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How to Find Business Owners’ Emails on Facebook

by | Aug 17, 2023

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms in the world, with nearly 3 billion active users as of 2023. Among these users, there are many business owners who use Facebook to promote their products or services, connect with their customers, and network with other professionals. If you are looking for business owners’ email addresses, Facebook can be a great source of information. However, finding them may not be as easy as you think. In this article, we will show you some effective methods and tips on how to find business owners’ emails on Facebook.

Why You Should Find Business Owners’ Emails on Facebook

Finding business owners’ emails on Facebook can help you achieve various goals, such as:

  • Building a business email list: If you are a marketer, a salesperson, or a business owner yourself, you may want to build a list of potential customers or partners who are interested in your niche or industry. By finding business owners’ emails on Facebook, you can reach out to them with personalized and relevant messages, offer them value, and convert them into leads or clients.
  • Placing an order via email: If you are a customer who wants to buy something from a business owner on Facebook, you may prefer to place your order via email rather than through the platform’s messaging system. This way, you can have more control over your communication, keep track of your order details, and avoid any potential scams or frauds.
  • Conducting research or analysis: If you are a researcher, a journalist, or an analyst who wants to gather data or insights from business owners on Facebook, you may need their email addresses to contact them and ask for their opinions, feedback, or experiences. By finding business owners’ emails on Facebook, you can conduct surveys, interviews, or case studies with them and enrich your research or analysis.

How to Find Business Owners’ Emails on Facebook

Here are the four methods to use Facebook to find someone’s email address:

Method 1: Check their Facebook profile’s “About” page

The first thing you should do is look at the person’s Facebook profile to find their email address.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Log in and search for the profile: 

To use this method, you need to have your own Facebook account. Log in to your account and locate the search bar. On a computer, it’s usually in the top left corner, while on a smartphone, it’s a looking glass icon at the top right.

Enter the person’s name in the search bar and press “Enter.” Then, click on the correct profile to open it.

Check their Facebook profile's "About" page

Step 2: Explore their information: 

If you want to personalize your email, you can also use the public information on their profile to find common interests or talking points.

Once you’re on their profile page, go to the “About” tab and open it. Here, you’ll find their main public information like their city, education, relationship status, and more.

If you want to personalize your email, you can also look for commonalities like mutual friends or shared educational background.

Step 3: Look for their email address: 

If the email address is not visible on this page, it means they have likely set it to private. In that case, you’ll need to try the next method.

When you have the relevant information, go to the “Contact and basic info” section. Here, you may find their public contact details such as their mobile number, websites, social media links, and email address.

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However, this will only work if they have made their email address public. If it’s not there, they have likely kept it private, and you’ll need to try another method.

Method 2: Ask for the email directly (if it’s private/hidden)

If you couldn’t find the person’s email address on their public profile, you can try asking them directly.

Ask for the email directly (if it’s private/hidden)

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the About section of their profile: Look for the “Contact and basic info” section.
  2. Look for the option to ask for email: If the email address is set to private and hidden from you, instead of seeing their email address, there might be an option that says “Ask for Email.”
  3. Click on the option: By clicking on it, Facebook will send a message to the person on your behalf, letting them know that you’re requesting their email address. Keep in mind that this message is automated and cannot be personalized, so it’s best to use it when a personal message isn’t suitable.

If the option to ask for email is also hidden or if you prefer a more personal approach, you can choose to send a direct message to the person.

Remember to keep your message short and clearly state who you are and why you’re requesting their email address. This increases your chances of getting a positive response.

Method 3: Use an email finder tool

Sometimes, when you can’t find someone’s email directly on Facebook, you can try finding it in an indirect way. Instead of searching for the email yourself, you can use email finder tools that have collected public information for a long time. These tools can help you search through many profiles at once and find email addresses, even if they are set to private.

