How To Create Click to Call Ads on Facebook

Click to Call Ads on Facebook

Even though there are a great many different goals that you can optimize your Facebook Ads for, there are times when all you really want is for the phone to start ringing. However, out of all the different types of campaign objectives, developing an advertisement that is solely geared toward persuading users to give your company a call isn’t exactly the most straightforward process.

This power is held by Google; therefore, there is no reason why Facebook advertisers shouldn’t also have access to it. It is vital that you have a solid grasp of the Facebook Ads system before we proceed with the breakdown of this strategy. Even though you have the option to create a Click to Call ad on Facebook, this does not necessarily mean that Facebook will prioritize the delivery of ads to users who are more likely to click the “Call” button.

The system actually optimizes for reach, which means that it tries to display your advertisement to the greatest number of people possible. This is done in an effort to increase the number of people who see your advertisement. Facebook can also help you achieve other campaign goals, such as lead generation, by targeting ads to people who are more likely to fill out a form you’ve provided. Bear in mind that the ‘Click to Call’ ads on Facebook function slightly differently.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your click to call ads on Facebook?

We’re glad you asked. If there is no way to determine whether or not your click-to-call ad is successful, there is no point in putting it into operation. Even though Facebook provides metrics on ad impressions, total spend, and the number of people who clicked the “Call Now” CTA, this does not tell you whether or not those clicks resulted in any customers for your business. Even though clicking the button causes a user to call you, there is no assurance that the call was actually placed. Even if it was, there is no assurance that the call will result in a sale even if it was successful. In order to get an accurate reading on how many calls your Facebook click-to-call ads are generating for your business, you need some kind of inbound call tracking software. This will allow you to figure out how many of those calls translated into actual money for your company. Using a third-party app like Ruler, you can record incoming and outgoing phone calls and then directly associate them with your Facebook ad or campaign, all while maintaining complete anonymity.

Click to Call Ads on Facebook

If you keep an eye on your revenue, you’ll have a good idea of whether or not the click-to-call ads you’ve been running on Facebook are actually helping you achieve your objectives. It is impossible to accurately measure the quality of your leads if you do not have a call tracking system for incoming calls. Instead of having a clear picture of the return on investment generated by your marketing efforts, all you have is speculation and assumptions. Also, keep in mind that if you have a hand in more than one aspect of marketing, you may find that the closed-loop framework is beneficial to you. Multiple points of contact can be tracked back to the original campaign, channel, and keyword that generated revenue.

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How to set up a Click to Call ad on Facebook?

1. To begin, open the Facebook Ad Manager app on your device, create a new campaign, and select ‘Reach’ as your campaign objective.

Click to Call Ads on Facebook

2. Make the necessary adjustments to the targeting at the ‘Ad Set’ level, and then proceed with the flow. Under ‘Placements’, make sure you select all mobile ad placements (as people cant call you from their desktop).

Click to Call Ads on Facebook

3. At this point, you will create your ad as you normally would; however, under the ‘Reach’ campaign objective, you have the option to add a URL to your post; doing so will also open up the buttons labeled ‘Call to Action.’ In this section, you will need to select “Call” and enter the phone number for your company.

Click to Call Ads on Facebook

Now, when users are served your advertisement in their mobile feed on Facebook and/or Instagram, they will be able to directly call your business in just a couple of taps. This functionality will be available on both platforms. This is a fantastic idea for companies that are aware that they are able to make the most sales by directly interacting with customers over the phone.


As was mentioned, when you employ this strategy, Facebook won’t necessarily optimize the delivery of your advertisement to people who are likely to call you, but it will optimize for the maximum possible reach instead. Take this into consideration as you work to improve the targeting of your advertisements.

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