EVERY aspect of your Twitter account. That means you’ll need to create a graphic explaining your free gift offer for your Twitter banner, as well as include it in your Twitter bio and anywhere else you can squeeze it in, including pinned tweets, which we’ll discuss shortly. You will not be able to develop your list via Twitter unless you have a compelling offer and an effective landing page. If you haven’t already created your Twitter account, landing page, free gift offer, and autoresponder, stop reading this and do it right now!

2. Make use of multimedia tweets

You’re doing it badly if all you’re doing on Twitter is tweeting out links to your offer or spamming random people who are talking about similar services. I could list all of the statistics that show that videos, memes, and photos outperform plain text tweets, but I’m going to assume you already know that. Popular memes are an excellent method to become viral in your niche, especially if you are the first to use the meme in your specific niche.

3. Create Exceptional Content

Spending a few minutes each day selecting and posting amazing content with your followers is an easy approach to gain more followers and engagement. Remember that one of Twitter’s major attractions is that it is personal, so don’t be afraid to post things that are a little random or odd as long as they are workplace acceptable. Posting photos of adorable children, puppies, or kittens, or hilarious (non-offensive) memes is a great approach to create trust with an audience. If you can demonstrate to your audience that you will only provide content that is relevant and entertaining to them, they will begin to share your account with their followers.

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4. Participate in Hashtags (#) and Trends

What’s trending or trends may be found on the left side of your Twitter desktop setup and in the scrollbar on your mobile device. This shows what is currently trending and being discussed on Twitter. I like the desktop version because, as seen in the screenshot, you can see roughly how many people are discussing each popular issue. You should send out a tweet or two every day that is connected to popular subjects or hashtags since this will result in new people seeing your tweets when they search in the same way. You don’t have to be an expert or provide an outlandish opinion; in fact, making jokes and keeping things light is one of the best ways to use trends and #s, but you do want to participate in the conversation. If you don’t use hashtags in your tweets or send out some trending tweets on a regular basis, you’re passing on a great opportunity to grow your list and followers.


You now understand why Twitter is such an excellent resource for list building and how to get started! One other point I’d want to make is that you don’t have to achieve all 4 of these things to be successful. Don’t overburden yourself right away. Start with 2-3 of these items to build your email list on Twitter, and you’ll notice your list and follower count grow quickly!

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