If you’re in this situation, you’ll need to use an email finder tool. Here are some of the best options available:

1. UpLead

UpLead is a helpful tool for finding professional email addresses of people, even if they haven’t shared them publicly on Facebook. It has some great features:

Use an email finder tool 1. UpLead
  • Search: UpLead provides access to over 108 million profiles of potential prospects. You can use more than 50 filters, including technographic filters, to narrow down your search and find the specific profiles you’re looking for. Unlike Facebook, if you find an email address on UpLead, you can be confident that it’s valid because all emails are checked in real-time before downloading.
  • Data Enrichment: If your list of prospects is incomplete because you couldn’t find their email addresses on Facebook, UpLead can help. It can enrich your database by adding missing emails and other information such as their job position, industry, preferred technology, and more. You can also verify your lead’s emails in real-time to ensure accuracy.
  • CRM Integration: UpLead seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and more. This means you can connect UpLead to the tools you already use, saving you time and effort by avoiding manual data imports.

In summary, UpLead is a user-friendly lead generation tool that helps you find professional email addresses and enrich your prospect data. It offers powerful search capabilities, data enrichment features, and easy integration with popular CRM platforms.

2. Hiretual

Use an email finder tool 2. Hiretual

Hiretual is a new recruiting platform based in Mountain View, California. It uses artificial intelligence to assist recruiters in finding people more quickly by automating certain tasks.

Using Hiretual, users can search through more than 40 platforms, including social media, to find the emails and other contact information they need. They can also use Hiretual to review a large number of candidates simultaneously, organize their talent pools, collaborate with their teams, and gain insights about their processes through the Reports page.

3. SignalHire

Use an email finder tool 3. SignalHire

SignalHire is a recruiting platform created by Sendersystems Limited in 2015. It offers several features to assist recruiters in managing their prospects.

Recruiters can use SignalHire for training, which includes documentation and live sessions both online and in-person. They can also find email addresses and phone numbers one by one or in large quantities. By using the SignalHire Chrome extension, recruiters can gather more information about a prospect while visiting their Facebook page and other social media profiles. This allows them to access the prospect’s email addresses, phone numbers, and other social networks as they browse.

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4. Discoverly

Use an email finder tool 4. Discoverly

Discoverly is a tool created to provide recruiters with more information and understanding. It collects a person’s social information from platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and displays it in a small sidebar within your email inbox.

When searching for email addresses, the tool allows you to enter a few potential email variations, and Discoverly identifies the most probable addresses for you.

5. Atomic Email Hunter

Use an email finder tool 5. Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is a software that helps online businesses with sending bulk emails for marketing purposes. It also has an additional feature called the Facebook email extractor.

With the Atomic Email Extractor, users can search for email addresses using URLs. To use this feature, they can extract email addresses from Facebook profiles by using the Facebook plugin provided. After installing the plugin, users can log in to their Facebook accounts and specify the keywords they want to search for. They can then select the profiles they are interested in and gather information from them.

By clicking a single button, the tool will gather all the information available about the prospects, including email addresses and other publicly available details.

While this option can be quite expensive, it may be worthwhile if you have a Facebook profile with a large number of contacts or if you rely heavily on Facebook for finding potential prospects.

6. Facebook Email Extractor

Use an email finder tool 6. Facebook Email Extractor

The Facebook Email Extractor Software is a tool that can scrape Facebook profiles to find emails. It is affordable, but it has some limitations. The user interface of the software is not very advanced or easy to use, which is why it is priced at a lower cost. With this tool, you can search for specific keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as on various social media platforms including Facebook.

You have the option to specify whether you are looking for personal or business email addresses. Once the tool finds the emails, you can export them in formats like Excel, CSV, and Text, so you can use them in your mailing platform. However, it’s important to note that this tool does not verify the emails for you. To avoid bouncebacks, you will still need to use an email verifier tool separately.

7. ContactOut

Use an email finder tool 7. ContactOut

ContactOut is a browser extension that allows you to find anyone’s email address and phone number from their LinkedIn or Facebook profile. It also provides you with other useful information such as their job title, location, and social media links. To find business owners’ emails on Facebook using ContactOut, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ContactOut email finder extension and enable ContactOut Anywhere.
  2. Go to your target business’s Facebook page or your target business owner’s personal profile.
  3. Open the About section and look for the website link or any other link that may lead you to their email address.
  4. While on the website or the link, click on the ContactOut icon on your browser toolbar. This will open a pop-up window that will show you the email address and phone number of the person or the company associated with the website or the link.

Note that this method may require you to sign up for a free trial or a paid plan to access the full features and benefits of ContactOut. However, it is worth it because ContactOut has a high accuracy rate and a large database of email addresses and phone numbers.

