How To Change TikTok FYP?

Change TikTok FYP

TikTok keeps you engaged by giving you slides upon slides of videos relevant to your interests. Aside from that, it’s a platform where you can learn amazing things. But what if your TikTok feed gets crazy and you start seeing stuff that makes you cringe? Isn’t it annoying? Fortunately, there is a workaround for changing your TikTok FYP. However, changing the for you page on TikTok is not as simple as that, but we’ve got you covered. This guide will walk you through the process of learning how to change TikTok FYP. Have a good time reading.

Follow Creators Who Interest You

TikTok would most likely display you content in that genre on your FYP if you followed creators who make the content of your interest. As a result, this suggests that you enjoy what you see and want to see more of it. Of course, TikTok will do everything to keep you glued to your screen, which is why you’ll see more content from that creator on your For You Page in the future. To follow a creator, go to their profile and hit the Follow button.

Use the Like, Share, and Add to Favorite options

To take things a step further, you should use the like, share, and add to favorites buttons for those videos you enjoy watching. By using them, you’re essentially telling TikTok’s algorithm that you enjoy the content enough to share it with your friends. You can probably predict what happens when you add such videos to your favorite TikTok section. Right? Similar videos would almost certainly appear on your FYP. Aside from that, it’s also a chance to encourage your favorite TikTok creators to produce even more fantastic content for you.

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Replay and Watch Videos

Another method to change TikTok FYP is to watch and replay videos that interest you. By continually watching and replaying a video, TikTok’s algorithm learns that you want to see that video and related videos in that genre again. As you watch and replay the videos you like, you’ll notice more videos on the “for your page” and videos of similar interests.

Comment in small doses

This is another effective method. Did you notice that when you comment on a TikTok video, you are likely to encounter related content? So, if you like pet videos, you should comment on them more often. Also, we said comment more carefully since commenting on any video shows the TikTok algorithm that you’re interested in that content, even if your comments are negative. So, the easiest approach to avoid this is to leave comments only on videos that you actually like and enjoy watching, while ignoring unpleasant content.

Make use of the “Not Interested” option

Choosing the “Not Interested” option informs TikTok that you do not want to see that type of video on your “for you page.” In addition to the “not interested” options, there are options to “hide videos from this user” and “hide videos from sound.” So you always block a creator’s videos from appearing on your “for you” tab.

Update Your Content Preferences and Language Preferences

Finally, changing your TikTok FYP can be accomplished by adjusting your content settings. This feature lets you to pick your favourite content from your mobile device’s TikTok settings. It also allows you to view content in your favorite languages, so you’ll most likely find interesting content in the language of your choice on your “for you” page. To update your content and language settings, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Profile tab to access your profile.
  2. Then, in the upper right corner of your screen, click the three-line icon. Choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. Choose Content choices and then Filter video keywords. This allows you to exclude videos from your FYP that you do not wish to watch.
  4. Choose Language, then Preferred Languages. This allows you to select your favourite language(s) from a list of available options.
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Make use of the Discover Tab

The “Discover” section displays several TikTok trending videos. Simply use the tab to search for videos in the Discover section. You might take it a step further by like and sharing those videos, as well as others in the same categories. This tells TikTok’s algorithm that you want to see more of them on the for you page.

Commonly asked questions

What happened to my FYP?

Your FYP has changed as a result of the kind of videos you’ve lately watched, liked, or commented on the most. The for you page is heavily influenced by your likes and interests, as this is one of the reasons TikTok’s algorithm favors.

How can I find fun TikTok videos on FYP?

Search for videos by funny creators using the Discover tab. Like the videos and follow the account. You can also look for popular and funny hashtags.

How can I turn off live videos on my FYP?

To turn off recommended lives, go to settings, then to the push notifications area and there you will find the option to turn this off. Done!


TikTok is a fantastic way to find new content, but if the “for you page” starts acting up, you can use these ways to reset your feed. Following your favorite content creators, liking, sharing, and commenting on their videos are all surefire ways to keep you glued to your screen when watching premium content. Try these tips right now; you’ll be glad you did.

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