How to Create a Live Facebook Audio Room?

Facebook Audio Room

Discovering, listening, and participating in live conversations on Facebook with prominent figures, professionals, and other users about topics that interest you are made possible through the live Facebook Audio Rooms feature. Anyone in the room, including listeners, can be a speaker, and public people have the ability to invite friends, followers, or verified public figures. The host has the option of either sending out invitations in advance or doing it on the spot. There is no cap on the number of people who can listen in, and the maximum number of speakers is 50.

How to create a live audio room?

Live Facebook audio rooms are compatible with Apple iOS 13 and later as well as Android (any OS). To get started, please proceed as directed below:

  • Using Live from Page Composer as a Tap Source
  • Tapping Make Space near the top of the Feed, in between the Video and audio rooms.
  • After making your selection, tap the Next button.
  • Select your Audience.
  • Give your room a name.
  • Choose your starting time here. You have the option of going live right away or scheduling your audio room for a later time.
  • Inviting speakers to your room is a great idea.

How to invite people to your Facebook audio room?

It is important to keep in mind that a live audio room can only accommodate a maximum of 50 speakers (including the host) at any given time. There is no cap placed on the number of individuals who can participate in your live audio room broadcast.

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Speakers are required to use iOS and adhere to the eligibility requirements outlined on this page.

(Optional) Choose a method for monetizing your content. With Facebook Stars, you have the opportunity to either earn money for your audio room or raise money for a cause or organization of your choosing. You do not need to complete this step in order to go live with an audio room; it is completely voluntary.

What happens when you start a live Facebook audio room?

When a live audio room goes live, a post is created on Facebook. The speakers who were selected during the process of creating the live audio room are shown in the post as being ‘listed with the host. When a live audio room is planned for a date in the future, a corresponding event will be created on Facebook. Listeners who are considered to be part of a host’s intended audience for a particular live audio room will be able to discover the titles of live Facebook audio rooms as well as the names of the hosts by using the Feed, notifications, and timeline features.

Modifying a live audio room event that was previously scheduled

You will be brought to the Facebook event that has been created specifically for your live audio room when you have completed the scheduling process for the room. In this section, you have the option of adding a cover photo to your planned live audio room, in addition to providing information about the room so that listeners are aware of what to anticipate. This information, in addition to the date and time of your scheduled live audio room, is able to be edited at any point prior to the start time of your scheduled live audio room.

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Note: The number of people listening in a live audio room will be displayed at the very top of the screen whenever you have an active room for live audio.

About the notification in the Facebook audio rooms

The following events will trigger notifications to be sent to those present in the audience of the live audio room:

  • When arrangements are being made for live Facebook audio rooms
  • When a host starts a live audio room or schedules a new room, we let the host’s followers know about it.
  • When a speaker accepts an invitation to participate as a speaker at an event, we send out a notification to the speaker’s followers.
  • When a speaker joins the scheduled room after it has already begun and accepts the offer to be a speaker, we let the speaker’s followers know that the speaker has joined.
  • When it comes to live Facebook audio rooms that aren’t on the schedule:
  • When a host begins a new room, we send a notification to the host’s followers.
  • When a speaker joins the room and accepts the offer to be a speaker, we send out a notification to the followers of that speaker.


Live Audio Rooms can be accessed on iOS and Android devices by users who have verified their profiles. Both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems give users access to Live Audio Rooms. Note that in order to use Facebook Live, your profile must be verified, and your content must adhere to Facebook’s terms of service, data policy, community standards, and other policies.

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