Method 4: Import Emails from Facebook via an Email Account Provider

Even though it’s not a widely known feature, Facebook lets you bring in all your contacts to your email provider. This gives you access to all the important information, particularly when you have many contacts to go through.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Yahoo

Using Yahoo to export emails from your Facebook account is very simple because of their integration. This integration makes the process faster, allowing you to export email addresses quickly.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Log in or create a Yahoo email account

Start by logging into your Yahoo email account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a new account. Creating a new account can give you a clean and separate backup of your Facebook friends’ email accounts, so you don’t have to manually separate them from your other saved emails.

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During the sign-up process, Yahoo offers the option to import contacts from various sources, including Facebook, to help you get started quickly. If you choose this option, you can skip to step 3.

Step 2: Export your Facebook emails

If you didn’t create a new account, you can still retrieve your Facebook emails by using the “Import contacts” tool in Yahoo and selecting Facebook.

This will open a new window where you can log into your Facebook account. Once logged in, you can automatically export your Facebook emails and import them into your Yahoo account.

Step 3: Exporting emails from your Yahoo account

After importing all your Facebook emails into your Yahoo account, you can proceed to export them. This will create a separate file that you can later import into your mailing platform.

  1. Go to your Yahoo Address Book and choose the “Export” tool. 
  2. Here, you can select your preferences for the type of file and information you want to download.
  3. Once you’ve made your selections, simply download the file, and you’ll have a document containing all the information and email addresses of your Facebook friends.

2. Gmail and Outlook

Gmail and Outlook are email platforms that do not have direct integrations with Facebook. However, you can still import Facebook email addresses into your Gmail or Outlook account.

Here’s how you can do it:

Import Emails from Facebook via an Email Account Provider
Step 1: Access your Facebook information page
  1. First, go to your Facebook account and click on the downward arrow at the top right corner. 
  2. Then, select “Settings & Privacy” and click on “Settings.” 
  3. On the Settings page, look for “Your Facebook Information” on the left side and click on it. This is where you can download the information you need.
Step 2: Download the desired information
Import Emails from Facebook via an Email Account Provider
  1. Click on “Download my information.” You will be taken to another page where you can choose the information you want to download.
  2. Start by deselecting all options, then select “Friends.” 
  3. If you want to include more contacts, you can also select “Followers.” Ignore the text quality and choose HTML as the format. 
  4. Finally, click on “Create File.”
  5. The download process may take a few seconds to a few minutes. Once the information is ready, you will receive a notification. Click on it and then click the Download button. You may need to sign in again to verify your Facebook profile ownership.
Step 3: Obtain the necessary data
Import Emails from Facebook via an Email Account Provider

Now you should have a ZIP file containing the data you need. Extract the ZIP file and open the file named “Friends.”

Since Gmail doesn’t support importing HTML files, you will need to convert it to a CSV file. You can use a free online tool like Convertio to convert the HTML file to CSV. Upload your file to Convertio, click on Convert, and once it’s ready, download the CSV file.

Step 4a: Import to Gmail

To import the CSV file to Gmail:

  1. Go to Google Contacts. 
  2. Click on Import, 
  3. Select your CSV file, and click “OK.” A
  4. After the import is complete, open Gmail, and you will see all your Facebook contacts in your Gmail account.
Step 4b: Import to Outlook

If you want to import the information to your Outlook account, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook 2016 and click on “File.” 
  2. Then, select “Open & Export” and choose “Import/Export.”
  3. A wizard will open. Select “Import from another program or file,” then select your CSV file and import it. 
  4. A dialog box will appear when the import is finished, informing you that the necessary actions have been performed. Click “Finish” to have all the email addresses imported into your Outlook account.


Finding business owners’ emails on Facebook can be a valuable skill that can help you achieve various goals, such as building a business email list, placing an order via email, or conducting research or analysis. However, finding them may not be as easy as you think. You may need to use different methods and sources to find them, such as searching in business pages, checking personal profiles, or using an email finder tool. You may also need to follow some tips to improve your chances of success, such as being creative and persistent, being respectful and professional, and being helpful and friendly.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to find business owners’ emails on Facebook. To stay updated with the latest news and updates about social media, we encourage you to subscribe to our website newsletter. By subscribing, you’ll receive regular updates straight to your inbox, ensuring that you never miss out on important information.

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