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How To Delete a Suspended Twitter Account?

by | Apr 6, 2023

So, you could have a suspended Twitter account that you’ve urgently wanted to remove for a long time. Even with your best efforts, you may not have found a solution to your problem. But don’t worry; you’ve arrived to the right place. So, you could have a suspended Twitter account that you’ve urgently wanted to remove for a long time. Even with your best efforts, you may not have found a solution to your problem. But don’t worry; you’ve arrived to the correct location. So, let’s go ahead and learn how to delete a suspended Twitter account while also learning about the probable causes of account suspension.

Reasons for account suspension

Now, before we go any further, let’s look at the possible causes of account suspension. Upon suspending your account, Twitter already informs you of the reason. But first, let’s look at some of the most common reasons for account suspension.

Spam: A spammy or fake account is one of the most typical reasons for Twitter account suspension. Using spammy or fake Twitter accounts puts other Twitter users’ security at risk, which is against Twitter’s terms of service. In certain situations, a legitimate account may be suspended as a result of a Twitter mistake, which will be resolved soon.

Account security is jeopardized: For the sake of the platform’s and its users’ safety, Twitter keeps track of hacked or compromised accounts. In such circumstances, the account is suspended until it is restored, and the likelihood of malicious behavior is very low.

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Abusive Tweets or Behavior: Twitter strives to be a safe platform for everyone. It will not accept online abuse or threats against other users. Twitter may temporarily or permanently suspend your account if you send abusive tweets or engage in harmful activity.

Be sure you’re doing your part to keep Twitter safe for everyone and avoid behaviors that might result in your account being suspended.

Deleting a suspended Twitter account

Now that we’ve covered the most common reasons for account suspension let’s get to the heart of the article: deleting a suspended Twitter account.

Method #1: submit a Twitter request

Twitter also allows you to request to delete a suspended Twitter account. You may make a request to Twitter by following these steps:

  1. Go to Twitter’s Help Center.
  1. Choose “I’d like to deactivate or close my account” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, choose an option and fill out the “Account Access” form.

Twitter will send you a confirmation email regarding your request. They will also most likely respond to your request and assist you in reaching a settlement within a few days. You can also request that the suspended account be deactivated using the contacts mentioned in the “How to Contact Twitter” section.

Method #2: Unsuspend Your Twitter Account To Deactivate It

Unsuspending your Twitter account is another method for deleting your suspended account. To delete your account in this manner, we must first solve the difficult problem of unsuspend your account. We can then delete the account once it is activated. If you believe your Twitter account has been suspended in error, you can also use these steps to recover access to your Twitter account. Therefore, let us proceed to the steps for unsuspending our Twitter account:

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To restore the account, follow these steps: When you log in, you will see prompts asking for your phone number or email address. Complete the steps, and hopefully, your account will be unsuspended.

Locked Account: You may receive notifications that your account has been locked, which is usually due to many reports of spam or abusive activity. A locked account can restrict your ability to tweet for a set period of time, or you may be required to prove your identity. In such a case, visit the Twitter Help Center for assistance in unlocking your account.

Submit an Appeal: Following the procedures and instructions may not always be enough to recover your account. If you believe your account was wrongfully suspended, you can file an appeal to get it reinstated. Log in to your account and then file an appeal in the new tab. Hopefully, the following steps will return your account to you. Afterward, proceed to deactivate your account by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Go to “Settings and Privacy.”

3. You can locate “Deactivate Your Account” under the “Account” tab and click on it.

4. Read the deactivation details and then press the “Deactivate” button.

5. You must now enter your password and then click the “Deactivate Account” button.

You are now finished! Your Twitter account has been successfully deactivated.

What happens when you deactivate your Twitter account?

So, you’ve now deactivated your account. But do you know what happens when your account is deactivated? What happens to your Twitter account once you deactivate it is as follows:

  • Twitter will delete your data from the site once you deactivate it, but it may still appear in search engines.
  • If you check in during the following 30 days, you will be able to activate your account; otherwise, Twitter will permanently delete your data and account after 30 days.
  • Even if your deactivated account is deleted, Twitter may keep some of its information.
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We hope this has answered your questions regarding how to delete a suspended Twitter account. We have gone over the probable causes of account suspension as well as the general process of deactivating your account. 

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