How to Delete Comments on TikTok?

One of the most frequently discussed TikTok questions is how to remove a TikTok comment. TikTok comments can be removed for a number of reasons, including spam, inappropriate content, or simply being unwanted. Comment deletion is simple, however it can only be done from within the app. Did someone leave you a nasty TikTok comment? Fortunately, removing a comment from your own video (or one you left for someone else) is an easy process. You can also delete numerous comments from your own clips and utilize TikTok’s privacy settings to filter out comments containing spam, harsh language, or particular phrases. We’ll show you how to delete comments on TikTok quickly and easily, as well as how to utilize filters to minimize future undesirable comments.

Deleting one comment

  1. Navigate to the video that has the irrelevant comment. Whether it’s a comment you wrote on someone else’s video or a comment someone else wrote under your video, removing a comment is simple. The comment cannot be edited; it can only be deleted.
  2. Select the comment icon. It’s the conversation box on the video’s right side. This displays a list of all comments on the chosen video.
  3. Hold down the delete button while selecting the comment you wish to remove. A menu with several choices will appear.
  4. Select Delete. This will remove that’s on the video. If the comment breaches TikTok’s community rules, instead hit Report. After that, you can choose a category, such as Bullying and harassment or Hateful activity. If the comment is actually breaks the rules it will get removed by TikTok.
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Deleting multiple comments

Select the video on your page with the comments you wish to remove. If you want to remove many comments from one of your own videos, you can simply delete them all together. Because you can only erase multiple comments on your own account, be sure you’re selecting a video from your own page. While this approach is convenient for deleting multiple comments, it is inefficient for deleting all of the comments on a video that has a large number of comments. If you have a video that has a lot of comments, you can just hide all the comments for the video to save yourself some time.

  1. Select the comment box. It’s the conversation box on the video’s right side. This opens up a list of all the comments on the chosen video.
  2. Select the sliders or the pencil icon. One of these two symbols will appear in the upper-right corner of the list of comments.  Each comment now has an empty circle to the left of it.
  3. Tap the erase button next to each comment you wish to remove. A red-and-white checkmark will show within each circle as you tap.
  4. At the bottom-left edge of the screen, tap Delete. A confirmation text will be shown.
  5. If the majority of the comments you’ve chosen are against TikTok’s community rules, touch More in the bottom-right side and choose Report comments instead. After that, you can choose a category, such as Bullying and harassment or Hateful activity. TikTok will delete any or all of these comments if the comment is inappropriate.
  • To confirm, tap Delete. All of the chosen comments have been deleted from your video.
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Hiding all comments on a video

  1. Select the video from your account that you wish to delete comments from. If you have a lot of comments on one of your own videos and don’t want to individually erase them, you may quickly hide all comments on the video.
  2. If you decide that you want the comments to be accessible, you may unhide them later.
  3. On the video, tap the three dots or three lines. Depending on your platform, you’ll see one of these two symbols in the bottom-right edge of the video.
  4. Select Privacy options. To see this option you may have to scroll down or swipe left.


Let’s quickly go over what we learnt in this post. You can choose the video you wish to edit and tap the “Comment” icon to instantly delete comments on TikTok. Then, hold down the comment you wish to delete and select “Delete.” You may also remove many comments at once. Change your privacy settings and limit who may comment on your videos to prevent unsolicited comments. We hope you enjoyed reading and found this post useful.

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